Those who carry Raven Medicine 

also carry a heavy responsibility to Spirit. Raven is the messenger of Magic from the Great Void where all  Knowledge waits for us. She is also the symbol of changes in consciousness, of levels of awareness and of perception. She carries the  mark of the Shape-Shifter.  She is the carrier of Healing energy from  distances

The Raven is a Bird who is surrounded by myth and legend. She is a Magical Bird who is fabled, by the First Nations of Western Canada, to have created the World.  She is known as the Trickster and as the Creator. She is also proven by scientists to be the smartest of the song-birds. Able to imitate other Animals, the sound of the wind, and human speech.

 She can also count at least up to and beyond 6.

The Raven offers Initiation, protection and the gift of Prophecy. What is meant by Initiation in practice may be as formal as actually undergoing an Initiation Ceremony, as informal as being Initiated into the Mysteries of a new post or profession. 

It marks the Death of one thing, which gives rise to the Birth of another. The power of the Raven can also bring you the very deepest form of Healing, which is achieved through a process known as 

"the Resolution of the Opposites" 

 giving you the possibility of resolving conflicts that have long lain buried in your 


or perhaps in your past.

The Raven, in Celtic legend, as a Bird of Death or the Underworld, was clearly recognized by the burying of Ravens with wings outspread at the bottom of pits. These ritual pits or shafts symbolized the connection between this 

World and the Underworld, 

and the Raven was a Messenger between the two. By being able to travel from this World to the Next, the Raven also symbolizes the power of Healing 

but the type of Healing 

that comes about through a confrontation with

 the Unconscious, 

with the Hidden, 

with the Shadow, 

and with the Darker, 

potentially destructive aspects of the Psyche. The Raven's association with Death becomes an association with depth and thus with Depth Psychology and the Transformative powers of Initiation for such a moment marks to a greater or lesser extent the Death of the old Self, and the rebirth of a new Self.

The Raven's connection with Healing is reinforced when one considers it as a Bird of Prophecy and Divination, integral parts of the Healer's Art. The Raven has been seen as an Oracle for thousands of years and could travel to the darkest regions of the Underworld to bring back Visions and Oracular instructions 

for the Seeker and Healer.




"Walk in Beauty"


Impressions in the sand left by

my feet

as I wander


my Mother the Sea

and my Mother the Earth.

Smooth before me the strand

and smooth behind .

I ponder:

Shall anything remain of me?

Have I any worth?

Oceans speaks but with the roar

of patterns woven oft before.

Land is mute,

yet eloquent;

to Spirit both are monument.


say my Mothers two,

"Thou has not but one duty.

Let Spirit move and speak through you.

Thus always shalt thou walk in Beauty."


by Charles E Galvin Jr. All rights reserved.




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                     THE LEGEND                    


Ancient myths tell of a society of 

Evolved Beings 

who lived in Spiritual communion 

with their Creator  

In Harmony with each other and with 

Reverence for all things.

 As “civilization” grew around them

 they found themselves 

surrounded by an increasingly violent world. 

Greed, force, envy and jealousy

 grew and war reigned. 

The Peaceful ones chose not to 

live in this world of strife. 

They understood that many eons 

would need to pass before 

this infant civilization could mature 

past its need for warlike ways.

 In answer to their prayers, 

the Great Spirit 

instructed them to take 

Bird forms and leave their beautiful 

Mother planet until the time 

came when Humankind was 

prepared to live in a World of Love. 

At that time they would be summoned 

to return and assist in 

transforming the violent world 

into one of Joy, Wonder and 

undreamt of Beauty. That long 

awaited time has finally arrived. 

We sense the Spirit of Change 

within us and feel it all around us. 

Everywhere on earth is a renewed 

sensitivity to Life, to God, 

and to our Sacred Planet. 

The forces of Light are gathering, 

the time of peace on earth is at hand  

the Great Spirit 

sends the call into the Universe 

that the time has come, 

the time is now for the 

"Return of the Bird Tribes." 


by Ken Carey