TRUE BEAUTY  - (comes from within)

This page is dedicated to all the souls out there who just because they dont look like the rest of the human race - have to contend with more than many of us have to deal with.  Most of us let the physical side of our appearance
dictate to us the happiness we should be feeling.
We've all done it..>>>eg too short....too tall...too fat...too skinny.......nose is too big...too small  ...too flat... too black...too white....too ugly...too>>>
The next time you look at yourself in the mirror and dont like what you see spare a thought for others out there who  have never had the  choice to change about the physical what cant be changed and realise just how lucky you are

 Joseph Carey Merrick
"The Elephant Man"
1862 - 1890

I AM   A   MAN!"
The mirror it lies. It never shows...The mirror it shows only me...The mirror it lies..Why cant you see...The mirror it lies...Please please see me...The mirror it lies..See the beauty in me.....The mirror it lies.Why dont you  just see...The mirror it lies....It deceives your eyes.  The mirror it lies.... it just cant see....The mirror it the  beauty in me....The mirror it shows....Your eyes just dont see...The mirror it shows....The beauty of me. The mirror it shows....Your eyes are closed....The mirror it shows....My eyes just dont see.....The mirror it shows....The beauty of me.. the mirror I see is not reality
BEAUTY >>>>>>
What is true beauty, is it in the colour of the seasons,is it in the midst of no reason or is it in the hearts of all who have found what there is to see within. I see the beauty in you. I love the beauty in you.  I want the beauty for you. Because your face is the mirror, I see the beauty of you. Because your lips are my  salvation, I taste the essence of you.Because your  mind is of mine, you are the essence of me  Because we are one, we are all there is to be.You are the soul that unites my being. You are the flame that burns my fire of passion.You are my reason for Be-ing.
You are me.....I am you.....You are.....


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