"Moon Sun Sky and  Earth"




    "Aura Moon"    



Poems by Jonathan Middleton



~Meeting Of The Moon~

Moon light moon bright
Oh wonderous eye of the night
She who guides my pen at night
With her all inspiring light
So soft and loving is her gaze
With her arms draped across the land
Softly, silvery covering all I see
With dreams of silvery gold you see.





~Sunlit dusk~

On this first dusk of this special day
Through the blackness of the shade
I saw her slowly consume the sun
The clouds did part for all to see
I witnessed beauties truest greenery
And the surrealism of pure flowers
Closing vibrantly for the sunlit dusk
As shadows quivered upon the floor
Deathly cold yet warm and bright
Till the very air became alive
Yet gone to soon, but still endures
Somewhere even today within a thought
I’m still there watching to this day

Seeing the moon slowly eat the sun.




~Sunset Hill~

From upon the hill tops
We see the suns final wave
As she dips beyond the worlds edge
Her shadow is pale in comparison
To her brighter part of day
The trees alive in the golden heat
The clouds like giant strawberries
Floating lazily in the sky’s Flowering pink giving way
To sky’s so copper blue When its seen its never sad
When seen with vacant eyes
You’ll always seem to find O so bright a twinkled light
Lets you know its all right.



~Guiding Light~

Moonlit clouds roll carelessly by
In the distance I see her shinning
Oh the moon always is she smiling
She is so bright she lights the night
The clouds do shimmer in her glimmer
As she sleeps upon my pen at night
She turns it to a silver quiver
Which of course does bring a tear
When she dreams upon my quiver
She takes me up by the hands
Leads me out into the still night
She dresses my pillow with silver light
And gives to me my dreams at night
She drops these words upon my soul.



~Moon Goddess~

The dark warrior rides his shadowy horse
He has followed me down my sacred trails
Once more he comes to claim his trophy
He has come to take my weary heart
My one, my own, my only home,
Won the wars he did, but not the tide
The tide was hers, the sacred moon
She gave me a sword to stand and fight
She made me whole, so I am one
One with heart and stone
I will not fight I will not lose
For she is my sword and I am her yield.




~Begins The Night~

As I gaze out past the distant houses
All dark and shiny to the coming night
Bands of dust from eye to eye cuts off the sky
Wisps of deepest blue come filtering through
To begin once more the dance
Growing ever darker as it fly's on high
Where jet streams scar the sky’s

And marks the coming of twilight
A call goes out to attend the show
As the stars come out one by one
First one to announce the coming dance
Until the others show face and take up place.
Begin again the nights processional dance.




~Teacher Moon~

Here I sit once more embracing night
Soft moonlight dropping words upon my soul
As she inspires my heart and mind to grow
Softly rhythmically though the cycles of her days
tonight's she's but a crescent hanging up on high
Like a lonely glowing tear drop in the sky
She rides the light of day at times
She sometimes sleeps and hides her face
yet always is she queen, the mistress of my dream
She who lets us dream awake and in our sleep.



~Vision Star~

Did you see the moon last night
A sight for the soul it was to see
Orion laying, listening by her side
No clouds to hide there embrace
Sirius the brooch that fell from her robes
The galaxy’s the flow and curls to her hair

Cast off, earth and ocean became her shoes
As the seven sisters whispered word to the wind
Cancer and Gemini played hand in hand
As Pegasus dived and flew in the air
Cassiopeia Danced and sang so lightly
Lifting me upward in my vision of stars.



~Night Of The Luna~

Day turns to night as the soft twilight kisses the daylight
The wind dies down the fog creeps in
frost crystals cover and blanket the ground
Making it sparkle, a sea of stars upon the earth
The air comes alive to the beat of the moons light
And the shadow crosses her face the moon bleeds red
The gateway opens and she pours her energy down upon the earth
Patterns shift and sway by this red light
The wolf howls to the blood red moon, calling out to the Luna children
Come feel me and take my hand and walk within the night.



~Magic Sky’s~


The sky’s are gray and dis-confused,

Vacantly full of rain they deliver there bounty
Down slowly, softly to the silent earths below,
Where mans quietly unaware of the secret magic
That falls from above, the blessings of raindrops,
Flowing for the soul, and flowers to help it grow
Let the heart dance in the heat of the downpour
And take its magic to cleanse and wash the soul.
Taste the sweet tears of the Goddess as they fall
Feel her soft wet touch that soothes the essence
For each teardrops heaven sent within a drop of rain
Sent to kiss the earth, nourish body mind and soul.

~Patterns in Starlight~

Reach up and touch the stars with your eyes
All you ever need to wake is waiting up there
For it is the night, the light of the ancient ones
The phoenix bird that is now coming home
Their twinkles are a message pulsing out a rhythm
For the heart and soul to decipher in time
A map to the blue print we carry sleeping inside.
Millions of whispers quietly speaking of eons past
A billion life times do they hold within there grasp
Of stars, Of hope, Of dreamy stellar consistency
A time when grass had not yet felt our footsteps
Mankind was but pure energy growing in a seed pod
The weavings of the golden dream began to take its form
Whispers echo out and now begin to talk in ripples
Builders begin to spin and weave the bodies tapestry
Seven times was the cosmic thread passed though us
Each point a portal vortex to a higher dimension
The pieces fit together and link us to the stars
Showing fully mapped the many faces of creation.


~Call Of The Moon~

Do you hear her calling?
She whispers out your name
As she glides across the sky’s

In a shiver you’ll hear here cry’s

Behind the beating of your own heart
Our tribal ancestry is calling out
From a ancient song now waking
Asking for a singing vessel
In the here and now.


~New Moon Calling~

Approaching seasons of the new moon
Even in day I know by smell of the air
By the increasing intensity in shivers
As the sun dips slowly away.
The new moon is forever calling
Calling of my future learning
A distant reflection of my past
She always says to build anew.
The moon is forever whispering
Come to me and take this dream
Feel the moonbeams touch your skin
What you see is what you are.
The moon all through her cycles
Teaches to be of the seasons
A message buried within the surf
The pull upon the earth.



~Cliff Of Dreams~

From the high pass
I looked down on you
A green pointed outcrop
To which we would camp
But first I would fear you
With no reason to blame
Been in the city’s so long

yet in no time at all
I re-learned to embrace you
For three days and nights;
I called you my home
With wind, waves and lightning
seagulls, thunder and rain
As did I become one
With the cliff top of dreams.



~Wind Spirit~

Outside the wind softly blows
Reaching, curling round the window pane
To enter the inner temple sanctum
stretching out I meet the breeze halfway
Fingers open to the winds sensual touch
Around my hands to coil up my arm
Creeping, over through my clothing
Slowly, purposely like a snake
It shivers all around my neck
Only to puff up, bite me on the ear
So I can heart the wisdom of the wind
Be it cursing through my being
Blowing silently ever onward.












"Earth and Sky"