"Rattle and Drum"




Sacred ceremony and healings

are usually done using sound.

Be it the heart beat of the drum,

the shaking of a rattle

or a power song sung to the Creator,

music moves our souls.

Maybe it is because of the

etheric sounds of nature

or the sacred songs of the trees.

Maybe because like the spirits,

you can not

touch it,

or see it,

but yet,

still you can feel it with~in your soul.




Music can also take us away,

or alter a bad day,

by bringing us joy in a lilting tune.

Music can call the spirits,

sing praise to the stars,

and can take you to far away places.

Music and tones also cause deep healing

to occur when used collectively

with healing ceremonies.

Music can cleanse



and objects,

and banish unwanted spirits

the same way that smudge can.

With sound a healer can enter the dream

and slip beyond the ordinary

fabric of this world.

The healer can journey to other worlds

the drumbeat

carrying her to another awareness,

to induce deeper healing.

Drums, rattles, and bells can be

used to dowse for sickness.

Sound can also be used to disperse

stuck life energy.

In the healing ceremony I use drum and rattles.

And soon to come

singing bowls

and tuning forks.









"Distant Drums"