Poems by magicheart


~The Eagle Warrior~




I ride for life,
hearing the stories around fires
of the night
I come from shadows,
where directions and wind are One.
I am the Heart of this land,
with the  gifts
for the living
and respect for the dead.
I ride into the wind,
holding sacred talons
of the mystical.

I am the Earth,
as I ride into the Great Mystery
the bones of the past
welcome me.
They tell me of dust and smoke
from old fires,
the ashes of long ago
from wandering Spirits
and their ideas of man.

Circle of Spirit
is my war shield
that protects my words.
Feathers and bones
wrapped in leather
are thongs
that make it real.
I have traveled far,
as I am the Mystery of the Creator

bringing much wisdom
and food for the soul.



~Path of Spirit~

The rhythm here is a tangled web
of color and light,
coming forward in your dreams
where Magic is a way of life
and where drifting winds begin.
Spirit is the path
that comes from the heart,
showing beauty
from the birds soaring in the sky.
They are the flight
taught by the words of ancestors,
as they drift on currents
of faraway dreams.
They are from old wisdom
of silent faces and gentle eyes,
born in the valley
of the wizard with no name.
Traveling the winds of the future
they will see the land
as the home of the magical,
incantations of the Spirit within.

Here you can turn the monsters
to blue diamonds with your breath,
or flip a silver dollar in the air
and watch as it flies away.

It is the path that calls to your heart
where you can learn old wisdom.





~They are Spirits~


Show me the winds
as they bring the breath of the Creator.
Show me the moon
who guards the dreamtime of life.
Show me the animals as they run
with freedom.
Show me the birds that fly
with wings of the Sacred World.

They are the Spirits
that come in the night,
whispering quiet words
and ways to live.

Wise ones of the past
hear my prayers of simple things,
show me a world of feelings
that tell me of the Great Mystery
and the Sacred Circle.
Bring me colors of neon wishes
on winds of the past,
lessons of swirling change
and the hidden language of Heart.

There is life in the smallest dust
and wisdom in the mountains,

its trees have seen much
as they shelter shadows.

Show me the Spirits of Life.




~Eyes of the Wolf~


Eyes of the Wolf,
piercing gaze into your soul
looking beyond the curtain.
A force of the mystical,
Searching into the Heart
becoming the teacher
of the legacy before you.
Hidden howling in the twilight
of their haunting words
will bring you face to face
with the truth of life.
Dreaming comes with subtle edges,
to a world

in your Heart.
Hear the words
of the Wolf.
War shield
of the lands
are here.
Speaking to the heart
as the moon and stars
speak to the soul.

Eyes of the Wolf
become your destiny,
they live life of your dreams
and become life of living.

they know life
is in all
it is from the Spirit, and the

Spirit is in all




~Trail of Tears~


Sunken eyes of great sadness
look out  upon the trail,
screaming Eagle skies are silent
over the wandering ghosts,
they touch this  world of mystery
and confusion of the Heart.

Winds pierce the eyes
creating lonely tears of curtains,
these ice needles from hell
make the children march forward,
over the cold dust of some
lost dream that they had last night.

Blind one with tired eyes
walking on broken bones and stones,
her life is quiet questions of no color
a shadow of Heart and soul in conflict,
hers is one that will not be broken
but will rise to the stars and moon.

Eyes are the Spirit wisdom of strength,
tunnels to the soul of mankind
found in the drums and songs of nature,
becoming known from the fire stories
burning in the words of the old winds

while engulfing the wicked trickster.





~Eagle Whistle ~

Hear the calling of the eagle whistle,
from the distance it is the rhythm of spirits
that dance in my prayers,
I am quiet
as I close my eyes.
I hear the whistle as it echoes
in the holy canyons,
with the secrets that have seen forever
and live in the words of man.
When you look beyond
and see the meaning
that is written in the stars
the spirit in creation will appear,
these sounds will touch your breath.
You will know that you breathe the truth,
it has come from your ancestors
who have seen the creator
and arrive on these sounds of the profane.





~The Dance of Red Crow~
dedicated to skyheart

The dance of red crow
is the one of the great buffalo,
whirling dust of magic on the wind,
touched by humble compassion.

He would show you the puzzle,
the life of the red road.

Why there was hate and war,
as you hear the words of forgiveness
and go quietly to your secret place,
listen to the wind and feel the stars.

This is a safe place to talk with trees,
and play with the animals in the forest.

You are the spirit of the dancing shaman
as you breathe his magic dust,
while he gives you the gifts of wonder,
feelings in the dreams you chase.

As you travel this red road of courage,
you will see the holes of life,
filled by the magic dust of red crow,
as he whirls and disappears.








"Brave Warrior"

A young brave makes his first journey in becoming a 
great brave warrior. 
This piece reflects the power of the spirit 
from such a man exhalts.