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I have two important things to share and they are meant only to help all People to become Stronger. I know that when you love someone, you correct them (like when we correct our Children); for if we didn't correct them, we would be saying we weren't interested in their well being, and we would show we didn't care for them and we wouldn't be demonstrating our love for them. We need to correct one and other, in Love.

So in Love...



For years sitting in 'Healing Circles' and listening to others teach the Medicine Wheel (my Father told me all of the teachings in the Universe could be taught through the Wheel, Mandela of Life, Sacred Hoop, that is why it is such a Sacred Gift). I listened and watched as people used the words (and still do today), Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental. These four words really bother me! For they come from a place of weakness...or negative thought...powerless and dis-empowering words. When Teaching and Studying, we are trying to grow greater and stronger. We are seeking wholeness.

All students are supposed to be growing as strong as their Teachers. If your Teachers are not willing to make their students as strong as they are, then they are there to control and will not to bring healing to your Nation. Using the words Spiritual, Mental, Physical and Emotional, will keep everyone weak, and are the concepts of enemies. Reclaim the Original Power of the Medicine Wheel! Use the Words given to you by the Creator...Mind, Heart, Body and Soul!

When someone says that someone is 'Mental', what do you think about the 'mental' person? Using your Mind, understanding the Mind, or healing and focusing on the Mind, is much better, than implying that one is crazy through the use of the negative connotations the word 'mental' implies. Replacing the word 'mental' with the word 'Mind' implies that you are capable and have a 'mind' and that you can understand the teachings to be shared in a Healing Circle. You are trying to develop your 'Mind' and raise your consciousness, to a greater height. You are to elevate your 'Mind' to a greater understanding.

When someone says, "you are 'Emotional'" (especially in reference to Women), they immediately imply weakness, most often meaning, "you have 'lost it or you are crazy"'. This also establishes for themselves a position of (false) power. Instead of understanding, the person using the term 'emotional' immediately enhances your weaknesses, purposely implying that you are 'less' than they are, a position that was already established through your reaching out to them. This action makes you more dependent upon their council, than you were when you entered the Healing Circle, to ensure that you will come back to them over and over (a matter of monetary gain and not one of concern for your Healing). To have Heart is to feel love, have courage and understand pride. To share the knowledge or feelings of the Heart, to heal a broken Heart, is much better than implying that one is 'emotional' at the beginning of a Circle. Using the term Heart, leaves those with Heart intact and whole, never implying that weakness is inherent. This allows everyone to build on the Strengths they have, which is the purpose of sharing what they hold in their Heart. In this way, we share knowledge and strengthen the Nation.

The term 'Physical' implies belonging to 'physics'...more of a scientific term and Man made concept of the 'civilized' world, implying dissection or specialization of parts, in order to study the 'Body', rather than Creator Given concept of 'Body' (Primitive or Original concept of Oneness). The Creator and our Mother, the Earth gives us our Bodies. You are a Spirit flowing through a 'Body'…not a Spirit flowing through a Physical! In using the word 'Body' when teaching or studying the Medicine Wheel, we can include the Body we share in; the greater 'Body' of Consciousness or the 'Body' of Oneness. We can learn about the 'Body' of Knowledge, which made us matter to the Universe. It is the knowledge the 'Tree' contains that makes it matter to this world, so to with Mankind. Without knowledge you do not matter or have a 'body' to adhere to. We learn about the human 'Body' which is likened/lichen unto the Universe, which is the 'body' of God. There is also the knowledge of All the other Bodies we are related to…the Heavenly Body; the Earth, Sun and Moon, planets and stars. Our Spirit is borne and flows through all these 'Body's' of Light, to become who we are. Then there are all our Brothers and Sisters; the Plants, Trees, Animal, etc., these are all Spirits flowing through Bodies, in the 'Body' of Oneness.

The term 'Spiritual' is always good, but when used with three negative connotations, it makes the word or the person labeled 'Spiritual' look bad and those people that see 'Spirits' as "different or unusual, and maybe a little nuts". All Native People were 'Spiritual Beings' and lived in Harmony with all life. Being 'Spiritual' was what made us 'Whole or Holy' Beings. Holy People are not Saints. Saints are made by Mankind. The Great Spirit, the Creator God, through His Holy Spirit, is the Only One that can make one Holy. Becoming holy is not like winning a personality contest. One can become Holy, when they understand the the Order of the Universe and can live in Harmony with All Life and ultimately, when one can please the Creator God.

In 'Healing' (not curing, meat is cured), we are supposed to be assisting one and other, on their journey to Wholeness or as in 'Plains' tradition, we are to become Holy People. Wholeness is what makes one completely Healthy. This is what everyone should strive for. We need to take back the Power in our Words. We heal, to become Balanced. Then we will have healthy Hearts, Minds, Bodies and Souls and become the Pride of our People and our Nation. Healing brings Wholeness, Wholeness causes True Pride in Oneself and brings Oneness through our healing to our Nations. If we don't start Teaching the Medicine Wheel from a place of Strength, a Positive place, how will we ever become the True Teachers of All the Nations of Earth, the way the Prophecy's have foretold?

As Teachers and Students to one and other, understand the Power of Words, and the Power of Intent, and how that Power can be used to cause Good or Evil. Help bring Strength back to the Medicine Wheel. A strong Medicine Wheel teaches how to align the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul...not how to align the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Strive to become Whole and Holy People!


In the Spirit of Sharing,


Lightening Woman


Universal Medicine Wheel Teaching

This is a Universal Medicine Wheel Teaching and is meant to show that there is ONLY ONE CREATOR GOD and ONE FAMILY OF GOD! We were placed on the Earth in Four Original Tribes and All People were originally Native to the Earth. We were originally given the same teachings, with different perspectives. We all need to share our knowledge with one and other, so that we All might Grow Greater in Spirit. The Creator does not hold one Nation above another and sent messengers to All Nations. Everyone was given Medicine Wheels, Mandela's, Sacred Circle Teachings, to learn about their relationship to All Life.

Everyone also was given personal medicine and you can find yours on the wheel, but personal and Tribal (Cree, Hopi, Mandan) medicine is GEOGRAPHICALLY aligned and for the greatest understanding depends on the age of your Spirit.

This teaching is meant to help you gain a larger (multi-dimensional) perspective and a Universal view of your relationship with the rest of Creation. Take your time to learn the circles within the circles. This Spiritual Teaching is something some people work on during an entire lifetime...be patient. Enjoy!


Medicine Wheel Chart and Teaching

WRITTEN BY Paula Johnstone

Lightening Woman



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