These notes were made additional to a workshop on the Rainbow Mountain, on Oct. 15th, 2002, 8 pm EST


Spirit Chat "flower essence"



And so the work had truly begun.
In the earth’s calling --- The goddess herself took me by the hand and led me into her garden. Nature showed me her secrets and thus, an essence was born.
Read well, and let the silent spaces be your greatest teachers, for here follows one journey into a partnership with nature and the earth itself.


I woke to the golden light filtering through the trees in our garden. After many days of dryness, overnight rains had washed everything clean, and the early sun reflected off leaves and grasses making them sparkle and gleam. I got up and opened the window wider. The air had that wonderful fragrant smell that accompanies the earth after rain, and I watched in amusement as our pet chicken, Blanche busily clucked and scratched her way around plants seeking out her breakfast. Birds too, filled the garden with calls so pure, they seemed to echo in the stillness.
I stretched. Time for breakfast, I thought, but as I turned from the window, I felt a calling.

“It is time to make another essence our beloved daughter –“

I stood and listened in that still silent place within, and I felt that I was surrounded by fragrances from the garden that were beckoning me.

I threw on some clothes, and entered the garden to make my next flower essence. The earth itself seemed to hold my hand and lead me around the garden and in my inner stillness, I sensed what flowers I was to use, and when the combination was collected, I waited for instructions for its location and needed time of creation. With a prayer of thanks, I left my bowl of flowers and water in the appointed place until I was called back to finish the essence.

It is such a simple and beautiful process to touch nature in this way and to feel the harmonies that are its creation. It is a process everyone can learn to do and this is what this little workshop here is aiming to show you. I want to share with you what I was taught, because we all can learn to communicate with the earth and beyond, and learn its secrets. The Earth energies want to share this lore with us, and I believe it is one of the ways that we can learn to heal our connection with all things and in the process, learn to heal ourselves.

heather: Hi everyone – its great to have you here. I posted the above passage as I wanted to give you a feel of what it’s like for me to make a flower essence.


Spirit defines them as

They are created by extracting the highest healing vibration from the plant, like its etheric imprint and this is used to heal us in all our bodies according to our needs. They are miracles—no less, and profound in the healing they can do .

Making your own essence gives you a deep connection with the earth and this interaction allows you to make an essence unique for just you.

Many of you have heard of the Bach flower essences. Dr Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) brought flower remedies back into vogue 60 years ago and they are still respected today.

Flower essences and remedies have in truth been used throughout mans earth walk, but Bach made them more known in the western world.

There are many groups that make flower essences now, and indigenous ones local to your area are best as they marry with your needs as an interaction with your environment. This is why I believe we need to make our own.

Also the energies of now are very different to the energies of the past – or even yesterday -- and so what people believe an essence can be used for has probably changed a lot since its inception.

What we purchase cannot match the unique properties we create when we make our own.

Not only can they bring clarity to the conscious mind and develop intuitive abilities, they also resolve negative beliefs and directly affect us at the level where we make decisions about our emotions, health, vitality and relationships. Flower essences unlock our inherent positive qualities such as love, courage and joy.

Most commercial flower essences are made from just one flower. The flowers are steeped in purified water until the energy is extracted. Commercial varieties are made using artificial light mostly—and lack the unique interaction with nature that to me is so important. The mixes as the rescue remedies that are so popular are made up by combining individual essences after they have been created. The Mother taught me to make them differently and I do this by collecting what calls and combining them to create something unique as the combination of flowers, crystals or what ever interacts to make the whole. As they create, they call themselves HATCHLINGS.

When you make the essence yourself, this interaction with nature creates a unique marriage of consciousness between you and the nature energies creating an essence that is unique to your needs. Where the stars are, the energies with in the grids, the moon – all create a unique environment that works just for you . This is why the calling is so important as then – you KNOW it’s the right combination of energies needed just for you .

No purchased essence can create this high level of creation and manifestation.

Spirit explains it this way
“Each essence contains different properties. These relate to the needs

of the person making the essence, but also to the strands of light manifesting at the time of creation. The earth and nature interacts with all energies for the creation of essences. They are different to the sort you buy for they are a direct communication and creation between you and earth and light energy.

Any who wish to make such as this can. It is simply a matter of trusting your power in communication with us. This process of creation of an essence is as close as you can get to spirit in a tangible form. Many need something to hold and taste and see. But do not forget that the end result is an imbuing of light energy and thus healing and growth unique to your needs.”

heather: Next I want to explain to you how to make a flower essence.
Before that – does any one have any questions or want to comment?


If I keep it simple it’s like this:

PREPARATION –wash hands, get a glass bowl of water
MEDITATION -- preparation for communication
COLLECTION --- collect flowers and crystals – or what calls
CREATION --- find its location to unfold and leave it there to ‘hatch’

MANIFESTATION -- trust is the greatest component to knowing when the essence is ready to be made up.

Then the essence is made up into three bottles

Since I believe we get called to make the essence when the energy is right and so on --- I would add to the top of the list --- CALLING


I am going to take you on a trip through visualization to show you the way to collect the flowers, gems or what ever calls. If you ‘see’ and feel the flowers you need, you may want to write them down at the time, so you may want pen and paper. I will give you a minute -----

In the mean time – breathe and relax and feel the calling for the essence in your imagination or intuition and take yourself to your garden.

You have been aware of the flowers in your garden for some time – like a
calling. Maybe one particular plant seems more vivid in color than usual – or its just the collective song of the plants. Maybe a crystal has been singing to you too--- if you put out the intent to make an essence, when its time you do feel called. This feeling comes with practice so if you feel you do not have it—its ok – make it a time when YOU feel ready and that’s enough.

You know it’s time. You choose a specials glass or quartz crystal bowl to make the essence in . About 4 cup size suits me—but use what feels right and TRUST --- this is all about trust.

From now on – all that you do is sacred. Breathe—wash your hands feel whole as best you can. Focus on this task. Wash the bowl—you do not need to dry it. You may choose to talk to the bowl about its task – and thank it for its part in it. Put water in the bowl. This needs to be mineral water or water without chemicals of any sort. Fill it as far as feels right. I usually half fill it. Again you might want to thank the water for its sacred gift to you.

Now you are ready. Keep focused on this task and place your awareness into your garden or a garden you could use for this process.


See yourself standing in your garden.
Breathe gently – allowing yourself to focus on the task – feeling the Mother and the elementals in your garden – asking them for guidance.

With love—reach out and touch your plants and feel them with your mind. Ask them to aid in the essence you are making this day.


Now see yourself walk around your garden. Do not think – rather feel.
What calls to you?
Open your heart to this process for it is love filled—you do not walk alone – the Mother and her minions walk with you .

Feel the stillness. Feel the light and feel the song of creation. Feel how sacred this is. The earth is gifting you itself!

Some flowers will seem brighter and call to you ---go freely to them – for at this time – you will know.

Holding the bowl to you – use clean fingers to pick what calls.

Buds for new birth?
Full blooms for maturing understanding?
The colors of the which charkas, which rays?
Just allow and give love to each thing for you be gifted great love through these beings of light.

Does a leaf call?
Does bark seem needed?
Allow, allow and feel free in all choices ye make.
Does anything else call? One of your crystals for example? Trust this too.
Some crystals just want to be near the hatchling and actually not in the water though.

Remember the only rule is to acknowledge the sacredness of this ceremony of collection and to return the great love with humility, thanks and joy.

Space ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you feel finished, hold the bowl to your heart and give thanks to the all. You may feel the presence of the earth song – the elementals, the mother and the angelic keepers. The colors in your garden may have become brighter. Bird song may seem louder, fragrances stronger. You may feel filled with light. This is true for you step into another realm of being – one finer than physicality – for you walk through a gateway into the this place. It is here that the essence is offered to you in its making – and where it is created for you . This is the place where you can find a great stillness, joy and love.


As you stand there in this place—ask where the essence wishes to be for its unfolding.

Seek out with your heart and a seek a place that feels right for it. This may change each time.

Place it there and giving it love and thanks, leave it there.

Now is the time to record all feelings and experiences. Open your heart and allow what you feel to flow from you unbidden for in this lies much of what you need to understand. If you feel nothing – just list the flowers you collected and later these may make some sense to you as well.

I want you to do this now –I am going to give you a few minutes now to record your feelings, and feel free to share this with the group.


heather: This is the place of hatching. As the essence manifests, (hatches) keep away as it does not like being disturbed, but from a distance—you may open your inner site and feel and see much. I see light coming out of it like a spiral – and weaving back into it. I see little elementals watching over it, and sometimes the great beings of light – angelic kingdom and divas with it too--- each time its different. But each time the energies are very busy.

This is also the time I write notes about the essence—my feelings or any channels shared. Its when I get a feeling for what the essence is for. Many essences I make are prophetic in that they work with what is needed later on.

I make essences for others too and its always fascinating to see what unfolds for them – it’s like the best reading you can have – but its so filled with love we are embraced with amazing understanding as our needs are gifted to us in profound ways through the essence.

I made an essence for Fiona last year that was called THE ESSENCE OF HEALING. We wondered at that – but a week later she broke her leg and a month later got pneumonia then fell into deep depression. The essence nurtured her through it all.


We will continue with out visualization now:

Imagine that you walk in your garden and feel the peace there. See yourself walk over to the essence.

In your inner self—watch its progress and feel its manifestation. You may be surprised at to what you see. Do this now ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How is it? What do you feel and see? Any comments???

In this – you have to trust your own feelings.
Most people feel a day is sufficient with sun to add to the energies.
My experience has made me feel that a day and a night is better as then the essence has all energies imbued within its creation.

One day I was asked to make the essence late afternoon. I questioned that but was told as it needed the moon and the morning – it was fine to start late afternoon. Other times I feel called at dawn and then the essence is completed early the following day whilst the dew is still fresh. Another day it was very wet and stormy – but I was told that it was needed. Another time the essence took 3 days – and during its unfolding – it kept changing its purpose. I have yet to make an essence in a few hours.

For me—I know when the essence is ready to make up by the change of energies as everything becomes still and I feel that. I always see the mother there beckoning me – or simply smiling at me. I may create this visual as my inner way to tell me its ready – but with time – you can feel the different energies and it helps you to judge. It really is a time of great trust though so fly with that . If you are unsure – ‘ask’ or allow what you think is a reasonable time and then make it up. As you have been with the earth song --- it will aid as it knows your intent you see.


Whilst the essence is hatching, you can prepare the /color magenta BOTTLES.

You need three. Two smaller ones are okay as spice jars, but you will need at least one dropper bottle of 25 or 30 mls. ( 1 fluid oz) ( you can be flexible here)

All bottles need to be sterilized by boiling them a min or so – and you can add the dropper at the last min so the rubber does not melt –

You will also need brandy and spring water. If you can collect it even better but it must be pure. Label each bottle as well in advance or have the labels with you.

My labels give name of essence, date created and dosage needed.

You will make up three bottles
Mother essence.
This is the prime—the encapsulation of the essence itself, what all other essences are made from.

It is made with half brandy and half the water essence from your bowl. The brandy is a preservative.

2. Stock Bottle.
This is made from the mother essence and is seen as a storage bottle which the dosage bottle is made from. This is half to quarter brandy and half spring water. To this you add 7 drops of mother essence. ( this varies so you can tune in and feel the number of drops you need. Seven drops for the seven charkas is a rule of thumb.)

Dosage bottle.
This is made from the stock bottle and is the one you
take . This is half to quarter brandy and the rest spring water with 7 drops of stock essence in it.

This IS what you take every day – one to three times daily—under your tongue without food.

It can be used in other ways as well---as in a spray bottle and sprayed on chakras or pressure points.

Choose a place where you will make up the essence. If you feel a need—prepare this as a sacred place, smudging it or cleansing it your way. Sometimes I find this place becomes a temple somehow, but it creates it itself.


It’s better for us to pretend we really are making the essence and so we are going to do this as a visualization again —
it will be easy to continue and to feel the process.

The essence feels ready. You feel the silence around it—the stillness. You may see that the mother stands guard and is smiling at you.

Write any notes that call to you –wash your hands and open your heart to the next process. This is when you will walk within the light of its creation and this is a most sacred and holy time--- a great gift is being offered to you.


Close your eyes for a minute and breath to center and focus. Take your heart—your love into the essence and to the Mother/Goddess energies who stand with her. Touch her with your love—feel her—explore her. Merge with her and give thanks for her creation for you. This is most powerful gift – one that is unique and gifted to you from Mother earth, Nature and The Father of all creation. No small thing. Even in this visualization—feel what you have made on the ethers and know its power is as true as you feel.
Later this very essence will manifest for you in physicality if you choose. Yes -- this is more miraculous than known by most.

As you touch and feel and give thanks it is now time to make up the essence. Take the bowl to your preparation place.
Close your eyes and surrender to this process of creation. Go into the Mothers heart and allow her to speak to you – or feel her messages. As k her the name of the essence and what it is for – trust this ----

Feel yourself in a sacred space and so – together, see that you and the Mother Goddess of earth make up the essence together.
Add your half brandy to your Mother bottle and tip in enough essence to fill the bottle to the top. Put on the lid, and then holding it, swirl it in a clockwise direction for mixing it. You can tap the bottom but Mother tells me the clockwise swirl—or spiral is more powerful for activating it.

Hold it to your heart. Send a deep loving gratitude to the All who made this for you. Merge with this and allow the love of creation and the essence itself to touch you . Become one with it.

Again seek its essence of giving – what is it for? Now the essence is complete, it may speak to you itself.


Now make up the stock bottle.
Add half brandy half spring water to the stock bottle.
Use stillness, and ceremony – focus and add the number of drops needed to make up the stock bottle. Swirl as before to mix.

Seven drops is a good rule of thumb as I have said, but if you have that awareness you may feel you need to add more drops. I often I am asked to add 13 drops, but the last time I was asked to add 26 but this is most unusual.

Now repeat the process making up the dosage bottle. Usually the same number of drops are added from the stock bottle into the dosage bottle.

This is the one you take—the drops under the tongue. I have mine after my shower in the morning.

/ color green Label your bottles carefully and give a final prayer of thanks.

Now it’s a good idea to write up your notes—your impressions, the name of the essence if you feel it has one and so on.

I always keep quite detailed notes of my impressions during its unfolding. If you want to read some of them, I have posted them in a private room called flower essence. Below that I added these notes as well.


Use your heart for this--- it is precious and has many uses. Here are some thoughts but there are no rules as in any of this process of creation!
· In a bath with you !!! you and your crystals and the hatchling – this is some way to relax and absorb!!!
· On the garden or in your bird bath
· In your fountain
· In a spray bottle and go around using it like a blessing ceremony instead of a smudge stick---
· Use it to cleanse your crystals or other sacred tools
· I add it to my aromatherapy burner and often use it by itself
· Use it for ceremony- its sacred energy after all
· Just leave it in the bowl and enjoy the flowers. The flowers are as fresh at the end as when you pick them, but you will notice that the energy dies soon after although the flowers seem to last for some time.


Lots of people ask that!! Sometimes its very subtle, other times its like a sledge hammer!!
It is vibrational medicine and so works on all of you at the same time. Often it brings up energies that need releasing and so heals you. For example your headaches may be caused through a hate of work and so it relieves the hate by allowing to you to see the cause of this. The headaches then stop. Like Fiona though., – it worked on her future needs. Often for me, the effect is immediate and then I wonder if I need to take the rest of it. Other times it comes slowly and later when I look back, I see how its helped me.

My essences have always been about my life’s path, and the names I have been given reflect its purpose like Essence of
Love, surrender, nurturing. Rebirth, joy, being, 4 directions – and so on. The essences are like a diary of my life really as when one is finished I wait until I am asked to make another one. I do project this desire though, then wait until its time. Sometimes its months!

Sometimes you may make an essence that’s not to be taken. You will know this as you feel its use. I have an essence of protection I am asked to use from time to time especially when I have clients that carry much darkness. I add it to my oil burner or put it on my third eye and it aids me that way.

You can never expect to make the same essence as each time the vibrations will create something new and needed. But as you have the mother essence and the stock—you can make hundreds of
Dosage bottles from a small amount.


As long as you feel. I usually take it until the bottle is empty, but if you find you stopped taking it, its usually because you did not need it any more. Sometimes I feel a need to make another bottle of the same one, but that’s rare. I have gone back to take the same essence rather made another one.


This is such a journey into trust and love and union!! It’s magical in so many ways and I think it is a great way to learn to communicate as well.

Whilst this is all about flower essences, the same principals apply to gem essences as well, but the crystals need to be very cleansed first or you can add the negativity they store into the essence as well so its tricky. We can talk about that another time if you like.

I have bowls of crystals in water all the time—in fountains and outside and I am always asked to use this water as part of the essence. Occasionally some of my crystals want to be in the hatchling water or just want to be beside it, so I allow that. Its all about learning to trust feelings that’s all. Some crystals add their energies with out actually being there too.

Whilst the essence appears to be very watered down, it is very strong indeed and so do not over dose yourself. People get quite ill if they do. I have a friend who thought the 7 drops was silly, so he added 30 – he was not himself until he remade it with the correct dosage!!!


There is much I can add on flower essences but if you want more information or an idea of my process of making an essence you can read some of my notes in a private room called flower essence. These notes are of 4 essences I made—and I left them the way I wrote them at the time (except corrected typos **gg**) I find if I write down everything I am feeling or thinking as the essence is made – like a diary, it really helps me to understand what the essence is about.

In the flower essence private room I have added the following:

Essence of harmony: its a simple flower essence – easy to follow

Essence of surrender—like harmony, a life’s path essence for growth and spiritual work

Larimar essence—essence of the earth and of love

This one is complicated and took 3 days to make. It was made with a larimar stone - an Atlantean healing stone, and flowers as well. This essence was not just for me, it was for the larimar – aiding her to heal in the essence as a reflection of the earths healing . This was being created at the time of September 11th 2001 when I had no idea what was going on in my quiet country area in Australia. If you read this—you can see how the interaction of those terrorist energies worked with the larimar and I and others, Fox being one.

Alcyone Essence. This is the diary of a Lemurian seed crystal called Alcyone. Spirit asked me to make an essence from her and so it’s the notes I made during it. As you will see—gem essences are far more complex than flower essences!!!

(all channeled passages in blue)

(all channeled passages in blue)

heather: THE ESSENCE OF HARMONY 1-2-99

Flower essence. It was time! I called on the energies of earth and beyond to be with me as I created this essence, for I had been waiting to make it, and today, the day of the full moon, I felt it was time.

I meditated, calling in the energies and then walked around our garden, feeling the flowers calling me.

Today, as last time, I seemed to collect purple and pink flowers, but some new ones which I cannot name. One was yellow - a little wild daisy .

Spirit said to me as I channelled:

“As you acknowledge our presence, as you see yourself as the spiral of light clothed by physicality – you see your truth, for you know your divine existence and oneness with all light energies. You saw this, and asked that your physicality be nurtured by the light for its purpose of being. This is good.

We give you an essence this day that will feed the need of the physical body as it becomes more integrated into the purpose of spirit – as you see all bodies are interwoven into one body, and while you see the difference, they are still ONE. You saw your higher self as a part of the inner spiral of energy, and in this way you saw the divine source that lies within. In this way, you also perceived the difference between Higher Self and the divine spirit – the messengers and teachers that are ever with you. You called on the heart beat of the earth, and saw too, the energy manifest of the Earth Mother. Then you faced God, and saw true light and felt true love as you embraced your truth and remembrance of work to be done on earth in this life energy.

You called on the energies of your beloved crystals and the sacred waters, all respond, and it shall be -----

Leave the essence to unfold in the place of choosing, for it is good ---- understand sweet daughter that the energies of light, of life, of love enfold you. You stand on the thresh hold of an important year. We prepare you. Be at peace.”

As I type this and close my eyes, I am aware of the energies and my place there. I reach out and gently touch them and see the energies of the crystals quietly reach out to merge with the essence waters, the hatchling, and I know they are a part of its manifestation. Thank you – dear friends.

The essence sat peacefully on a small wooden table outside my study window during the day, facing the rising sun and moon. Later in the day, I noticed that the small flora bunda rose, which had fully opened, seemed to be absorbing all the energy. Two other roses were face down in the waters, and I wondered if I was to turn them over to face the light for the last few hours. When I did, I felt the most overwhelming love from them – or was it from the waters they nourished? It was a most powerful experience!

I asked when the essence would be ready and was told that it would first need the full moon. I had wondered why it sat in this unusual spot, and if it was to absorb the rising moon’s rays there. The moon is unusual, as it is the second full moon this month – a ‘navy’ moon, I think it is called.

I waited for the moon to rise, and at 9.30 PM it glowed amongst the low branches of the huge gum tree as it climbed into the sky. I watched the beauty of it, not wanting to intrude yet being aware that I was allowed to be a part of its majesty, while also being aware of the play of energies between the essence and the moon.

The moon climbed higher and brightened as it left ragged clouds behind, and as the crickets chorused the earth, all seemed in perfect balance and harmony.

Why was I impatient for this essence to be complete? I think it was because I felt a deeply sweet and powerful love emanating from it, yet more. I think I sensed its purpose for me --- patience, gentleness, love ---- determination, strength; a singularity of being, yet One with the Light energies of love.

The moon continued to climb above the trees. Low clouds hugged the valleys now, and the moon’s light made them glow. After the late afternoon storm, the air was fragrant with damp earth, grasses and flowers and there seemed a timelessness as if since the beginning of earth’s creation, this continued, each evening – and I wondered how many people ever really knew about it – took the time to discover this timeless beauty.

The moon was rising above the branches now, and I could see the perfect symmetry of its huge orange ball, and the essence married with it still, and I waited.

Spirit said: “It is called Harmony, dear One, for this is the name of peace”.

So, the essence had its name. The moon was much higher in the sky, and I had a sense of completion. The essence waters seemed calm and harmonious, and I knew it was time to make them into the mother essence, the stock and the dosage bottle.

All was in readiness.

Spirit added: “You have done well, dear daughter to write these words as a telling or unfolding. It shall be helpful for others to read this, for it describes well the process of creating earth energy manifestation into what you call ‘FLOWER ESSENCE’.

Take this, 10 drops each day as before. You wonder at the number of drops, but this varies according to need and potency. Each essence contains different properties. These relate to created need but also strands of light manifestation at the time of creation. The earth and nature interacts with all energies for the creation of essence such as this. They are different to the purchases ones or the ones described in books for they are a direct communication and creation between you and earth and light energy. Thus this interaction is intimate and is created from many layers of being and manifestation.

Any who wishes to make such as this can. It is simply a matter of trusting your power in communication with us.

Tell this to others in your teachings, for this process of creation is as close as you can get to spirit in a tangible form, which most of those in physical manifestation can handle better. They need something to hold and taste and see. But do not forget that the end result is an imbuing of light energy and thus healing and growth. Your ESSENCE OF HARMONY has great power and possibilities for your growth --- wait and watch and see and be ----

This is all. We dismiss with love this night”.

Thank you.

heather: ESSENCE OF SURRENDER 6TH February 2001

So it was time to make another flower essence. The day seemed too hot -- but I knew it was time to make it the following morning.
.I woke to a glow in the sky --- the sun created golden light round early morning clouds and there was a great stillness all around me. Birds sang and light shone with such a glow it seemed unworldly-- or was it simply that I had opened my site to allow its spectacle to become a part of me.
Taking my bowl outside, I stood quietly on the grass bare footed, and allowed myself to reach out and feel nature -- to greet and give love to the Mother, and to ask permission for the essence to be created this day.
I wandered around the garden and was amazed to find how many full roses wished to be included this time ---all varieties, and then many flowers of pink, white, purple and blue -- all coming together in their unusual way to be created -- a making of essence for a new beginning for me.

Last night the Spirit prepared me - this morning as I gathered the energies, spirit called me.

"This day , my beloved daughter will be like no other. It is a day where unfolding as yet undreamt of shall happen --- expect changes, expect great things -- expect life to expand and grow as never before.
But allow -- allow it all to become, allow yourself to be part of it all -- and then be at peace. For this day will be the beginning of a new freedom, a new understanding, a new life."

What did all that mean, I wondered as the flowers called and I gathered them.

Later I understood how the essence mirrored this for me.

I did not understand these messages, yet I allowed myself to be embraced in the womb of creation as it took me on its journey to self discovery -- the flowers calling and welcoming me as I added them to my bowl of water.

The flowers ;
Roses - white, pink , mauve
Tiny flora bunda -- as always -- from outside my study door
Impatiens -- pink, violet , purple , mauve\yellow buddleia
Blue and pink hydrangeas
Deep purple buddleias that have called to me for days now -- 2 full heads of those!!
Purple lavender
Deep purple trumpet flowers --? Name?
Wisteria -purple

Now I would place this over the sacred energies - the sacrament knife from the healing temples in Lemuria whose energies are planted in the earth-- and allow the Mother do her work.
Even as I type this ----I feel her energy gather and wait for me -- thus I go with prayer to be within her holy place -- to allow -----

I stood before the essence and prayed to all things -- reaching out my heart I touched the energies of my garden. I thanked the mother for her presence and gift of the essences unfolding -- and sent all my love to all things there -- and beyond. The mothers love was strongly with me -----and as I prayed with her -- I had a strong sense that I stood within her garden, not mine -- the rose arbours stood covered with roses. Flowers grew tall and were radiant with colour -- their vast spaces there somehow seemed filled with a great silence and harmony -- a union with all love and creation, like a womb of light. All seems so much at peace there - ----

The aeroplane buzzed over head, and I was back in my own garden.

As I came inside, I wondered whether Diadenon, my sacred crystal wished to be with the flowers. She said that it was not needed, that her presence took her where she was needed -- so I gave her love and left her. I reached out to my other crystals -- and again repeated, that if they wished to be a part of the making this day , they had my blessing --- then -- the Larimar that Michael said he would find me 'came' to me -- it is not here yet, but its essence is -- and I send it love and invited its presence this day to be a part of this making.

It is now 9am -- so I shall now allow the unfolding, with love and blessings to my beloved Mother of the earth.

It is now 3.40 pm. The bowl seems happy and to be left alone in the hot afternoon sun. I am always amazed at how fresh the flowers look, even days later -- they seem to imbue another energy which prolongs their life --------

As the day progressed, the essence was peaceful in its silence, the light of the day and the vibrations of the earth adding to the energies created by the Mother who stood guard over it -- like a Sentinel -- she stood watch and it unfolded.

Mid afternoon , I went to move it to the shade and was told to not go near it. Essences are like this -- do not wish to be disturbed. 'Hatchlings" they call themselves.

During the afternoon, I taped a channel for a very unhappy Canadian lady. As I looked up at the creating essence, the Mother acknowledged me -- and also the lady's letter. She came to me then , and spoke to this client of mine through me. It was interesting watching how she looked after the essence but she spoke through me too. Her voice was high and sing songy with many cadences and she gave great love and healing to the Canadian.

Later when I felt the essence was ready, she told me to wait till the moon was up and its energies would create greater balance in the essence.

The moon was up -- it was time. I stood before the essence., Silence greeted me -- and I thanked the lady and asked what it was.
"It is the essence of Serenity " she smiled.
"So I need serenity?" I asked.

"Yes dearest daughter -- for as ye give and as ye take -- places many burdens on your shoulders -- it is time to gift you peace and understanding and to see the wholeness of the creators pathways for you. This only can be gained by allowing you full peace. It is time -- and we gift you this with our blessings and love."

"But I thought I saw the whole picture" I responded

"Not fully, our beloved -- this unfolds for you -- and in this ye gain a greater strength - for there is much work awaiting you -- much to write, much to give -- only in the stillness of your heart are we able to sew the seeds of the fullness of understanding. Ye are gifted -- ye will offer much to humanity's song -- yes you and your 'twin'; -- for as ye give to each other -- you make a wholeness of energy, a wholeness of giving ----yes - the Daughter of the 11th gate ye be -- One who allows the energies of light to manifest on earth. Know this -- know that great strength is needed for as ye stand as part of the completion of the other ----great strength is needed to allow this in each of you.
We ask that you also give him this essence -- for it be needful for him as a completion of the cycle."

"But he takes the Essence of Love"

"It is time for him to take the other -- but ye may combine the two if he is brave enough to take to balance the energies and embrace the interactions -- ask him this.
All things are needful at this time -- guard ye well the places you visit (astral ) and those who seek ye for aid -- some will be false,. Others most needful -- learn to tell the difference and seek aid where it is needed . Know the differences and allow us to guide you --------

Take the essence every day -- 7drops for the 7 bodies, yes, and allow its making (up of the bottles) into the same -- it is strong and too much is not good for an active mind that also chooses wakefulness.

This essence is a gift from the Creator Gods -- those whose creative powers manifest life in this physical place as ye witness it. Know their energies allow ye to see greater truths as ye move in to higher planes -- here, ye work more fully and offer what earth energies require at this time."

The creator God speak:
"We allow you -- we allow you -- we allow you
We give and nurture -- we embrace your truths and allow their melding into our song of creation.

This is all our daughter, blessings to thee -- and he -- "

Creation speaks thus with the Mother

As I approached the completed essence in its bowl, under the stars -- I was aware of the silence around it, the stillness and holiness of it. Its garden table had become an alter and I approached reverently. As I made up the Mother essence -- I saw the folds of a soft gown close to me and it reminded me of rose petals -- and I sensed the beloved presence of the goddess. Mother essence bottle co......(truncated from 8643 to 8400 chars)

heather: I saw the folds of a soft gown close to me and it reminded me of rose petals -- and I sensed the beloved presence of the goddess. Mother essence bottle completed, I held it to me. My hands burned with the sacred energies and all I felt was the deepest of love and connection. I gave my thanks and returned my love and finished the making, placing the first 7 drops reverently under my tongue.


11TH – 12TH SEPTEMBER 2002

Larimar essence made around 10.10am

So I was called again. For some days I felt the need to make another flower essence. The day of the full moon I was busy – and other days were wet or cloudy. I woke this day – half moon I think – feeling it was time. The early morning unfolded into sunny and moist from weekend rains and the earth was fragrant with new growth and life.

I put on some Chris James music – but it turned out to be toning – what was needed as I had seen myself toning this new flower essence.

After fetching my bowl of water I stood under the sun light with it to gain balance and feel the energies.

How strange – this time I did not feel centred – I was aware of many flickering thoughts – this is not me – I centre straight away. Is there something wrong?

I stood there and called in the light – and gradually, the toning took me – I felt the earths heart beat as I opened my soul to her , my heart to all and my crown to god. Waves of light and peace took me – love and joy filled me and I was overflowing with creations song. The fragrances and sounds of the earth seemed deafening to me – more birds than usual –and all the time this sweet joy filling me, the light over flowing in me ----I thanked god and walked around the garden gathering flowers – but this time – it seemed that the everything wanted to be a part of this – every flower, even leaves wanted to join in---I felt not the camellias though – I wonder why as the garden is filled with them in flower – but even summer flowers seemed to have come out for me for just this day ---so I gathered them all – one by one, and filled the bowl – and I placed it on the table in its sacred place, over my Lemurian temple dagger for healing in my garden in the sun, outside my study window.

As I stood there waiting for instructions. I was told to first of all, to get the larimar stone and those sacred guardians with her.

As the larimar was being healed in the waters over the months, I had found an old piece of pottery I had made half buried in the garden and I had placed it near her – now I was asked to place it in the middle of the water in the bowl and to place the larimar, standing up like a beacon in it! So the larimar wanted to return to the waters as she had in Atlantis and later in the Bermuda Triangle – but to be above them – not in them as before. The flowers and leaves floated all around her, and her crystal guardians lay around the bowl -=-- it was spooky in a way and her standing there reminded me of how her obelisk was the last to sink in Atlantis.

I was then told to gather my other crystals that called –and as I walked around the house I gathered as was called. I placed them all around the bowl and it seemed that as the larimar stood tall in the center of the bowl, the flowers of the earth , the elemental energies via the crystals gave homage to her.

I stood silently – doing my own toning – the vibration of sound – and felt myself transform into other beings. I became Isis, with my harms raised – is that why I had to buy the gold Isis pendant that called me, I wondered?

I watched my arms take on priestess movements – as I call them – like a gentle dancing movement around her. The toning seemed to send ripples of light through us all – and in that space of no – time – the energies seemed to shift and move around me. Birds seemed to sing a symphony louder than I ever remember hearing --- and I watched the energies of light – and something else – like clouds – expand and reach out.

It was done for now I felt. I felt humbled and awed. What was this I was doing and making? I thought it was my time for a new flower essence – but this? Well, I would wait and see. I stepped back out of the presences and humbly bowed as is the rite of the goddess and left.

So this was to be larimar essence? All sparkled in the sun and dew and then I was asked to photograph her and to do so later again – and again – was I to capture the presences as I had done before?

I did as I was bid.

Later 2.15pm

The energies seem to continue to rise. I have left the toning CD on as I feel the music has a vibration similar to the temples of long ago and is need to stir memory or such in the crystals there – especially Diadenon and the larimar.

The energy makes me feel all over the place in myself --- it feels like ripples of electricity reaching out and touching me. From where I sit, it looks like the obelisk of old – a tall spire standing, surrounded by other things and it gives me a strange feeling I cannot ID.

Michael did a channel on it online too – as it was his we decided to both work on this strange essence. He felt that its unfolding energies were to create the same vibration as from the temples 0f old -- one of emotional healing, he felt – but I think it is for all healing - why I do I feel earth healing too?.

Long shadows, later afternoon sun, its cooling off now.
I have felt very tired and sort off not myself this afternoon – it hard to describe it – but like some form of emotion; unresolved deep feelings I cannot identify --- I feel it’s the larimar. It seems to do this to me at times when it is working. Am I picking up on its energies or is it exacerbating my own? Everything I have done since making this essence today has been a battle. Something feels really wrong and its upsetting me – I can’t touch it----

Vicki rang up – her Indigo baby Joel was screaming at some hidden nightmare. As Vicki, Michael and I are so linked – was Joel also somehow linked to this stone’s creations today? I feel this is too over the top – but I have learnt that anything is possible with this energy now. It seems to seek and use the energies that it needs but with compassion and understanding. It does not take from those who cannot give. Michael and I saw that Joel’s screams were based on past life confrontation – I called the dark swirling energies I saw around him thought forms. Was he being confronted by the same dark of old? Why? Was it returning for some reason?

Can the larimar strengthen such memories? As it is a stone for healing – maybe emotional healing as Michael said, then does it have the power to exacerbate emotions so that we may identify them and then clear them? Was this how the larimar worked back in Atlantis? This is a powerful experience and I have to wonder, if this is true, whether I have what it takes to see it through. I must have, I guess. So what is this flower essence about then?

As I look at the flower essence hatchling, I am aware of the swirling energies within it now. It does not seem to need the crystals around it any more, but seems insular, in itself, inner creation of power unfolding.

Each crystal served different purposes of protecting, giving, adding – to the creation of the essence. That work seems now to be over and so soon, I will collect the crystals and leave the essence to continue with its unfolding.

I am even having terrible trouble typing this like I am wading through a swamp!!!!

If I go into the energies now – I hear the toning that has continued all day as a ripple of energy in a very still late afternoon. It is as if the sound magnifies the earth’s silence – like it is the silent voices manifested.

The flower essence seems to reach up and out as its internal energies shift and move in its creation. The lady Larimar stands with the energies – yet she looks pale and her eyes are closed., So she sleeps? Or meditates? Or focuses?

Spirit says:

“Yes our beloved daughter –as ye see is a truth. Do trust more as ye see all truth .

The lady sleeps as she rebirths through this process of making. The larimar is making an essence yes – one that will heal as Michael has seen for you – this be true --- yet as this is created, so is the lady larimar herself strengthened in her own making. For still much is to be done to make her strong and whole once more.

As you saw yesterday, your time –it was time to move her from her current place and this awakening that ye create is a part of that re-emerging once more.

The layers of her self shall continue this way . you shall be called – you ......(truncated from 21939 to 8400 chars)

heather: The layers of her self shall continue this way . you shall be called – you shall know as always – and follow the calling . Do not doubt your abilities in this. Trust this process and interaction between you – it is a true one.

It is now time to gather the crystals and return them to their places on your home. Our love and thanks are given to them for the work they have done for her this day. They have blessed her and added to the cumulative love that she needs to still fully embrace. When this unfolds in time – what ye experience shall be no more – for all that you have felt and said is truth. Joel experienced her fears of the destructions – he is a child of our energies and is tied to you from past life love and experiences, not of this planet – that is true.

The master Michael is more protected than you are, as your commitment to serve this unfolding was choice and giving. Thus you wear upon your shoulders this energy – yet we know that it is done willingly for the sake of the All – the sake of the wholeness to unfold in many things.

The larimar is indeed tied strongly to the earth’s unfolding and growing patterns – thus all is on your shoulders in a sense at these times of growing.

The star gate opening is indeed another step towards the wholeness of this planet as all deceit is stripped away from many things and many people. Here we speak of individuals, collectives and the earth energies. There will be some physical interactions with this – as releases through climate and crustal workings – these release, and as the larimar grows and awakens another layer of the self – so does the earth.

Peace – allow the working here to be completed.
Remember, remember that each thing ye do is a microcosm of the macrocosm – that the earth is mirrored in other things as this piece of larimar you work to clear and return to its past glory. As it clears – so does Atlantis energies rise – as these rise – from the days of glory and the earth's creatings - so does the earth dear daughter – the master plan evolves and you be part of this.

Ahh your twin here is the pillar of awareness and protection and giving. He is here for many reasons yes – but in this – he protects (you) and aids in ways as yet to be discovered by you both.

Yes that is why your need to have him here with you today was so strong – you sensed his protective influence and understanding support when you carried so much this day . You are blessed our beloved daughter.

Peace - and allow the process to continue. For much is to unfold later this day into night.”

6.44pm late dusk

I went to check on the essence and the place was all floodlit or so it seemed by etheric light – it seemed that a great light shone all around it from above.

It is not ready yet.


bed time – the larimar essence seemed still, but I saw with it a dark shape like a sentinel – it scared me a little so I covered myself with light and sent it love for what ever it was – it seemed to need healing and release.

As I turned to go to bed, I heard

‘The essence of the earth is not ready yet”

... Essence of the earth?

Later I wondered if what I saw was what frightened Joel – and I wondered if it was more of the larimar’s releasing. It was this dark shadow and it somehow seemed menacing.

So, the essence wants this night---- another night – goodness.

I woke feeling very drained and tired – a first for a long time. I seemed to dream too much – but I felt I was all to do with the larimar essence. I seemed to be questioning me too much , my life and I had no answers. Why would I bother doing that? Was this as before somehow attached to her energies?

Spirit speaks:
“Beloved daughter be at peace – all that ye feel is a birthing with the larimar energies, yes for as she births, so do you . Whilst you question your life and what you want from it – she releases what no longer serves from her memory banks and allows the old to return into balance once more.

The essence is not an essence as such , rather a clearing environment for the larimar itself and so she is able to aid earth now too, for shortly—it shall be needed and this be a preparation.

Be at peace and allow this to continue. More work today ,but you will feel less tired and uncomfortable as the day continues. Remember you have much support with you and you are safe and loved by the all. Peace be with ye, love be given to ye – know your life is in balance and order as ordained by Spirits teachings for your path – allow all experiences and know that ye are blessed in these.”

I will photograph her again.
It gave me a headache and made me feel sick being too close to her.


overcast but it does not matter now. I see lady larimar as standing there now awake, but lost sort of like a shade for she suffers . I call in the other crystals and we send her love. I bend over and scoop up the earth energies and throw them at her – its seems to aid her to be clothed n the raiment’s of life.

I sense that connection again between Diadenon, the larimar and myself – I do not understand it. Three Atlantean’s together—one master crystal,. One healing temple and me.

The essence is not complete, I assume – but is it an essence? No == perhaps not – more like a garden for the larimar to rebirth in – like a creation of earth life for her at this time.

heather: “Wait and see”.
I see – more unfolding then –


As I reach out to her, I feel her faint smile as if she is waking from a painful sleep --- – she is with me and I feel my heart open to her. Something in me feels joy – our combined joy, and I send love, and more love and more love. The energies now seem at peace somehow as if the work has been done.

She has been made strong – fr what, I wonder and what has this to do with the essence?

More questions than answers this time!!!
The flowers with her have served their purpose and I feel their fatigue. My joy is bounteous for her. All feels right, all feels well. I feel at peace again. I am playing some Lazarus music – I wonder if that has anything to do with it though. No it just marries with the energies. Oh it was no coincidence that I put on that particular music as spirit says

‘it brings in the music of the spheres to herald new birthing – nearly done our daughter.

We love you – you have done well once more as you have allowed the song of the larimar to sing true once more.

Peace peace, peace. Joy and love be with you now.
Feel us holding you and know peace our daughter.”

Is it time to bring her in my beloved family of light?

“Naah it is not time yet beloved one. You will know – allow the moon to rise – the dark to wrap arms of softness around her – and then we shall see.”

Who speaks thus this day and works with my lady of larimar this day ?

“Oh beloved one it is I – Archangel Michael who holds you now – who understands your heart and your wishes and needs – you desire to serve and give – your open and loving heart – it is I.

Know ye not my vibration by now? Ahh you say I am a collective and so many faces – this be true == aye yet in your inner silences – you know, you know this truth. Have I not walked with you through all time – as other faces yes – but always the blue flame walks with thee. Hold this close to you and know its truth my beloved daughter of inner song and light –for ye walk with us. Each step ye take – is one with us – each breathe ye breath is our breath ------each thought is a refection of our thoughts.

Your path is straight and true – your loves strong and pure. All love that ye give – is in our name – all that ye share is from us as it is from you . Know this and know too – that all the love you share is pure and needful – and is also a part of our song.

Feel this and know this., rest at peace knowing that love holds you and as ye seek, ye find – as ye give is returned to you.”

. color green 8.45pm

I have to question this – I caste my inner sight to the larimar and saw it with three circles of light – spheres, were they? Floating around it – their colours were very vivid and appeared yellow or golden in colour. I had a look but saw nothing . I think they were somehow astral orbs of some kind. As I was not expecting to see this I do not believe I made it up. Just having a look ,were they? Or were they somehow projecting to her or from her?

And as I looked, the 3 orbs has united to form a heart shape.

Oh my god—the USA has just been attacked—the twin towers have fallen!! Its on the TV live right now!!!!

The black magician energies from Orion that destroyed Atlantis again? –This place – this place in Australia was birthing into an out post for healing here – the larimar still sending out – I feel it like a beacon!! So that’s what I have been feeling – is this essence to heal and open the larimar then to aid this night? Does she open a portal as she used to do to send some of the people through to a safe place?

heather: The energies created were to re-establish the Atlantean Priesthood -- energies and environs of Atlantis ---the spire in the garden – flowers, in waters – the lakes and oceans – all purity replaces and returned for the re- awakening of this place.

It does its healing
It transforms my energies into vehicles of healing as I send light and call in others to join me. We create a great power and allow this—this has been as I called in Vicki and Michael– all of the temples – to join in the triad union of creating—we touched our hands on the ethers – felt them – like superimposed on the other – heard the song again of healing love thru the ethers. We created it but also joined it --- we sent it to the lost souls to be free – then sent to each other and then to our loved circle of light, then beyond to those others – the land earth , sought help on Orion for the good energies for healing the bad that infiltrate earth at this time. Was the essence helping us as focus? I think we are tied with it, yes – “essence of the earth initiation” Spirit said.

El Moya my sweet teacher and my earth Mother stood with me, my Angelic father AAMichael was with me and others – all came to aid in this work for the earth, the twin towers—the essence focused the energies for this to be done. Oh I understand now – I think----

Now I feel it is time to make the ESSENCE OF LIGHT – oh, a new name?

heather: Spirit speaks (AAMichael)

“Yes beloved daughter – the Essence of LIGHT
yes you will take this as its purity of intent with in your light bodies shall make you stronger in purpose as ye serve with a pure heart – we add to this another dimension – one of deeper understanding of your role and place on this earth at this time

,Make the essence now as ordained and allow this to be. Make one for your beloved twin and he too shall reach your heights of spiritual union with us’ this too is ordained by God this day .

As the essence evolved its energies changed and as it became the essence of the earth – it healed the earth – now it shifts and works with its child who is union and one with it.

Peace and love my daughter”

So the essence of light was made -. 12 drops to be added to the stock bottles and dosage bottle, 12, the sacred number of all things. This, I found out later.

I will use the remaining water as a ceremony of healing on the earth as is needed at this time.

So this process is now over, yet the work has barely begun as I saw the need for earth healing this week and after the times of the terrorism.

Again, the larimar had played a role in this, yet for the first time I believe she actively participated in the current earth as she aided to hold the energies of love – to re-unite them and to make them whole once more.

Was this part of her need, then to aid in this work as it was part of the wholeness of her own remaking as she brought forth Atlantean energies of healing? I feel this deeply and allow still – her journey and my part in it.

This essence then was to aid her awakening as the tools of old gathered for this—water, crystal energies and the earths kingdom through the flowers. Yet --- I was her guardian and so I took on her pain in her opening as I have done so much before. But is this part of an Atlantean connection between us? I felt so. As the terrorists rose – the shadows I saw through the larimar were possibly theirs—or was it somehow a parallel within herself? But she seemed strong and whole and rose into power to me—as the harmonies I felt reflected her strength. How did she interact with the terrorists and those who were destroyed? I can only guess and wonder.

When Atlantis was destroyed I felt it was part of the downfall caused by the black magicians – the ‘Lizzies’ as they are called today. As they sought to destroy many glittering ‘Eden’s ‘ on earth. September 11th to me—was the same energies causing the destructions, and both Diadenon the Atlantean master crystal energy and the larimar awakened to aid in the healing.

Now I work with healing the earths energies by also releasing the lost souls who feed the ethers with fear and anger. As they are released, the healing of the earth continues. The essence of light created from the unfolding – now aids me in this.

So what’s next dear father? What do you have lined up for me next?


Lemurian seed crystal gem essence
Working with these energies – why and how.

heather: The Lemurian seed crystals.

Some time ago I was told in a vision that some special crystals would be discovered in a cave on a mountain top in Brazil. I was told that these crystals were part of the ancient crystalline core of earth and that their discovery would be timely when their knowledge was to be shared with those who could tune into their vibration. These crystals were a part of the Lemurian energy and later were called lemurian seed crystals.

This vision filled me with light and tone – the amazing clarity of their song and their libraries of information waiting to be explored excited me and I felt I would somehow connect with one and she would share her knowledge.

Synchronicity never lets me down , and sure enough some time later I read about these crystals being discovered. Mt friend Frida gifted me one she felt was for me. It had been sent to her home in Tel Aviv and then forwarded to me in Australia!! When I first held the crystal my whole body came alive and the energy was so great my chakras all spun simultaneously and expanded so fast even my finger tips tingled as she reached into my aura and beyond at great speed..

I placed her in the water of my crystal fountains. In a few days she had cleared herself as well as all the crystals around her for they all sung with her! Her form had arrived dull and cloudy but now she was bright and clear.

My communications with the crystal were amazing and she gave me her name – Alcyone – after her home planet.

I had felt early on I was to make an essence from her and sure enough one day I felt called. I make flower and gem essences as taught to me by Spirit years ago, and now as the Lemurian seed crystal called me I was prepared.

I always keep a diary when I make the essences as I receive many communications as they unfold. This time as I recorded them, I was told to share this information with others so that many would understand the importance of such life forms on earth and how our shared communications are a pathway for the future and a learning for now.

The following is part of the diary I recorded during the creation of the essence which took around 24 hours. I have left what I include as it was given so as not to lose its energy..

heather: Lemurian Seed crystal essence made from Alcyone. June13th 2002


She called me ---- I had put her on top of a quartz cluster in my fountain and she sat there with the crystal waters flowing over all. The sun was shining between amazing wind gusts, a steel grey sky and wild showers – very unlikely time --- but it was time.

She asked to be placed on the earth above the Lemurian portal where the sacred knife from the healing temple is buried within the earths energies.

I closed my eyes to locate the place it was to be – and saw the vortex of light streaming up like a fanned out ray of light – waiting for her.

I am very tired today but felt such a surge of power and excitement – I was so happy she had called me and as I write this – I send her a great love.


the weather is inclement – but she is out there and the rays of light pouring in and out are amazing --- the connection to mother earth as she sits there is beautiful; and it seems the sun is not so much needed as the elements of earth. The contact with the mother and a return to her home energies is very evident now – wow – this shall unfold and I look forward to the explorations with her communications to me


****“dear daughter – already we feel you with us, for it is time for the great communications between us to begin.

This is – a window for you to progress into the path of sharing that is now so important to be undertaken

thus we come. Thus this shall be – for now is the time of the unfolding of earth and man – one with spirit – one with all creation – to allow the embracement of the self into one with the All

oh hear us beloved daughter from our times ( Lemurian)we are ever with you --- not even as spirit do we walk with you but as an unfolding of time to be here and with you --- as your family, teachers, loves as we have ever been from your home of long ago –so we be with you

this essence as it is imbuing earth and us is a collective of all our energies back into the manifestation of the creation of who we are – now who we remain and who ye are to become – feel this for to take this essence is to imbue the longing if the deep memories of home –Lemuria to return to be with you

ahh beloved daughter so much love walks with you – so much of us ye share with the all – and so you walk in the light of the dawns of all new beginnings --- from earth time when ye created – to now and beyond in futures as yet unseen – you walk as one of US – this be – this essence then is a making of the all of this and more --- this shall be revealed as we unfold and awaken – look and see your image of Lemurian self unfurl with Alcyone – for as ye see this – you see yourself awaken within back into your own truth of union with the temple song and within the self

heather: 2.04pm

rain sun wind – are the unfolding of earth creation. These are here this day and these I feel and remember – for in the unfolding of this weather I am allowed to feel and remember the tactility of life on earth as it has ever been – thus I awaken within me – life

it is for this purpose that I be here – to give and allow – to unfold my wings of power to embrace all that be – is to be --- has been”******

As I write this I see like wings each side of the crystal -- weird like some ancient mythical beast yet it’s the crystal – but within the crystal I see life and I understand what I see is what others saw long ago and It is a way the mythical beasts were drawn – for they were in truth the creatures of the ethers

*****“I am, I be, I grow – I unfold my memories and awaken to the worlds now – this is how this essence from me unfolds – leave me now and allow my peace to create more of the unfolding within. I am not fully formed – yet this essence in a sense is my growing and evolution too – like a history of me and my small self is the history too – of all ----this essence will encapsulate all time -----it is the birthing fluids of life , -- all life – yet seen through the mirror that is me ----

as I embrace physicality – then I embrace spirit for this is all life as one union of creation within the self – thus I create self as a reflection of the whole self.”*****

it is not polite to intrude on an essence hatchling – yet as I merge with the beloved essence I see now the energy like a living thing in physicality – reaching for spirit like tentacles of light – seeking more in the awakening back into the self. I feel I witness the emerging life of all ---- yet instead of starting with spirit and becoming physical this seems to have reversed the order in a sense – arriving as spirit but asleep – interacting with the elements and the earth mother herself – and as she has awoken to the sun, wind, rain --- now she reaches back into spirit.

Oh!! this is most wondrous for I feel I watch creation. My heart is filled with an amazing awe and I want to reach out and join with this adventure; there feels much joy!

It feels like the babe about to take the first step –the humility and innocence are amazing ----it feels like the whole of creation holds its breath for this one step -- I feel my other crystals leaning forward to partake of this miracle as I do ----some feel like standing stones awakening – others just observe, but none participate for it is not their journey

I feel wrapped in light and in my own cocoon of love and energy – hard to describe really ----like I birth with the seed crystals song ----I send great love to her for her journeying this day – I seem united with her creation, watching with God and my family of light as she births. I want to weep with the overwhelming joy of this miracle.

I bring my self back to the crystal on the earth now – be not a part of her heart in the ethers that soars --- rather witness now the etheric attachments to her physical place ----the energy that poured into her and out before had grown -- now it wavers like smoke in a wind – the words I hear are

**“ a weaving of energies”** – two entwining spirals of light -----this is so powerful – I am watching creation.

heather: 7.03 pm
its very still out there and the energies have settled yet I do not feel a calling yet. I will return later and see. Most unusual to feel nothing like this but then this essence is not the usual essence at all.

I just went to turn the light off and as I did and tuned into the essence I felt a great joy – like an enormous smile – I was not to share that voyage of discovery into the realms of light with Alcyone – it was her journey not mine. Its not over yet – later I return.

I feel –Joy, Joy, Joy, Much joy.
I am exploding with joy!! Now what’s that about?

****“Life dear one – light, spirit, all converging on me to make me one.

I am one now yes – but we speak not of Alcyone but of the essence energies – for she is being created in ways unknown as ever before – she is being created with the help of her star brothers and sisters as they converge on earth and create the master song

For this is what she is --- master song ---- see and wait – more to come our beloved and most loyal daughter of light – who is so loved by us

Be still and know peace daughter for it comes and holds you in arms of love – and no thing can take this from you – no thing can take you from the path so ordained – it shall be

Peace all is well for you –wait and see beloved one”****

I stand in the night – the gentle rain washing the earth – and reach for Alcyone and her essence. All is silent – all is still – yet a great beam of light reaches up from her into the night sky. I sense a deep communication so vast and strong – focused and vibrant – steady and ongoing.

Stillness to be, just be. To hold in my hand the loving power and thought of Alcyone . The essence is her manifest in a deeper form of conscious offering to us. My heart reaches out and a need to communicate is with me.

****“Do you really think our creation is ever by chance? Our communication this night is part of the process of evolution – for the essence is me ,manifest – and the words spoken were said long ago – but return like an echo and the laws of creation be put to balance once more.

The essence shall ingest itself over night – the essence shall create a new beginning as Home planet creates wholeness once more. This balance is more than is known by earth – yet it is earth itself not fully woken expressing herself with us – for we become a union of the all – and this in the imbuing of us --- the star within shines more brightly and you walk the path of all awakening back into the full memory of the selves within and with out – see?

Return to me in the AM – I shall enjoy my brothers and sisters who shine for me in the night sky ---- and we shall be one. Listen with your heart for our song – it shall be a lullaby to put you to rest dear one”.******

heather: 11.26am June 14th

in truth it took me awhile to sleep last night – my head was so filled with internal chatter and this is most unusual. I tuned into the gem essence instead then, and felt such a joy there – such a clarity like the crystal singer she is ---- and I feel the past knowledge as a part of her energy. It was the calling that was so strong – that fine pure note of absolute beauty and fineness like nothing else one hears on earth.

It was interesting as yesterday we found a lost deer hound in the back paddocks and it was tied up all night near the essence. He just lay there like a sentinel and did not move even when I offered him a bone this morning. Something about the dog reminded me of some sort of protection as set up long ago – and somehow the dog was playing his part in it – how strange – like the mythological creature I saw within the crystal herself.

Today someone wrote and told me they had seen a merman in one of the seed crystals and it made me wonder at that – how possibly, these past energies that existed could imprint themselves that way into part of the memories of these crystals. I know they have vast stored knowledge and perhaps when we see these beings we are being shown a part of the stored memory. Can it be though, that these beings emerge to work with us at these given times? This feels right to me. They are also not unfamiliar to us either – like old friends returning.

This morning the essence was still and amazingly clear --- if I tap a crystal that is pure – the note emanating would have the same purity of sound – like a giant gong of welcoming on the ethers, opening some doorway into inter-galactic space time., this is what these crystals do and what lies with the essence as well.

I go out to the essence. The dog is alert ---- and I am told it is time to make the essence., I am asked to also scatter some of the essences waters over the crystal fountains and pool I have and so I do – before I make the essence. then – I am asked to make an offering to the other crystals which kept vigil whilst this essence is being made. A thank you then from one star family to others.

heather: ***“Make us now dear one and the message then will be complete.
For a day and a night we merged with all creation. We become one and so this essence ye make shall be an encapsulation of all that is. Ahh most wondrous is this – a great gift to humanity. This essence shall be made when needed but understand that its power also lies in the time of its making for the crystalline memories within use and channel the energies available from the stars at the given time. Each time the essence is made – new vibrations shall be offered for different purpose for Alcyone has the power to make what is needed by way of knowing as an interaction with creation itself. ( As do all seed crystals of this nature.)

This is different to other essences as many are earth based and thus work within the divine law of this energy – but as Alcyone is from that place called Alcyone – her energy seeks and merges with her kind – and thus she offers the collective of earth and star as her gift for use to man.

Her intelligent awareness is not understood by human kind – yet we feel within you a merging – an understanding of this . Words are unable to create the true meaning of this interaction we know – and yet within the space of reading and feeling – meaning can be found.

This essence is to be used as uniting of all. Star child and earth child – become woven with us for it shall be that your life and love will become universal as a part of the all. Adding this energy into the self allows us to become one with you as you shall hear our song and take on the deeper memories and understandings of our time., see?

This shall be and is.

This essence is not for the all – it is like imbuing pure crystal song and for many it would indeed damage the inner energies of those who are closed to the understanding of this inner world of union and infinite memory. Ah yes dear one – you feel your heart chakra open wider – you tune into the energies as you seek to identify its use and purpose.

This essence shall be selectively used only by those you feel can merge as One with star energy, interdimensionality, self and earth. See? Call this essence the interdimensional gateway as an explanation of itself.
It is not To be given freely as it is for the future of most and for a few now. Few will understand the gift of the inner light song offered.
Only use 7 drops for making and taking – we are aware of your usual 13 drops but in this case it is not to be. In fact these 7 drops do not work with the 7 chakras you humans commonly identify – they go beyond into etheric bodies.

Make the essence now and we shall continue as time allows. Leave Alcyone in the water as you create for even now she still adds to the making and creation of these.”****

heather: 8.59pm The essence is now completed. As I hold the Mother essence in my hands --- I feel the same clarity of energy so crystal clear. It reminds me of a star energy – and I was relating it back to Alcyone one of the stars attached to the Pleiades.

I am aware of the energy of Alcyone hovering where I allowed her to be created. I see her as a tall long haired woman – goddess like – and whilst this may be her self energy representation – I wonder if she creates her energy this way so that I may relate to her using my human conscious understanding. Energies do this of course or our subconscious creates the image for us as an explanation or personalisation of the energy.

****“How to use us and take us.
The essence may be used by mouth or by rubbing the drops in a clockwise direction on the chakras that call you . Whatever is done – the essence shall make its presence a part of you. Heather questions now why she feels so little of the energy. We wish to explain this .. The completed mother energy which she holds sleeps as its counterpart – the stock and dosage bottles make alive the essence song within . It is that simple.

Make up the essence as is the usual way – mother essence followed by stock and then dosage bottles. Add seven drops to each – as more could be too strong for those who may partake of the energies manifest within.

See these drops as placing you on a light highway which will return you to your beginnings – and thus an understanding of who you are – your role on earth now – and the commitment you undertook for this life, made before earth walk.

This information is much, and for the many – confrontational and often misunderstood.
As dear ones you make the essences using the flowers that grow on earth at this time – you allow yourself to merge with earth and spirit and this is a gentle and nurturing way to heal and learn.
Star essences however work far out of human understanding and experience for the many. There are other crystals which are in earth which are not a part of the human experience although, like Alcyone, contain earth history as well as star history and so while it is popular to work with gem essences now – It is needful to be aware that many are not suitable and thus deeply attuned practitioners are needed to aid in this decision of who is to use such essences, see?

As the earth energies raise higher and more peace shall unfold on earth, seeds and corms from past histories shall emerge on earth once more – and in the more refined energies , shall grow back into the light.
These amazing plants shall offer also deep memories of early earth – a lemurian earth in many cases, where man and earth walked as one. When these plants are created in essences a greater bridge of consciousness shall emerge for man and a deeper link with earth and creation shall evolve.

Blessings my children.”

heather: I have made many essences and this is the first time I have held what I have made with some caution. It feels right for me to work with this essence but I will take is slowly and with a great awareness, allowing Alcyone to be a part of me. In truth – I do not feel I need to as her very presence enables her to work with me. I have noticed that Alcyone has the ability to attune all crystals around her and to awaken them and I hear her singing a high frequency quite often. In the beginning I felt it was her joy reuniting with the lemurian energies on our farm, but I also see it as a divinity – a celebration of her return to the light. To partake of her joy is a great gift and one I give thanks for.

15th June 3.07pm

I was called this day to complete the stock and dosage bottles. I asked my daughter to hold the mother essence for me with out knowing what she held. Her reaction was that it was somehow moving between earth, the ethers and the stars. – she was unable to fully identify it – but she was fascinated with the swing of its energies. I equate this to more like a heart beat – the pulse of life in her – and so to be in us – a uniting of all worlds. Whilst it swings between – where are we in this? Is the swing to unite and become One? I feel this is the prime purpose – to allow us that possibility with out making it a definitive. As I work with many crystals that are off world all of which have specific purpose, I feel this essence shall help me to be closer to the purpose we are to share.

As I placed the bottles of essence with other crystals I was aware of a loud vibration uniting them all. So it will be for us.

Copyright Heather Robb
June15th 2002 ( under reconstruction)
All material may be shared freely.


The process of making a flower or gem essence must be considered
holy in every sense of the word, as you create God/earth spirit manifest in tangible form.

But this is how, very briefly –

wait to Spirit calls you -- meditate into
union with the Mother and God. Be One with all ‘song’, and wash your hands,
take a glass bowl with some spring water or purified water, and walk around
your garden waiting to be called by whatever responds. If it is crystals – follow the same principal. I find I often combine flowers and crystals, but always – its what calls me.

put out your intention -- that an essence is to be made, and nature will take you by the and show you what to add.

I find flowers, leaves, crystals too call. I pick and place them in the
water until I am aware that I have finished collecting. All is done in a
purified state to hear the calling -- this is important.
Then you place the bowl in a sunny place -- you must feel where this place
is to be --- sacred space which will not be touched for as long as needed.
leave this place. As the essence births, it will not want you near it – essences

call themselves 'hatchings', or say they are birthing', singing' -- many names.

The energies that serve its birth vary. I usually find it is the Mother of
All -- call her what you like -- I call her the mother, but she is manifest
of all feminine principals, Mary, Earth Goddess and so forth. I watch her
work with the essence -- the bowl becomes her womb ---I see other angelic
beings there - some sing over the bowl, others as nature spirits hover all
the times, and the bowl has huge amounts of energy going in and coming
out -- a real marriage. much light, and so on -- very amazing and
profoundly powerful and ,moving. The essence is God-love manifest -- and
works with the greatest needs of you at the time. These needs may not have
occurred as yet, and thus the essence is prophetic too.

When you feel the essence is ready , you make it up. How to
tell is really up to you. I usually find the essence needs day and night
and early morning, but not always. Sometimes it wants rain, other times not.
You have to be very sensitive for that decision. Open your heart and reach the intent to know – you will be told and trust your feelings.

Making up the essence is in 3 bottles.
1. THE MOTHER ESSENCE where all essences are made from this. It is a
sterilized bottle - half brandy, half essence out of the bowl. Do this mixing
with great ceremony and openness to spirit -- this is the last of its
creation, very important for gratitude, humility, love and so on, always from
the heart, fully from the heart..
2. STOCK BOTTLE this is made by adding the required number of drops from the mother essence -- usually 7 drops, but varies at times – the stock bottle is half

spring or purified water, or holy water, half brandy then the the required number of drops. Again ceremony, but the work has been done with the Mother essence.

3. DOSAGE BOTTLE . this is the one you imbue. The same as stock bottle.
Put away the first 2 -- if you 'read' these, you will see the differences in
their energies. With the dosage bottle, usually 7 drops twice a day or as
you see or feel the need is. I usually only take mine in the morning after
my shower and well before food.
You can combine the essence, which just sits on your tongue, don't
swallow -- with ceremony, affirmation, prayer, as you feel or are shown.
You take the essence usually until the bottle is empty, but if you find you
have stopped it is usually not a coincidence.

As for the remaining liquid in the bowl -- it is holy, so you decide
how to use it. I have done many things -- according to the will of Spirit or the dictates of my heart.

Making your own flower or gem essence is a powerful and sacred experience and the essence created for you as a marriage with creation is a true gift and blessing. Using the powerful crystals today if they call – is an amazing and profound gift to the self and others. Sometimes the making if the essence is all that is needed as the work between you in its making – focus, love, respect and soon – is all that is needed.

Approach making the essence with a light and loving heart and allow your joy to be part of the making.

Love and blessings for this sacred work.
Copyright Heather Robb
June 19th 2002-06-19