Adventure in the Train

(sent to me by arteros2, ICQ# 75849119)

You get on the train in your short skirt and blouse at the last stop in Brooklyn. As usual at this time in the morning the car is packed body to body and as you force yourself into the crowd our bodies touch for the first time. Your hair smells wonderful in my face and I lean over your shoulder and peek down your blouse, I have been wanting to do this since the first time I saw you. We both work at Columbia University, and it is a long ride that I am now looking forward to. We have seen each other many times on campus, and the electricity between us has been palpable, so much so that I think we have actually avoiding meeting, especially since we are both involved.

The train heads into the tunnel and begins the swaying motion from the worn areas in the old tracks. Your round bottom is pressed tight against my crotch, and even though I use all my will power against it, I begin to get an erection. Since my cock is fairly large, I know it is beginning to be noticeable to you. I can't decide if you have on a thong or no panties at all, but through the thin summer material of your skirt I can feel every curve. I try to turn sideways, but only manage to rub it against you more, and give up with the length of it pointing downwards firmly wedged into the crack of your ass. You have definitely felt it now, but instead of moving away, you appear to be pressing against me more firmly and I cant decide if it is the bumpy train or if you are rubbing yourself up and down it a little.

We arrive at the first stop in Manhattan and I realize you are definitely moving against me. People leave the train, but more get on and you make no effort to change your position. Your face is beginning to flush a bit and I realize you are as turned on as me. The train leaves the station and you manage to shift your briefcase to your left and you drop your right hand beside you and slowly slip it across my thigh until you are holding me firmly. I feel if you move it at all, I will cum immediately, and as you begin to stroke me gently it is very difficult not to. The train stops again, and as people are squeezing through, I feel your fingers searching for and finding my zipper and pulling it down. You put you hand inside my boxers and begin to caress the head of my cock with your fingers, picking up some pre ejaculate from the tip and rubbing it around and around. I feel I am going to lose my mind, I have never been so aroused before and there is nothing I can do but stand there with trembling knees. Just as I think I cannot stand any more, you pull my cock out of my pants, wedge it downward between the cheeks of your bottom and pull your skirt up so that I feel the warmth of your skin. There is so much lubricant dripping out of me that it wets that warm divide of your ass and as the train bumps along, I almost feel I am inside you. I now know you are wearing a thong, because I can feel the material when the head of my cock rubs all the way between your cheeks. I feel like you are almost holding it there, gripping it with the muscles in your buttocks.

The train makes the next stop and you quickly turn and face me. The car is so crowded that you are able to do this without anyone seeing anything. You look at me with eyes that are moist and melting with passion and heat. Again you slide your hand between us, raising your skirt again, catching your panty top with your thumb, you push my cock down in them. The downward direction is a little uncomfortable because I am so hard, but as I feel the head of it just reaching your erect clitoris and the beginning of your shaved lips, it becomes much more tolerable. You remove your hand as my cock is now trapped inside the band of your panties and the beginning of your thighs. I realize you are as hot as me because your panties are soaked and the inside of your thighs and the lips of your sex are slick with your hot juices. We don't say a word, just letting the movement of the train rub the head of my cock against your clitoris. The need to penetrate you is almost unbearable, but I know it is totally impossible to achieve. As we are nearing our final stop, staring into each other's eyes, I feel your body tremble from head to toe, your pelvis makes tiny controlled jerks, your face flushes pink and a warm gush of lubricant flows over my cock. As I feel your orgasm I began to spurt as well and feel that I may faint for the first time in my life. The train doors open, you give me an amazing smile, quickly pull away, smooth down your skirt and walk away. I am so dazed that it takes me a few seconds to realize that I am fully exposed to the group of oncoming passengers.