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Spirit Web revival
Someone did it finally! Spiritweb revived!!

Long term SWC'ers magazine, now has a follow-up here

Shared Writings
Some beautiful ebooks from the "Shared Writings" collection, created by Janet (Dove)

Ascension Network Forums
Another steadfast website on spirituality that includes chat/forums

Other sites related to SWC (Spirit Web Chat)...

SWC: The Grande Finale
This is how it looked: SWC's latest snapshot

The SWC Gallery
The former SWC gallery, by Juminar/Darkblade/RBoots

The SWC fall back site
Lady Harmony's overview on several services that were created after Spiritweb Chat was closing

Other Chats and Groups

Deanna`s Links to Religious and Spiritual Chats
Just a link list to other chats...

Uray An Anya's Site
Compositions and Writings

good ole.... :(
...sweet home Alabama....

discontinued sites- will maybe revived in future....
Awen's Innis-Dubh
Formerly Allpathways / Grovechat: A spiritual chat where many  of us go

Kosmopolis and the populous
"Kosmopolitan Lite Chat" for all Free Thinkers !! Now returning with an ensemble of trumpets, by courtesy of the pet monkey !!!

The Wanderer Community
Multi-media-enhanced spiritual meeting place for real devotees

Shared Writings
The old, original Shared Writings collection

Private Homepages

Listing of Homepages of Chat members

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