"Smudge and Fan"



The word smudge, meaning,

"Smokey Fire",

is a powerful tool.

It cleanses and purifies the body,


or ceremony and healing area.

Smoke is half way between

matter and Spirit.

We can see it but not truly touch it.

As it gently floats into the air,

taking our prayers into the realm of Spirit.

The fan is used to waft the smoke

toward a person or area.

The fan representing

the sweeping away of negativities.

Most commonly used herbs

for smudging in the native way;





There are many kinds of sage, or Salvia.

Each indigenous to different

areas here on Turtle Island.

The most common one being

white sage. Masculine in nature,

and should not be used by women on

their moon time, nor by people with liver

problems. On the moon time to smudge

with a masculine herb may block you from

being receptive to the feminine energies.





Cedar may be used on the moon time.

Feminine in nature and will enhance

your receptivity at such a powerful time.

It is also mixed with sage to create a

balanced mixture, having both male

and female qualities.





Juniper when burned will chase out

unwanted spirits, entities and

negative thought forms.

The pungent scent and vibration

repelling the negativities

and clearing the body, the home,

or ceremony and healing area.




Sweet Grass

So heavenly and light the

vibration of this sweet smelling herb.

Sweet grass is used to call in the spirits.

They like the high vibration and are

attracted to it.

After cleansing and purifying

the body or ceremony or healing area,

sweet grass can then be used

to attract the healing spirits.





Copal is a fragrant resin.

Copal, like frankincense is an aromatic gum.

Often gathered from trees hit with lightening,

these places becoming sacred

because of the Thunder Beings.

Copal has properties that positively

influence the immune response in the body.




In my healing work I use herbs to cleanse

and purify both the person

and the area to be used.

We smudge once again,

to clean our selves off after our

healing work has been done.

I also use it to cleanse and purify a home,

as the smoke washes away the negativities.

Leaving the home clear and pure once again.









"Smoke Spirit"