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Marc Himelstein   07/Mar/2002:15:56:29

Stay in touch. Send me an email. All my Love and Light, Marc aka
Darren MotherMoth   05/Feb/2002:00:11:13
hi gental one letting you I am ok. hope your well. from your postings in the ganges you seam happy. keep taking notes of all the things around you... bless
Darren-MotherMoth   05/Feb/2002:00:04:27
Hello gentle one. I am still well and alive. lol
leave some lovely poems for us - as you do.
giggle*** :-)..
Starfyre (DragonQuee Starfire's Realm 25/Jan/2002:22:13:30

I got was flippin around on scathie's page and now on u'rs.
lol how goes? send me a mesg sometime if I'm ever on
Marc Himelstein   13/Jan/2002:03:55:35

Marc from North America... New Hampshire letting you know that you are
still and will always be in my thoughts and prayers. If you are still
online or want to send me an email I am looking forward to hearing from

All my Love forever more...

MotherNature ~~Mother Nature's Paradise~~ 09/Nov/2001:05:42:16
Hey Mystyk,..
I certainly have enjoyed my time spent with you.. This is a groovy
web site,..
I look forward to hearing many stories from you, over on Paradise..
Stay Cool, SistahFriend..

Do hi yi,... ~Tranq. (a.k.a. MotherNature)
Enlightened Mind   31/Oct/2001:02:12:16
The euphoria of truth and spiritual being
like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, is
the ultimate reward.
Well done.
The Bluerose Gallery The Bluerose Gallery 27/Oct/2001:21:20:20
Come, come, I'm waiting to see, the freshness of a world to be.

Speak, speak so sweet and gentle of songs yet to be put to symphony.

Sing the songs known only in worlds beyond these earthly reality.

Come, speak, sing, for all are one in the awakening minds imagery.
raze   19/Sep/2001:13:55:15
i'm not religious and i find this site very freaky but it is cool
reading the poems and looking at the pictures
Legend   04/Sep/2001:20:28:40
I like your pages *S* it takes a lot for me to say what I think *S*
monique takerei   30/Aug/2001:09:16:40
Hey Marina!!! i really enjoed it all. It gave me more more reason to
look deeper inside myself and find the real me thank you, you are an
sherry   30/Aug/2001:09:13:12
too much marina!!! i really enjoyed it all, it was very spiritual and
enlightening it was a pleasure to read ciao bella!!!!
Marc Himelstein   27/Jul/2001:11:55:39
Voices from the past... Voices from the present....Voices from the
Future... Voices from the heart........ Divine Love from the heart of
God through myself and my divine intent to travel accross the
international dateline to your heart.... All my
Darren - MotherMoth dearhuheart 18/Jul/2001:22:02:27
hello love your poems in the ganges dear Beautiful we will all rise one day to the spiritual side of our selfs as we slowly wake up.
SongofNight   08/Jul/2001:16:06:45
Nice work, sunluv. You make any torches within the darkness beyond
dance with fierce life. Nothing on this earth could ever extinguish
the fires that you light with your work. You are trully a beacon in
this realm that guides the way for all empty hearts to return to their
home within the soul. It is wonderful knowing you. Hope to talk to
you soon.

Song of the Night.
john BAMBIS PAGE 10/Jun/2001:13:57:22

i will be back for even though were worlds apart, we are closer then

live, love, laugh and enjoy..

snakeofwork   03/Jun/2001:12:54:07
Lovely pages with some interesting thoughts and insights, and i enjoyed
the gallery.
love and peace be with you
BROAD   17/May/2001:20:57:02
What a great being,of LOVE and WISDOM, Thank you for just being
(((YOU))) BROAD.*
MIK   12/May/2001:07:09:25
nice site...just passing we are all wont to do...

Clayton   11/May/2001:20:06:42
Hi Marina!!!! Do you remember me. Its been a very long time and you
have to give me a shout. Love the site and I just had to come and
visit and sign the guestbook. :)
TheJet Pondering Profound Concepts 17/Apr/2001:17:39:33
Hi, yep, me too, I also have moved and came by to leave my new site
addy. May the Lord watch over you and yours!
Gidget Proverbs Women's Startpages 17/Apr/2001:17:36:25
Hello, I just dropped in to leave my new address. Hope this finds you
and yours doing well. God Bless.
Jonathan The citadel Of whispers 12/Apr/2001:15:06:36
Hey sunny, love ya site, words wrote in honey for the soul to read,
sunshine to chase away the rain! sadness, joy, heart felt tears all
from the words you write, hope you start writting again soon, cant wait
to
Marc Himelstein   23/Mar/2001:22:35:17
Marina, I love your new site...It looks great...I loved your me...Talk to you soon..Stay in touch..LOL
Broad   10/Mar/2001:17:52:48
Just simply thank you for being you,and all that you will become.
weta   08/Mar/2001:10:16:05
cool pics....keep it up ...YEEEAAAA.....
PrairWarur The Door 25/Feb/2001:19:49:15
What a beautiful page you have! It is going to take me several visits
just to read everything. You have done a wonderful job, and display so
much talent. I am really looking forward to reading more of your
writings. Take care, new friend, and God bless you! Love Jill
freespirit 16/Jan/2001:00:05:50
Cher sis, cool site, love the child page, keep it up and maybe u can
help me with my site one day, keep it up its primo!!
FireEagle/WaterDrago FireEagle's Nest 15/Jan/2001:05:12:23
I was going to sign in as NoBody.... But I have flown close to your
heart..and once Love shines on can you be a nobody...
You become part of the gods.... so here I am ..shimmering....
no light of my own...simply reflecting a diminished amount of the
energy you've put forward to shine.... The Dragon in me lays upon the
shore and basks in your vision... and it makes all that is in me right.
Pleasure without lust... love without want... caring because simply
I care... a nice place to be... thank you for showing me that part of
your path....

The WyckedOne,
steve rasmus   11/Jan/2001:04:35:50
very nice art thank you for sending me here
Paper Doll Paper Dolls Page 09/Jan/2001:17:32:15
Thanks for signing my guestbook, wanted to return the favor and visit
your site and sign your guestbook.

img src=""
dreamerone   09/Jan/2001:00:37:52
hello there sunluv,
....long time no your new site, and I hope to catch up with
you and have a chat real me with your icq #soon
The NatureSpirits The NatureSpirits Sanctuary 05/Jan/2001:05:06:13
We really Love your site, It spreads Love and Light in an otherwise
darkening place called Cyberspace. We feel that your site deserves a
trophy, but our Love and Light award is the best we can offer. We hope
that your guestbook accepts Html tags, if not we are also e-mailing you
this award....Thanks for the experiance.
Love and Light to you and yours,
Gene and Brenda Wilson...."The NatureSpirits"
a href=""
TheJet Pondering Profound Concepts 04/Jan/2001:00:18:51
Thank you, Sunluv, for stopping by and signing my guestbook. Love your
peoms, I didn't get to read them all but I bookmarked, I will be back.
God Bless.
your nephew sth isla   03/Jan/2001:22:05:51
sweet aunty, that was cool as man,got that tingle dowm the spine again
as i was reading that lonliness poem,awesome.i see your journey is
taking you on a special path,a path of knowledge that u can to share to
people who really need it like me hahaha.really like the website
too,havn't done much work but i think i should n't rush it but i'm
missing the boat so to speak.lots of luvs and
hugs .

xx'dave'oo p.s c you real soon hehe!! x
Stormie   30/Dec/2000:05:56:53
Wow Marina what a site.......very deep cuz, but I wouldn't expect
anything else from you. Keep it up. Lots and lots of Aroha

Ross Waldemar   29/Dec/2000:11:11:01
Warm greetings my dear friend.Your poetry is wonderful,you truly have
the gift(talent).I appreciate your warm,kind,caring,and loving heart.
The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,shining
brighter till the full light of day.Let your eyes look straight
ahead,fix your gaze directly before you.Make level paths for your feet
and take ways that are firm.I am most grateful to meet you along life's
path and honored to be your friend.(((((((sunluv)))))))Ross.
Glen Daines Healinghelp page 18/Dec/2000:19:41:46
hello you have a very nicely constructed page/pages here I enjoyed my
visit and although i did not have time to stay I will be back soon. I
would like to invite you to our site to there you will find a very
friendly atmosphere and many like minded ppl to talk to in our voice
and txt rooms. Come and meet us you will be welcomed. our addys are
the two sites are linked
L-&-L to you Glen (White Eagle)
Webmaster of Art-Arc .-''-.,_,.-''--:*# ART-ARCHIVE #*:--''-.,_,.-' 04/Dec/2000:10:50:51

I just visited your site and It looks Great. Expecially there was
few links I really enjoyed.
If you (Or anyone else) do need any cool Graphics to make your site
more alive then feel free to visit my animation page. =)

Here's the info about it:

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neme_2020   11/Nov/2000:01:01:00
Great stuff alot of meaning from your poems. Keep it up you are doing
great sis
Kia ora
Stephen Boursy Ethics in Massachusetts State Gov (church vs state 02/Nov/2000:02:07:40
Very nice poetry sunluv.
Manukura Rawenata   30/Oct/2000:02:13:43
Kia ora Marina
He tino Ataahua to mahi i roto i tenei ahuatanga kei te pirangi ahau
ki te mahia penei engari i roto i te reo Maori. Kei te mohio ahau kaore
koe e mohio enei kupu engari koira to mahi, mehemea ka haere koe ki
te ako i te reo ka mohio pai enei kupu. Koinei tetahi tono.
Na Manukura Rawenata
jaxtrek4   24/Sep/2000:09:00:19
checked out more page....deeeeeeeep reading ..keep it coming sis.
Marc Himelstein   29/Aug/2000:04:53:28
I miss you.... I love you my dear spirit.. I am a caretaker for a spark
of your true divine essence as you are of mine...LOL Forever...
Morgaan   29/Aug/2000:02:18:47
sunluv - lovely pages... no pics?? LOL

Take Care - Goddess Bless and I will no doubt see you again in SWC..
hope that, uh, tummy bug?? feels better...

seven7   28/Aug/2000:22:56:07
hey sunshine :) the creature scares me LOL dont think i be walking the
wild side with you any time soon...ok maybe if you twist my arm *VBG*
HEY not seen you in a while..miss ya (((((((HUGS))))))) luv ya :)
EclipseFire   26/Aug/2000:17:22:49
Hi Marina!!! :)

I just was checking out how your page was going :)
Nice to be able to read your channelings and poems whenever i want to.
It has been sometime, I know...

Keep posting your writings please, :)

take care of yourself sunshine love!

Jenn de Spoo   18/Aug/2000:20:13:30
Argh! It cut my message in half!! Evil guestbook!! :) Here's the rest
of it:

Anyway.. :) I hope this thing acknowledges my spacings with the enter
button or this is gonna be one looong message to read without
paragraphs and such! :)

Goodness that page with the spiders was scaary! *L* Well.. just the
pictures. :op And.. well.. you're one heck of a writer! The page about
the creature in the dark or something similar (ohh my memory is bad!)
was really.. what is the word.. like your text draws me into another
dimension of being, it draws me into the things you're describing..
You've put much feeling into your pages? It looks that way.. *S* It's
been a pure joy to read your writings.. you're very talented. *S*

I wish I could describe things better. Ah well.. Your site has made me
in a better mood already, I think I'll go surf some more spiritual
kinda pages now.. *S* Much love to you.. *S*
Jenn (Spoo) Cobwebs Online - for your webmastering needs 18/Aug/2000:20:11:28
Hi again.. *S* I have returned in a more peaceful state of mind, had
more patience to look through your pages this time. Sure I did see a
lot of your pages the last time, but you have a whole lot of them here,
came back to see the rest.. *S* This time I focused on the "wild side"
pages. :) Oh, and before I forget, thank you so much for stopping by
and signing my guestbook, your comments were much appreciated.. *S* And
thanks for your vote in the Site Fights too, I'm currently in 2nd
place! :)

Now.. More comments about your pages. *S* I really like the way you
urge us to share our knowledge, I'm inspired to make more webpages.. In
the Bhagavadgita(?) they say that one should not give the knowledge of
the Bhag. to just anyone, just to those who you think you are ready.
This is a tad different I guess.. *S* The point is though, I wish I
knew more people to discuss these things with.

Anyway.. :) I hope this thing acknowledges my spacings with the enter
button or this is gonna be on
Jennifer (Flarn) Cobwebs Online - for your webmastering needs 14/Aug/2000:19:12:18
Hi there! You have a lovely site here, I really enjoyed reading the
channelings and such pages.. You make a lot of sense.. *S* Love the
rainbow backgrounds! Well done.. *S*
saola saola 13/Aug/2000:05:56:13
Your Journeys of Spirituality.
An understanding of you to me, the ups and downs one ventured through
to finding oneself.
Marvelous transformation, on the road to success.
Congratulations Sunluv on your Website.
Well done.

joe warwick magicmans illusions 07/Aug/2000:17:24:24
interesting website..clicked on your name at swc...
Markus ScathieBaby`s Cave 07/Aug/2000:12:53:47
Dear Marina !
Thank you for sharing your valuable insights with us in such a poetical
and dramatical way!:.. the lyrics and the whole setup are awesome...
It`s a real honour for me to have those pages on my domain !....
ar_za (boogs)   05/Aug/2000:08:11:48
cool pictures...
Stefan   03/Aug/2000:07:19:40
I just want to say that this was a very interesting page :) Good job -
and you marina seems to be a very, very nice person with a warm heart.
Continue your excellent job! *S*
sunluv Sunluvs Domain 02/Aug/2000:11:55:28
HAHAHAHA I just wanted to be the first to sign it ....I think I
am ...but I dont know cos scatha put it here for me and Im still trying
to figure out how to use it ...worries huh??? *G*.. I hope you enjoyed
it anyway.... Love, light, laughter and PEACE!!!! to everyone that
comes thru here....SUNLUV aka Marina Johnson

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