Your own judgment of yourself and others will tie you up in emotional chains

Everyone we come across in life is a reflection of ourselves.  Have you ever met people and think to yourself, 'they're just like me'.  Its as if they know you and you know them inside out.  Believe it or not this is something that isn't reserved just for those people you like. 

Take a look at the people who make you feel very uncomfortable, even those people who make your skin crawl, so to speak.  Every person that is in your life today is a reflection of yourself.  They represent a part of yourself both good and bad that you are bringing to you.

Every thing, person and situation you may find yourself in is energy.  Pure energy, energy that you have co created with those around you.  All thought is energy and the creative part of your being. While many of you may be existing on different levels of perception, you have each brought to you whatever is in your life at the moment.

I started out in all this not believing in negativity.  Refusing to acknowledge there is a level of energy out there that can be classified as negativity. While I still believe that all energy is love, the different levels I exist in at the moment have shown me just how easy it is for negativity to take hold and implant itself within a persons being. 

Being accepted is something I've always wanted throughout my life.  I spent the best part of it trying to conform and be like all the others around me.  I never once thought I was different to those around me as I was growing up and even beyond that.  I always thought people were all like me and me like them. I succeeded for a very large part of my life until I woke up with a big bang one day and nothing around me made any sense anymore. The people around me that I had known for years seemed like strangers.

I would look at them and think they were judging me.  What I didn't realise was what I was seeing were my own judgements of them being reflected back to me.  As time went on I realised that the main judgement of myself that were being reflected back to me was guilt.  I put it down to jealousy on their part, them being jealous of me and what I had or didn't have.

Over the past couple of months I've come to realise that what I thought was their jealousy was in actual fact my own guilt.  My own guilt for being happy and thinking that I didn't deserve to be happy. My own guilt for thinking that being able to manifest whatever I want in my life was something to feel guilty about.  It was something I thought I didn't deserve and that's where the guilt trip started from.

This also comes back to my own judgements as well.  Feeling guilty about being happy was in essence me putting a value on other peoples happiness.   Measuring their level of happiness against my own.  I have no right to judge what others may or may not be feeling when it comes to their lives.  What may seem like sadness to me is actually not the point.   The point is each person on this planet has a choice when it comes to their own inner happiness and its not up to me to judge whether I think their happiness is good or bad. 

While I will help those who put out there hand to me.  I now know there is no reason for me to feel guilty about being me.  Having found my own source of inner power isn't something to feel guilty about.  The realisation that I can manifest anything I want  is something that isn't worth feeling guilty about.  It's somethng I need to accept about myself and really start having fun.