How bright is the light ... so strong for my eyes...
 the heat is warm ...warming to me...
It beckons to me to come within..
I feel mixed fear..
NO!! its SELF-doubt..
Is that where I should go..
or is it no..
Temptation is there..
I feel its near..
but why dont Iwant to  go there..
Wish me luck..
Soothe my fears..

Its a beautiful place..
"So go there.."
If Im a child, confused and scared
Afraid to go..
To go where??
Please help to  show me the way...
my Mummys not here today...
Who are these people?? 
Who are YOU??
"Sweet child ...dont you fear"
You  talk so nice...
You  seem to care ...
"Go towards the light
sweet child...
please dont fear.....
Its better for you..
You go there...
Its beyond your wildest dreams..

Whatever you want..It will be there.



I float I walk its coming near...
its warm ..its lovely..
Oh I want to go there...
"Its the truth no lies"
they have said...
"Its not just for scared adults..
But for children too..."
"Please I am a child all lost and alone ..will you take my hand and show me the way home... for I am a soul still searching to be... please  come and show what is to see....."

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