Altars are places made sacred.

They can be anywhere from

a table top

to an altar made upon the

Mother Earth herself.

An altar represents the joining of the

Four Directions,


the Earth,

and Yourself.

It is a way to touch the Spirit World

and bring it into the physical.

An altar is created for a special

purpose or Spiritual Intent.

The items placed on the altar

represent the intent.

The intent and prayers

are what activate the altar.

There are no limits as to what

you may place on your altar.

One thing I do personally is use

something to represent the

four elements of creation.




Earth for the earth element.

Water for water element.

Incense for air element.

Candle for fire element.




Plus I always put something to represent


Such as a horn for the masculine

and a seashell for the feminine.

I also include in my altars;

Tobacco as offering to the Spirits.

Flowers or other nice feeling things.

Bright colored candy for the Elementals.

Fetishes symbolizing my totem animals.



other herbs,



bits and pieces of nature,

and gifts for the spirits.

Stones that delight me,

or that have certain properties

that I am trying to draw with in

Personal power objects..

Anything that is treasured by you.

Be creative and festive and honoring

when making altars.

It is a place of prayer,

filling up with Spirit,

and personal empowerment.

What ever you wish to explore with your

altar do it in a playful way.

Too much seriousness scares the

elementals away.

Always be receptive to Creator

and the divine worlds.

And above all have fun with your

Spiritual Journey and healings.










"Earth Mother"

Our first altar.