Creature of the Dark

Turn out the lights, turn them down low,Come to me,
 oh creature of the dark, Take me -  Feel me,
Oh creature of the dark, Be mine - Be me,
Take mine....Take  me, oh creature of the dark.
Take me from this world of no existence, Take me to your world of darkness, Take me to your world of love. Take me to the love that shines, oh creature of darkness.  Show me the light in the dark, Give me the light in the dark,
Give me,YOU!!!

DREAM LOVER will you hold me when nothing  else will suffice when my soul is screaming out in pain to be heard and the sadness comes in torrents of tears, will you hold me, not say a word,  just hold me, fullfilling the need of the child,  the soul to be held and rocked, and I will with you,  and when the day is nearly over and you are tired and spent, when the woes of the work day are on top of you, I will be there, I will hold you, I will wipe your tears. I will be there for you, no words need be spoken, just holding and sharing of all there is to share between us

.I will talk with you, listen to you and be with you. When happiness comes calling would you share in your laughter, be  the smile that dances around my lips, be the sun that helps brighten my day, the moon that illuminates my night, would you share, and I with you, would open my heart to brighten your day, I would be the moon that lights your nightsky, the sun that warms your body, I would share with you me...In the cold light of day, if all is looking bleak, would you come to me? Would you come to me with an open heart   .With flames of fire within,  with passion and love, would you come to me and share, would you come to me andtake, would you come to  me and love??would you come to me, would you come,would you???

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