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 LOVE IS...........watching the warmth starting to glow inside you

The Flower Elixir
watercolors where you can feel the fluids of life, by Rose McD.
galrybut.gif (1740 bytes) Zodiac Signs
12 watercolors by scatha in 1991
moon1.gif (1917 bytes) Some watercolor paintings by Alexandra
have fun with those impressions !..
Sunluv's Pencil Art
Drawings with depth by the independent thinker from New Zealand
butflymp.gif (3815 bytes) Raven's Fairy Village (in progress)
Lovely photo collection by an artists from Sedona, Arizona
Sound Session
watercolor sketches done by scatha during a sound session
Links to other Galleries....
Raythiel`s Rainbow Garden
Very special paintings with a loving feeling
Esper Art Gallery
Extraordinary and inspired work by an artist from Vienna, Austria, with lots of spiders !
kirschbut.GIF (2066 bytes) Uray-An-Anya's Photocollection
Today: pictures from the Nymphenburger Park, Munich, Germany
?! Collection of gorgeous paintings and poems!
I found this and then I had to put the link here !...
kirschbut.GIF (2066 bytes) Te Moana`s Photo & Art Gallery
Spiritweb Chat - related arts and photographs
Dan Lightfoot`s Gallery
Personal Gallery of Dan Lightfoot: colorful uplifting visionary images
Sleepdancer's "Paintings & Teapots"
Sleepdancer also teaches the Christian belief

If you like to present some of your work here,
please write to: the gallery

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