The Reiki Ideals
Just for today, I will let go of my anger.

Just for today, I will let go of my worry.

Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.


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Reiki First Degree


How Reiki energy works

The emotional aspects of healing with Reiki

Working with the Aura

Reiki for Self Healing

Sensations of heat in your hands.


Working with Chakras

Reiki Second Degree

General Info

Second Degree Healing Hands On

Reiki Second Degree Practices

Absentee Healing 

Communicating with the sub-conscious in a healing 

Understanding the concept of sickness on a spiritual level 

Clearing Houses with the power of Reiki 2nd Degree 



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Reiki First Degree


When taught properly with love, dedication and commitment Reiki will transform your life for the better. Reiki is a form of Spiritual energy that was rediscovered by a wonderful man named Dr Usui in the early nineteenth century. He was searching for healing that could work with humans on the physical level. However, what he did discover was a formula for healing both the body and the spirit.

Dr Usui was the founder of The Reiki being taught today. Dr Usui believed that there was more to life than what he had been taught. He understood the teachings of the bible and of Buddhism but he believed there was more that he could learn. He travelled in search of this wisdom. Eventually he ended up meditating on a mountain for twenty-one days. On the 21st day he was hit with a beam of light that struck him on his forehead. This was the light of awakening. This light opened him to the parallels and different dimensions where beings of great wisdom and knowledge lived. These beings knew that he was looking for a formula and wisdom that could help people to heal in a natural way. They say that these beings showed him sacred symbols that were written in ancient Sanskrit. They showed him what these symbols represented when applied on a spiritual level. They then attuned him to the powers of Reiki.

On that day, Dr Usui brought the power of the universe down to the children of Mother Earth. Heaven had connected to earth. From that day on, the power of the great awakening had begun. They say that when he made his way down the mountain he tripped and fell, hurting his ankle. Instinctively he placed his hands on his ankle and immediately the swelling and pain went down. That was the first miracle of Reiki.

Making his way to a tavern, he sat down and asked for a large bowl of food. For twenty-one days he had fasted, and eating a large amount of food straight away would be harmful to him. However, when he ate, nothing happened. That was the second miracle of Reiki.

At the tavern, the owner's daughter was in great pain because of a toothache. Dr Usuiís hands began to get warm and he asked her if he could place his hands on the area that was causing her pain. As soon as he did this the pain vanished. This was the third miracle of Reiki.

Dr Usui now believed without a doubt that something had taken place up there on the mountain. Dr Usui spent the rest of his life working with people, doing healings and teaching other Masters and students how to work with Reiki. He did not have any real format or structure, it was Dr Hayashi who gave it itís format and structure and then passed it on to Takarta who took Reiki out to the world. Since then the power of Reiki has grown and evolved with the passing down of the Reiki. With each student and new Master, the Reiki energy grows and awakens even more wisdom and knowledge that has been denied us for so long.

Reiki is both hands on healing and also absentee healing. When Reiki is applied with dedication and commitment miracles can and do happen.

When working with Reiki energy on a person you find that you can lower stress within their body. Stress is the major factor for illness in our society today. Stress and worry can cause the mind to break down which can cause illness to the body. With Reiki hands on healing, we are able to help a person lower their stress levels, which in turn helps them to control their level of worry, fear and stress and when we do that, a person is able to think straight and focus on positive outcomes in their lives.

Have you notice that when you are at peace with your personal world illness does not invade you as much as when you are worried or stressed out? Reiki healings can provide that level of healing to improve your life.

When someone is diagnose with a serious and life threatening illness there is a real fear and a sense of failure within themselves. You begin to feel like life has betrayed you in some way. With Reiki we are able to help a person feel good about themselves, to help them combat the fear and worry. Reiki will relax them and open them up on both a physical and spiritual level. Reiki helps you to believe that your life is worthy. When your confidence is high and your levels of stress, worry and fear are regulated then you are able to fight the illness with more confidence. When some illnesses can not be healed because a disease has taken over and death is imminent Reiki can help. Reiki can heal the soul and teach the person to accept death. This can make dying a less painful event. We believe the soul lives forever and Reiki can help the person come to terms with the dying process and even bring an inner sense of peace. At the point that the soul leaves the body at death, Reiki can guide the soul to the light and into the higher levels and dimensions, which aid a person through the rebirth process.

The Reiki Ideals

Just for today let go of you worry and face the day bravely.

Just for today do your work honestly no matter whether you are a mother, or a factory worker or a businessman. Be proud of who you are and what you do.

Just for today give thanks for what life has already bestowed upon you no matter how small or how large.

Just for today have respect for those you love and for every living being and animal on our small planet. Give out kindness and kindness will be returned.

Reiki means universal life force energy. Rei meaning universal - Ki meaning life force.

There are three stages of learning with Reiki.

Blocked energy that cannot move through the body is what causes illness within a body. We need to have an even flow of energy flowing freely throughout the body to have health and well being. Reiki First Degree helps to heal the body and clears out any imbalances. Through hands on, we are able to remove any blockages.

Reiki Second Degree is much more advanced. It helps heal your body, mind and your soul on all levels. With Reiki Second Degree you can heal past and present situations in your life. You are able to set up positive outcomes to events in your life.

Reiki Third Degree is the Masterís level, here you are committed to teach Reiki to others.

Reiki can and does apply to other healing methods that are around today. You can quite safely mix Reiki with other alternative and even conventional healing. Reiki will only enhance these tools. So if you are sick, or seriously ill you must always go to your doctor or hospital. Medical science is a miracle too, just like Reiki, so when you combine Reiki with normal medical practice, you have the ultimate healing power that you can achieve.

Reiki can also be used on other living things like animals and plants.

Food also can be zapped as we say with the power of Reiki, so too can water. Reiki will do just about anything. So if you have a sick animal, you can use the power of Reiki on them to help heal and ease pain.

If a plant is dying or looking sick you can help it to revitalise and heal as well.

If your food or water tastes funny or tasteless, you can enhance their flavours by Reiking them.

Crystals can also be charged with Reiki, this is great if you use crystals for healing.

Timing has no part in true healing, but if you are on a time limit, 3-5 minutes on each area of the body will do, but try not to put a limit on Reiki, because it is intuitive healing, some areas will need more time than others.

Reiki can be used on just about anything and anyone, especially if you have done Advanced Reiki or Reiki Two as it is fondly named.

Reiki does not interfere with any religion or certain beliefs.

You cannot lose your Reiki energy. It is with you for life, even if you choose never to use it again.

You cannot do anything destructive or evil with Reiki because it comes from love and good intent.

Reiki is safe on pregnant woman, young children and the elderly. When a person has had enough of the energy the Reiki will stop. You cannot give too much Reiki.

Reiki can help to relieve stress, by making you feel calm and relaxed.

After your attunements you will find that your body may start clearing and de-toxing any chemical or emotional imbalances for up to 21 days.

Reiki itself will guide and teach you how to work with its energy. It is good to do self-healing on yourself with your Reiki, this will help you to learn all about the energy. Although Reiki cannot cause any harm to you, there are a few points that you should be aware of.

I recommend that you never do, or give yourself or another person a Reiki just before going under anaesthesia in an operation. Reiki tends to neutralise the anaesthesia rather quickly, however giving someone a Reiki after surgery can help with feelings of sickness and pain relief.

Reiki when used with people who suffer illnesses and need controlled medication, like diabetes and cancer should have their medication doses monitored while having extensive Reiki healing. This is because Reiki can help cure these diseases, and it maybe necessary to lower their doses of medication while they are having a healing treatment.


Reiki can cure and set broken bones very quickly, so be very careful when doing a healing on a person who has a broken bone. If you set the bone in the wrong position it can cause problems like out of shape limbs, which may need surgery to correct later.

Some people do not like to be touched by another person. Some of the positions we do tend to be near areas of the body that may cause alarm to the person if you have not warned them where you are putting your hands.

Before a healing, explain where you will be doing the healing positions and explain why. If they feel uncomfortable with your touch you can work about an inch above the body. Reiki is so powerful that you can give them a full Reiki doing the procedure this way. You can also place a sheet or a blanket over their body to make them feel secure. Reiki can be felt through the clothes. Your patient need never take their clothes off for a Reiki healing.

I believe that we are heading into an age where we are becoming aware that there is more to our existence than we once thought. In the last two years, our spiritual growth has opened us to other cultures, hidden sacred symbols and magical beliefs that were long ago banished.

Our minds are opening and we are starting to believe in the spirit kingdom. We are also becoming aware of other forces and energies that exist with us here on earth. We are taking an interest in the magic behind the ancient cultures like Buddhism, Shamanism, Wiccan and Celtic magic.

I want you to understand that all these energies are good and wise. It is the person using or abusing the energy who decides its fate.

Reiki stands in the middle of these energies. Reiki does not recognise the ego that resides in all human beings. The ego is what makes a person who they are - be it good or evil, and because of this it can not be used in a harmful way.

Reiki provides you with strong protection and wisdom. If you are on a spiritual journey, then Reiki will stand by your side and encourage you to follow the right pathway. Reiki allows you to enter areas where you would never have ventured before. These areas are places and dimensions that allow you to follow any chosen pathway you desire. However, Reiki will only guide you there if it is safe.

Dr Usui knew that Reiki energy would be needed not only for physical healing, but in years to come, spiritual healing. He was right! We have entered this phase now. Reiki will help us on all levels to heal, and most importantly, teach us about ourselves. It will protect us while we innocently search for the truth of our existence and who knows, Reiki may even open a few doorways for us to explore as well.

When we deal with sickness of the body and the mind, it is imperative that we also understand the importance of the emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. Layers of fear, worry, stress and trauma are around every being. They may have existed in a past - life, in their motherís womb, or as they were growing up.

Reiki gently removes these layers one at a time. It works not only on the physical, but also on the emotional and spiritual levels.

We are all onions. An onion can be black and mouldy on the outside, but still be healthy and fresh on the inside. It is the same with human beings. When we remove the negative skins that we have accumulated, then we become clean, fresh, healthy and whole once more.

When you place your hands on yourself or another, I want you to allow yourself to become open to the power, wisdom and healing energy of Reiki. You will not have all the answers at first, but the more you work with the energy, the wiser you will become.

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editor's note:

This picture shows the Places where to put the hands on. For beginners, it's advisable to do each of these positions on oneself regularly for a while. Thus you will get a healing every day and get used to the Reiki energy.


How Reiki energy works

We believe that we are all made up of energy. Every living thing in this universe is made from this energy. Reiki is a pure form of universal energy that is able to cleanse, heal, balance and remove any excess and negative energy that is present in a personís body, Chakras, aura and in their environment. Sickness manifests when there is either excessive amounts of energy blocked in an area, or a lot of negative energy that has accumulated due to stress, emotional trauma and abusive patterns. Reiki is able to remove these blockages and negative build-ups in a gentle but thorough way. 

Reiki first degree can, with the use of "hands on healing," heal any physical and emotional problems by eliminating blockages that are within the personís body. 

Reiki second degree is are able to heal the person on all levels as well as their environment. We are also able to work with womb and past-lives issues as well as deep emotional problems. Second degree Reiki can delve into their past and work on anything that has been buried. We are able to bring these issues up to the surface so that we can remove them and most importantly heal them. 

When we begin to use our Reiki energy in a healing with another person, the first thing we should do is beam their aura. Beaming is where we learn to feel the aura and Chakras around a personís body. We beam with our hands using the Reiki energy, we are able to feel any cold or hot spots. These sensations alert us to any problems the person may have on a physical and emotional level. 

Heat coming from our hands and their aura alerts us to certain types of sickness. This could indicate an old injury or a vulnerable part of their body where illness could manifest in the near future. 

Cold sensations alert us to an area of the body that is blocked and needs to be Reikied. When an area is cold, we have to flood it with Reiki to help remove the blockage. Cold areas can cause problems for the person by creating negative blockages. 

These blockages are caused by stress and worry and go on to become sickness in the near future. When we beam a personís Chakras, we are also able to tell which Chakras are out of alignment. 

The sensations we get from the Chakras can tell us a story about the personís past as well as what they are suffering in the present. We can also warn of what they may face in regards to sickness, stress and emotional issues in the future. While we are beaming them, we are also able to activate our Reiki energy. 

Beaming is also used for healing in conjunction with the basic "hands on" that we do with Reiki. After we have beamed them, we then have a good idea of which areas need the most amount of Reiki during the healing. When we start to use the Reiki, we come to understand how this energy really works. 

Firstly, Reiki acts as a calming experience that relaxes the person. Reiki places them in a state where they are able to rest. This relaxed state slows their thinking, thus it helps to allay their worries, fears and phobias for a while. Some people do not know how to relax, and because of this, they cannot help but become stressed out and worried - Reiki can show them that they can relax. People only need to be shown, and when they are shown, they are able to believe. Awareness is what makes people change, listen, learn and most importantly, heal. Reiki brings about awareness - this is why we say that Reiki comes from truth. 

Reiki is a great stress release therapy and with first degree you are able to work as a stress therapist. When we believe in the wisdom behind the Chakras and their functions within the body, mind and soul, we can combine this wisdom with the healing belief of Reiki. We are able to access a personís body and work with them more thoroughly then most other conventional methods. This gives us a leading edge. We can sometimes diagnose a problem on all levels, then we are able to go to the root of the problem to heal it. 

Reiki is a very powerful healing tool. Not only does it promote healing, it can also find the cause of the sickness. Please remember though, that we do not replace doctors. What we try to do, is work along side of them. Always get your patients to seek medical diagnosis first. 

Become open and aware of the Chakras. You will only enhance your power and wisdom as a Reiki healer by learning about the aura and the Chakras. Books can give you basic explanations, however, true wisdom comes from working with people "hands on". 

Due to the fact that people are different and individual in their own way, not all energy centres are rotating and spinning in the way the books tell us they should. Some people have artificial limbs, blood from other people and donor organs in their bodies. We have to consider that these factors can cause these people to have different energy set ups with their Chakras and auras. You may find that there is some memory or DNA from a donor has been passed on to this person. Use your natural intuition to guide you when dealing with people while giving a Reiki. That is why we say Reiki is an intuitive energy. You become open to this intuition when you become attuned to Reiki. Do not worry, with time and practise you will pick this up. Reiki is so gentle- it only promotes healing. If you find that you havenít a clue of whatís going on, do not be alarmed as Reiki does know, and acts accordingly. 

Our first hands on healing method is the Chakra healing. Once we have beamed a personís aura and Chakras within the aura above their body, we then place our hands directly on the seven main Chakras on their actual body, starting at the base and working our way to the crown. We like to do this first, because it helps to align and balance the Chakras. If we are sick, our Chakras are always out of balance. This imbalance is what caused us to become sick in the first place. Some sort of event or emotional issue caused our Chakras to become unbalanced, which in turn created a sickness or dis-ease. 

By aligning and balancing the Chakras first, we are able to promote a stronger and faster healing for the person. We are able to strengthen the Chakras. Once we have aligned and strengthened them, we are able to go to the areas that are vulnerable and sick and focus great amounts of Reiki energy on these areas. 

There are many different positions that Reiki can work through. You can even hold a personís hand and the Reiki will go where it is needed. Reiki is so intuitive it will go straight to the problem, issue or pain. 

You can also sit them on a chair and do the basic Chakra positions- the effect is just as powerful. 

Professional Reiki practitioners like to use the chelation method. This method starts with the feet and covers every joint in the body including the arms. You can then turn the person over and do their back. I want you to be very gentle when you lay your hands on a personís spine. Gently cup your hands over the spine and do not to put too much pressure on them directly as this can cause them to feel a build up of pressure that may in turn cause backache. Another idea is to work just above the spine, which is good if the person has a lot of pain in their back. 

Reiki energy will not cause harm, but when you apply firm pressure with your hands on the body, you may cause them some discomfort. Remember, you can always do a healing above their body. You can also do repair work in their aura as the aura records damage in the physical body. 

I also like to apply the wisdom and belief of the inner child and the higher mind when I work with a Reiki healing. 

The inner child exists within us all. The inner child governs feelings, emotions, memories, unconditional love and joy. The inner child is innocent but very wise. When we tap into our inner child, we are able to remove all the restrictions and negative conditioning of our adult world. Our inner child teaches us how to be free and how to laugh and find joy in the everyday process of living. 

When we work on a personís heart Chakra with Reiki, we are able to tap into their inner child. On a spiritual level Reiki is capable of helping them "lighten up" and start having fun again. Reiki is also able to teach them how to forgive themselves and others for any negative event that they have faced in their life. 

I also like to work with the higher mind when doing a Reiki healing. 

The higher mind is that state in a person that opens us to learning and awareness. Healing takes place when we become aware. Awareness brings realisation of the truth in any situation, and through that truth we can learn how to deal with our lives and our sicknesses. The higher mind is all about our true purpose and role in life. The higher mind is also a transmitter that can send out messages to the universe. These messages when negative, can create negative patterns and events in our life. When the messages are positive they are able to heal any past patterns and conflict, and then set up new and positive patterns for our present and future. We like to work on the crown Chakra when we do a higher mind healing. 

If you start a healing session with the higher mind, you can help the person to become aware and open to healing. 

To activate an inner child and higher mind healing, all you have to do is consciously focus on dealing with, and healing these areas. 

I also like to ground people after a healing session. As we are spirits in physical bodies, it is important that we learn how to become grounded and connected to the earth. To ground a person we use the grounding symbol that is taught in class. 

We go to the feet, and Reiki both feet for a few minutes, while implanting the belief behind the grounding symbol into their physical body. We then take the energy and draw it up over their whole body as if we are zipping them up in a sleeping bag. We close the energy over their crown Chakra. This helps to keep the energy within their body and closes them off to any outside negative energy. 

In your mind, you can ask the Reiki energy to "white light" them with protective energy. The Reiki will do as you request and place a protective energy around their body. Thus, when they leave the session they will not be exposed to any negative influences. An important factor with the Reiki energy is that on your request, you are able to ask the power of Reiki to do certain things. This is good if you have an understanding of metaphysics and how it works. However, you can only do this if it will benefit the person having a healing. If it is not appropriate, Reiki will act intuitively and do what is needed. That is the great thing about Reiki - it cannot and will not harm you or anyone. As you work with the Reiki energy it will educate you. Reiki will open you to the doorways of healing and the many different alternatives available. Your pathway will always be guided by truth - Reiki is truth. 

Following your Reiki attunements, the wisdom of the Reiki power starts to flow through you. When you have become comfortable with your Reiki energy and have worked with it on yourself and others, many changes, both minor and major, begin to occur within yourself and hence your life. The first 21 days after the attunement is when you are at your most sensitive. In this period of time your body is adjusting to the universal energy that is now flowing through you. We have been living as physical beings for so long that when we open ourselves to spiritual universal energy, it can have a major effect on our emotions and our physical body. 

This is nothing to fear. You have to consider that when you become a Reiki channel it is like being re-born. You have in fact transcended from a physical being and you are now working with universal forces. It is only natural that your body and your mind becomes more open and aware. 

Be prepared for great highs and lows in the first 21 days or more after your attunement. There may be times when you feel tearful and other times where you feel lighthearted and very happy. All this is fine. The more you experience, the more you grow with the wisdom and love of the Reiki energy. Bear in mind that the energy has to adjust to your body and to your needs - if your needs are great and you have a lot of painful issues, the Reiki will help to clear these imbalances out. Enjoy this time of awakening. Embrace any experiences you encounter with the conviction that you are healing, both physically and emotionally. 

After the 21 days you will feel yourself start to stabilise. You will also notice how much of a positive effect the Reiki is causing within you. If you find that you are very emotional and that there are a lot of painful issues rising to the surface, embrace these issues and know that they are surfacing so that they can be healed. If you have a lot to deal with, it can sometimes take a few months to sort through so do not be discouraged. The more you work with your energy, the faster your own personal healing will manifest. 

After the cleansing period you will find that your intuition will start to increase. Your perception and sixth sense will become more open and aware. You may experience visions and powerful dreams. You will also find that your creative side will begin to develop and flourish. These are the wonderful gifts that are yours when you become a Reiki channel. 

You will also find that when you walk into a room or go out shopping, you will be able to sense illnesses and emotional disturbances in other people. Your hands start to burn with heat and your whole body may start to buzz and become warm. As you become more aware of your Reiki energy, you will even be able to sense the actual problem that the person is suffering from. Be aware, that Reiki people feel and respond to other peopleís stress, sickness and worries in a universally compassionate way. When you feel this warmth, take heart and know that your Reiki is responding to these people because it wants to help. There are no boundaries and limits to the power and love of Reiki. 

The only thing that could stand in your way and block your Reiki power is your ego. Allow your higher mind to work with the power and wisdom of Reiki. 

Accept that you are now a universal being and the universe always takes care of itís own. What you put out for you always receive. Reiki people believe in the higher good and the true meaning of life. We believe that when we become awakened to the universal laws, we are on the journey to spiritual growth that leads us to a higher state of being. In this higher state - magic, miracles and healing take place on a daily basis. 

As time goes by you will feel a sense of inner wisdom when you start doing more and more healings on yourself and on others. Reiki educates you every time you work with its energy. The more you request, the more Reiki will teach. There are no limits to where it will take you and what it will teach you. 

Once you have been taught the basic "hands on" positions. You will find though that in time you will develop your own methods and styles of healings. This is perfectly fine, in fact it just goes to show you how easy and intuitive Reiki really is. You may also choose to learn other types of healing techniques that are on offer today. This is great. Reiki brings out the best in people. The sky is the limit when you become open to all that is available on a spiritual level for you to learn. You also become a more efficient healer who can tackle just about anything. 

If, when you are doing a healing, you find that you feel drawn to do things you where not taught in class, do not be scared. Providing it does not cause any harm to yourself or the person, you are only being guided by your Reiki. Some of the things you may be guided to do are, brushing the aura or flicking built up energy away from your patient. 

When we are doing a Reiki, our hands can become heavy and we may feel that there is a build up of "spiritual slime" that has accumulated on or in the personís aura and body. We feel it with our hands and all you have to do is flick it off. I advise that you set up a "spiritual garbage bin" before you begin a healing, and when you flick the energy away place it in these bins. The universe will recycle it for you. Never flick it at another person as they may pick up the issues behind the energy and this can cause them to feel some discomfort. 

Another method is called "stripping". This method is where we stroke the legs, removing excessive build up of negative energy. We stroke the leg from the thigh down to the foot. At the end, we flick any excess energy away from the foot and place it back into the earth. This method clears away any energy that may have accumulated and stored itself within the legs. As the legs carry and support our whole body it is important that we pay special attention to these areas. We can use this method with the arms as well starting at the top and working our way down to the hands and fingers. 

You may also like to work with crystals when you are doing a healing. Crystals are good for cleansing and removing negative energy. Agate and quartz are great supporters when you are doing a healing that requires a lot of cleansing. Your patient can hold the crystal in their hand while the Reiki is taking place, or you can place the crystals on their Chakras. Always communicate the purpose for their use to the crystals before the healing. I believe that there are special spirits that reside within crystals so always treat them with respect. Remember too, to charge your crystals up first and always cleanse them after a healing. 

Gentle music has a soothing effect during a healing by helping the person to relax. This makes them more receptive to the Reiki energy and they relax much quicker. 

Candles are also beneficial when you are doing a healing. Not only do they make the room take on a softer hue but they are also able to burn away negative energy that is present in the room. Oils and incense can help to awaken the personís natural senses - pleasant aromas create pleasant thoughts. I also believe that there are spiritual guides who sometimes work with the power of Reiki. I call them Reiki guides. These guides come down and provide assistance when we are doing a healing that is especially hard. It is not unusual to find that after a healing your patient may comment that they felt as if there was another pair of hands on them. These guides are gentle, loving and safe spirits that work only for good. They also come in when there are negative spirits around and they gently remove these spirits from the person and the room. 

We also believe that everybody has their own personal guide. Sometimes, when we are doing a healing, these spirits may make contact with us and give us insight and healing techniques that can help our patient to heal. Do not be afraid if you see or hear someone guiding you. Your own guides and your Reiki guides will make sure that you are protected. 

You can always set up a protective boundary if you think there might be a need when you are doing a healing. You can send out white light from your crown Chakra and spread this white light around yourself and your patient. I have always found though that the Reiki energy is usually all the protection you need. 

Another point is that because we are only channels for the Reiki energy, our own personal energy and ego cannot get in the way of a healing. If I am feeling down or sick it will not effect the healing I am doing on my patient. That is the difference between Reiki and other methods of spiritual healing. It does not matter what illnesses you have or emotional problems you personally suffer from - it will not effect the quality of the Reiki you give to your patient. I find that the Reiki energy flows through me and calms me while I am working on a patient. I have also noticed that both during and after the healing, I become filled with energy and feel either quite energetic or pleasantly relaxed. 

Sometimes though, I feel a great warmth fill my whole body when I am doing a Reiki on somebody else. The reason behind this is that there is something in me that has responded to the energy. This issue does not enter my patient. While they are having a healing, so too am I. You will find these things will also happen to you. Reiki is very gentle, natural and loving in the way it works with you and others. As you live and work with its power and wisdom it will bring the best out in you. Reiki is great for your self-esteem and for your creativity. Your life will become enriched and your mind will open. It will help you to heal and to grow. However, like so many things in life, you have to believe in its power and work with it on a regular basis. 

Try and give yourself a daily healing using the Chakra healing method (->see end of text). You will find that you will sleep well. You will be able to reach a higher meditative state, which will in turn help you to become more focused and centred. Your stress levels will lower and your problems and sicknesses will fade away. 

In your life you will notice that other people will treat you in a more positive and affectionate manner. This is because Reiki comes from pure unconditional love. This love is radiating from your whole being. You radiate this love and others feel your presence and want to be near you. You will have a powerful and positive effect on your family, friends and work mates. This in itself, is healing. 

You also awaken both your higher mind and your inner child when you are attuned to Reiki. By being aware of your higher mind, you can create positive events within your life. You learn to trust in the universal laws. You walk along the side of good. You lose any negative, racist or judgemental attitudes and start to favour love, compassion and creativity. Your inner child will awaken you to joy and laughter and bring fun back into your life. You will be more spontaneous and the simple things in life will start to have a more profound meaning. You live for the now. 

Reiki gives you all this and more. Allow its true power and wisdom into your life. 



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The emotional aspects of healing with Reiki

We know that when we are truly happy within our lives, and ourselves sickness does not seem to manifest as regularly as when our lives are filled with worries, money problems and emotional issues. Our lives can become enclosed in a blanket of negativity. This negativity is like a cork that blocks our energy centres. When this happens, our bodies become vulnerable and exposed to negative patterns that lead to sickness.

As a healer, it is important to help your patient learn how to become more positive in their life, and in their healing.

When you expose someone to a small amount of positive energy and love like Reiki, you are giving them a chance to break out of the negative feelings, thoughts and patterns that they are running in their lives.

Even just exposure to a positive, compassionate and friendly attitude can make the biggest difference in a personís life.

A negative pattern has to be broken before true healing can take place. If your patient has a lot of negativity in their life you must show them how to approach negative events and feelings with the belief that time will heal all - if they are truly committed to wanting a better life.

You can only help someone heal if they really want it. Some people rely on their pain and illness. Even when a person says they want to get better, sometimes deep down inside they may depend upon their sickness for sympathy and attention. It is important to make it clear, that sometimes feeling unwell and negative is an addiction.

That addiction has to be broken before happiness and healing can successfully be achieved.

When a person has suffered a great amount of trauma and emotional abuse in their lives, the negative energy that emanates from these events, accumulates around them and in their living environment. When they come to you for a healing, they are entering what we call "a love space". Here you are able to create a positive environment where they can relax and heal.

It is important that you assess their living routine and their environment and help them to make changes. This creates a back up to the healing work you have done with them. Simple environmental changes using white candles and incense to create a pleasurable smell and gentle lighting, can make all the difference. You can also advise them to play soft music and show them how to meditate. Encourage them to spend more time outside with nature. They can go for walks or even sit out in the sun. Anything that is simple and pleasurable will bring about great changes and improve their capability to heal. It does not have to be expensive and time consuming. When you begin to work with people doing healing, try and assess if the person is committed to healing themselves. Make sure that they are doing it for themselves and not for someone else. When you have assessed them and you know what type of person you are dealing with, you can then work in the most effective way that will help them to heal.

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Working with the Aura

We will now look at how we can use the Reiki energy when we become aware of the aura. When we beam Reiki energy into the aura, we are able to clear out any negative built - up energy from their life, now and in their past lives. As the Akashic records are on the etheric level of the aura, we have access to past, and past lives information. A lot of people access their Akashic records unconsciously, either in sleep or in deep meditative states. If their womb, child hood and their past lives had been traumatic, these memories can surface and cause confusion, mysterious sicknesses and fears. When we Reiki into the aura and consciously ask to remove any trauma from memories that have surfaced and are causing trouble throughout the body, Reiki will help to clear and unblock and remove the confusion.

All of us have what we call vulnerable spots that were created by our family DNA code. An example is momís varicose veins become our varicose veins. Dad suffers warts so we suffer warts. Our Father / Mother is an alcoholic so we become vulnerable to this disease. What all this means is that we are vulnerable to our parents illnesses because of DNA coding. We can break these vulnerable spots by working in the aura.

Life can become very stressful. Our aura can become contaminated by other people and their negativity. We can take on other peoplesí garbage. This garbage stores itself in our auras and can make us feel depressed, drained of energy and feeling quite exposed and vulnerable. We can also spread our aura out too far from our bodies. This can cause us to share our energy with too many other people. We become slaves to others demands giving our power away. We call these auras, "mushroom auras". Here the aura is expanded too far from the personsí body.

We can also become totally self absorb. We are only focused on ourselves and our needs. Our aura goes into ourselves. We call these flat line auras. Here the aura is very low to an almost non-existence. You can not feel the aura.

To heal these problems we need to clear, balance and then bring the aura out to a nice even distance from the personsí body. You have to use the Chakras to help you move personsí aura. Knowing which direction you need to rotate the Chakras energy, you must work in the etheric level of the aura, with your hands and the power of Reiki spin all the Chakras, and then feeling the aura and concentrating on bringing the aura up to a level that feels right. Draw your hands up as if their aura is magnetised to your hands. As you move your hands higher, their aura follows.

Once you have control of their aura you can then work with clearing and healing any DNA and past issues.

Play music and allow your creativity to flow when you are working on this level. I like to sway and move my hands in a gentle but rhythmic way when I do a healing on this level.

Animals suffer pain, fear and anger from emotional trauma the same as humans. Reiki has an affinity and compassion with the energies of animals. Reiki works equally well on animals as it does with people. As you have learnt how to work on people and help them heal, you are able to apply the same procedures on animals as well. They have an aura and a Chakra system as we do. Simply place your hands on them as if you were cuddling them. Focus your intent on what that animal needs to help it heal either on the physical or the emotional. In time you will see the animal respond to the Reiki like a human that is having healing would do.

Reiki and plants have a strong bond together. Plants respond to Reiki energy as if it is a powerful fertilisers. Plants also absorb the Reiki energy into their aura and transmit the energy outwards to our environment like oxygen. When you are doing a Reiki and you place a lot of plants around, you will experience a very powerful healing as the plants absorb the Reiki energy and then transmit it out into your environment. This creates an environment that thrives on Reiki healing energy. This is good for families, as everybody gets to experience the Reiki energy around them.

Reiki and crystals When you place Reiki into a crystal, that crystal becomes a transmitter for the Reiki energy as well as the Mother earth energy. Sometimes crystal energy can be a little too empowering for certain people. Having the Reiki energy flowing in the crystal as well as itís own energy can help to keep the voltage of energy down to a level that will not cause any excess energy to enter into a body. Reiki acts as a regulator. The Reiki energy also helps keep the crystal charged and clear of any negative slime build up.

Reiki and Water Reiki has a cleansing effort on the Chakras, the aura and on the spiritual side of your body. When you swim or bathe yourself in water, it helps to cleanse and clear away any negativity and can help to remove sickness. When you combine Reiki with swimming and washing you will feel a sense of well-being that will help you raise your energy levels and balance and clean your aura and Chakra system. As both energies have a cleansing effect and work on all levels of the body, mind and soul, you will find that you will move through any issues faster and also heal much quicker than with just one or the other on itís own.

Reiki and breath Breathing deeply in and out can help a person to feel empowered, alive and released from any negative emotional situation. When you take a deep breath through your nose and feel that breath enter deep into your abdomen and then release it out through the mouth, you can create a system that will help you when you need to release any deep core trauma issue. By placing your hands on the Chakra that governs the area that you feel a need to release anger, fear, tears, stress, illness and worry and then breathing in and out with the intent of releasing the trauma, you will help yourself to remove any blockages and you will move through your issues in a powerful and releasing way that will fill you up with energy and make you come alive. For emotional issues you would focus on the situation in your mind, place your hands on your solar plexus, breathe in and fill yourself up with the powerful life force energy of Reiki and breathe out the pain and worry caused by the emotions. If you feel anger, tears and vocal yelling rise up, go with it and feel yourself become exhilarated and full of power. You will move through the issues quickly and in a way that brings out your true expression. and will feel alive and full of energy.

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Reiki for Self Healing

Many people do Reiki First Degree to heal themselves. This is very important if one is to heal and grow with their Reiki energy. We have talked about how important it is to work with the energy for the first twenty-one days after your attunements. It does not stop there. Reiki flows through our being for the rest of our lives. It helps us to heal and grow. As we become wiser and more aware, our compassion and desire to help others becomes more important. This is why we turn to Reiki Second Degree. This level is where we have grown and healed to such an extent that we want to help our world. However, the first baby steps we must take are on ourselves when it comes to healing so take your time with your Reiki First Degree. In this section, we are going to look at different types of self-healing that we can use with the Reiki energy. I have already shown you how to balance your Chakras with the power of Reiki, Colour and Creative Meditation. Use this method every morning before you get out of bed. However, you can use the other techniques that are explained here to help you do focused healing on certain problems and issues in your life.

The First method is simply to place your hands on your body each day and spend time doing healing work on yourself. Take 5-60 minutes each day, twice a day to do this work. Allow your intuition to guide you to the areas that need healing. At the beginning, you could write your experiences down in a diary describing how you felt before you started the healing, and how you felt after you had completed the healing. After about a week, review any changes that you have experienced be good or bad. Remember, if there is any negativity, it is only issues rising to the surface to be healed. This method helps you to become accustomed to working with the Reiki energy. If you are a person who suffers a lot of emotional issues like depression, fear, worry and stress, you could try incorporating Reiki with meditation and gentle music. These problems exist on the Beta wave length in the brain. By raising our levels to the theta level, which is the level one advances to with meditation, our consciousness and our extra sensory faculties become open. We are able to bypass the beta wave levels and learn to function on this higher brain wave pattern, thus eliminating depression, fear, worry and stress from our lives.

Each day, allow yourself time to learn how to meditate. Play soft soothing music and sit in a comfortable chair or on the floor with a pillow. Placing your hands on your solar plexus, activate the power of your Reiki and allow it to flow through you. Activate your balancing symbol and listen to the music, try and elevate yourself to a raised state of consciousness. You may feel a heaviness enter your being. Everything slows down around you. This is good. Stay there until you feel that you have raised your state of consciousness. This method of healing will bring great rewards to the healing of your emotional issues. Within weeks you will feel the changes start to take place. The next method is simply working with your aura. Firstly activate your balancing symbol, then activate your Reiki and run your hands all over your being about an inch or more off your physical body. You can sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you and just allow yourself to beam your own aura. You will feel tingling sensations and sometimes cold shivers will run through your body as you do this procedure. This clears and cleanses your aura from anyone else's negativity. This allows you to experience independence and a feeling of inner strength.

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Sensations of heat in your hands.

When you begin a Reiki healing, you will notice certain sensations in your hands. There are several explanations for this. If you notice a warmth flowing through your hands and into your patient with a healing, this usually indicates that they have some sort of physical problem. For example, you may have your hands on their back and you experience the warmth flowing through your hands and into them. This tells you that they have back injuries, such as a pulled muscle or scoliosis or just general back problems. The heat alerts you that they are responding to the healing. This is a good sign. Heat represents a strong healing is taking place.

Sensations of coldness in your hands.

If you notice that your hands are cold when you are doing a healing on an area of a patientís body, you are being alerted that an area has had damage but has been healed at some stage. What you are picking up is scar tissue - even though the area may be healed, it is left with some scarring, internally as well as externally on the body. Leave your hands on the area until you feel warmth or just a flowing of energy, as Reiki will heal the scaring. Thus the area will be totally healed and you will remove the memory of the injury from inside of the body. You may also find that the area is also very blocked and that there is no life force energy running through to the area. They may have bad circulation problems. You need to spend a lot of time on the area to bring it back to life again and flowing with energy.

Definition of scarring in Reiki terms.

I want to make a point of discussing the meaning of scarring in relation to working with Reiki. Scarring in reference to a healing means an area has been damaged by injury or illness. Even though the area has healed, it leaves an imprint on the body, thus keeping a memory or record of the old injury or illness. This is not a serious problem but it can make the area weak and vulnerable to other infections and injuries. By Reiking the area you can remove this vulnerability and make sure that the area is strong and aligned with the rest of the body.

Normal reference of scarring in layman's terms.

When someone has scarring from burns or stitches you can also help the scar tissue to heal much quickly than normally and decrease the risk of infection. However, never tell a patient that you can remove the external scar completely because it is up to the individualís healing capacity to be able to do this. Do not give false expectations, but if you do manage to help remove the scarring then it will be because you have worked with the patient and their will to be healed with Reiki.

Working with Advanced Reiki and the feeling sensations.

When you are doing a mental healing with Advanced Reiki, and you experience the above sensations of warmth and coldness, I want you to be aware that the situation may be on an emotional level rather than a physical level. You can achieve the same success with Reiki in removing deep painful memories and emotional issues from the person on a mental level as you would on a physical level.

Sensations of buzzing and popping in your hands

These sensations indicate that the patientís energy centres or Chakras, as alternative healers call them, could be out of alignment or shut down. Their may also be a build up of negative energy in the personís body and you may feel like flicking and removing the energy out of their aura until the sensations have left your hands. Although sometimes you may not feel these sensations do not be alarmed because in my experience with Reiki, when you give a healing you automatically align the Chakras anyway.

Why can I not feel any sensations through my hands?

Do not be alarmed if you do not experience any sensations in your hands when you are doing a Reiki. As with all procedures it can take time and practise before you learn to distinguish any sensations flowing through your hands. Once you are attuned to Reiki it never leaves you and it never shuts down. Reiki is like an oil heater, with some people it needs to warm up with every Reiki healing they do. The more you give Reiki the stronger it becomes. It is essential to allow the Reiki to flow regularly, that is why you should give yourself a self-treatment every day if possible. Sometimes people who have been very sick and ill may find that their Reiki energy does not seem to work well when they do a healing on others. You may feel that your hands are cold and that they are not sending any energy out to others. This is because the Reiki is concentrating on you personally. If you are sick, the Reiki will go to you and meet your needs first before it will go to others. If you have this reaction you are being told to spend some time working on healing yourself. After awhile you will feel more energy and share it with others.

Why do some people reject Reiki?

Fear can block you from being open to the Reiki energy. Some people are afraid of believing in something that is different from what they are used to. This does not matter, you do not have to believe in Reiki for it to work. I have seen people who are very wary and non-believing of the power of Reiki, come in, have a healing and walk out refreshed and feeling good. Afterwards these people have gone on to do their Reiki First and Second Degree.

This is your proof, seeing others change their opinions on Reiki and go on and do it for themselves.

I feel cheated. Why?

If you have done your Reiki First degree and you feel cheated or you cannot feel the energy flowing through you, don't be alarmed because you are going through a process where you fear change. What this means is that you are holding onto old fears and uncertainties . With practise and the guidance of Reiki you will break down these beliefs. When you do allow yourself to believe, you will be open to the power and love of Reiki. Reiki will teach you to break down any fear or lack of self-confidence that you have within you, in any area of your life. Reiki teaches you to be self confident, it gives you strength and shows you how to be open to the power of love and life.

Reiki Sensations

Over the years I have done many Reiki healings. Reiki has taught me how to pick up different messages, sensations and feelings on people while I have been doing a healing on them. These feelings and sensations have taught me a lot about working with the Reiki energy. In earlier pages of this book I have discussed certain feelings and what they mean, however, I wish to share some more with you in this section.

Sometimes you can be working on a body and feel pain shoot up and down your own body. You may be picking up sickness in the person you are working on and your body is registering it. This is like a psychic sensory that you are having. The pain, when you focus on it will feel like a throbbing, yet it will not really bother you. When the pain has stopped, you will know that you have helped heal or promoted healing faster in the area. You may also need to flick away the pain from your body and also your patients. There could be an intense build up of energy in one area that needs to be Reikied away and also flicked away from the aura. - You may also place your hands on an area and feel a magnetic pull as if you cannot move. This is because the Reiki is telling you that you need to stay longer on the affected area. Simply go with the Reiki energy until the magnetic pulling feeling has stopped. - Sometimes we feel cold or warm air rushing around a personís body. I believe that the aura can become damaged and that these breezes are indicating that there is damage to a personís aura, like a tare or a hole. A cold wind alerts me to a spirit presence within their body and a warm breeze indicates that their life force energy is slowly leaking out. To heal this problem, simply Reiki in and around the aura. - If you are working on a person and you become agitated and feel an ill ease you are being alerted that your patient is going through some issues either consciously or unconsciously. These issues may well be some trauma that is arising to the surface for you to help heal with the Reiki. When you feel these sensations and feelings, simply start to breathe gently until you feel at ease and then get your patient to also breathe gently. - Sometimes you may feel like you are getting no response with your Reiki energy when you are doing a healing. It can appear to literally turn off. There could be several reasons but the most common ones are, either the person is blocking you like someone who blocks hypnotism or they are so sick that all the Reiki energy is flow directly to them. Ask them if they can feel any energy at all and if they say that they feel relaxed or some heat then you know that all the energy is entirely directed to them. It is the same when you are doing a healing on yourself and you are ill. The Reiki energy will direct itself within you and you may not feel any sensations at all.

If when you are doing a healing and you start to see different colours, be aware that this represents some psychic wisdom that is being offered to you from the Reiki energy and your own psychic abilities. Colours have their own frequency, wisdom and healing power. They also have a meaning in conjunction to the Chakras. When you see a colour or colours while you are doing a healing, read your Reiki book and it will explain the colours and their meaning with each Chakra. You are being told a message that could help to solve a problem. Also the Reiki energy may also be asking you to focus the colour and itís power energy through to the person by your third eye. You visualise the colour in your mind and see that colour entering into the area that you are working on in your patient. - Sometimes you see sparks of energy flying around while you are doing a healing. I believe that these sparks are healing energy rays that are generated from a healing that is very powerful. The sparks run around clearing away negative entities and energy that are around you , the room and your patient. Enjoy these times as they can be really rare.

Reiki and the power of the mind

There are four major accepted brain wave patterns that seem to have connective links to the levels of consciousness. These brain wave patterns allow advanced states that are useful for healing, spiritual growth, psychic advancement, astral travel, universal stimulation and spiritual support.

Beta - The Beta brain wave pattern exists on the level of the conscious mind. On this level we suffer from phobias, stress, worry and fear. This is the physical level that all of us function on. If we want to get away from these problems, we have to learn how to raise our levels and how to function on the other levels. This level is our conscious mind. Alpha - The Alpha brain wave pattern exists on the level of the dreaming mind. It also activates our extra sensory perception, and helps with subliminal suggestions and higher states of awareness. However, this level is only at a minimal state - the first stage of spiritual growth. On this level we can enter our dream state and access any hidden memories or prophetic visions. We can sometimes meet with our past-lives through the hidden memories that we hold in this state. This level is our unconscious mind. Theta - The Theta brain wave pattern activates an even deeper state of extra sensory perception and is the beginning of our abilities of psychokinesis. This ability is where you are able to move objects with the use of your mind. It can help to stop pain and enables you to reach the higher hypnosis states needed for implanting healing suggestions. This is the level many people reach when they learn to meditate. Meditation has proven to be a very powerful technique. It is useful in slowing the heart rate down and also helps to eliminate any pain that one feels on a physical level. This is beneficial if you suffer from any health conditions that need pain relief. This level is the sub-conscious mind. The imagination exists on this level. Delta - The Delta brain wave pattern is usually recognised during deep sleep. During this time, all ESP and PK talents are stimulated and the qualities of total memory and total suggestibility is instilled. Here, in this state, is when your spiritual power and wisdom becomes open to you. In this state, you are able to connect to your past lives, astral travel, open your psychic abilities and connect to your higher mind. On this level, your spiritual guides can make contact and you are able to communicate with other beings. When you have accessed this state, all these abilities follow up through the other brain wave patterns until you can consciously access these abilities. Many of you are doing this now and as we become more open, we will be able to teach this skill to others. Soon, all beings will be open to these levels. This level is the super-conscious mind.

It is important that you learn about these levels if you truly want to be open to all the powerful healing energy available. When you do Reiki on yourself and others, you are able to reach all of these levels. Reiki can be very beneficial to anybody who is trying to advance their awareness. By working on yourself regularly, you are able to advance through these levels without the use of drugs, trance, hypnosis or sleep.

Take some time each day and allow yourself to feel the energy flowing through you, as you place your hands on body in self-healing. As time goes by, you will be able to recognise the level to which you have raised your brain wave pattern.

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There are 3 categories of how sickness is created within the body.

With these types of sicknesses, your Chakras and aura are out of balance. They do not know how to function properly. You have to educate and re-align your Chakras to remove any blockages created by energy, illness or emotional stress.

The first is past-life. What this means is that before you were born into this life, you may have had emotional issues or even an illness that you brought with you into this lifetime. The memory stills remains within your DNA coding, which creates mysterious sicknesses or mental problems for a person this time around.

While in your motherís womb, you may have picked up illness or stress from the environment that she lived in.

The second is emotional. What this means is that through emotional pain, fear and depression, you have created Dis-ease within your body. Your Chakras have become out of alignment. This is what has created the sickness.

When you have let go of the emotional issues and then aligned your Chakras and aura then you can remove the sickness

The third is environment. What this means is that through the poisons that are around within the air, water and food we have become contaminated and they have poisoned our body.

To heal illness with this level we have to cleanse our body, have a good healthy diet with exercise as well as work done with inner healing and meditation. This level is the hardest.

Work on the first two levels first to break down and discover which category your sickness falls into. If illness is still upon you, then you have to look at the third level.

Sickness can be cured. Only the desire to work upon yourself to find the right healing will create well-being within you.

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Working with Chakras

Everything is composed of energy and energy is everywhere. It encompasses all life forms and it comes in different levels. The physical - which includes the human body, objects, plants, animals and so on - the emotional - which includes feelings and thoughts - the spiritual - which is the soul and all the healing life force energy that comes from this level. Chakras are channels that exist on the ethereal plane that is the first layer of the Aura.

Chakra means wheel of light.The Chakra spins and swirls around with energy. These Chakras push life force energy through the body. The Chakras are able to create a flow of energy between all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. Alternative and spiritual healers are able to see and feel Chakras. Through the energy that is flowing through a personís Chakras, they are able to tell what sort of illness or emotional problem that person has.

There are seven major Chakras. These seven Chakras govern individual sections of the body. Each Chakra in each area of the body governs organs, joints, emotions and spiritual information. When one section of the body is ill, it is because the Chakra that governs that section is not flowing positive energy through to the body. Open and healthy Chakras help us to maintain health and a sense of harmony. They are the main energy sources and are very important for growth, health, love and happiness.

The first Chakra is the base Chakra. Its colour is red. It is positioned at the pelvic area in the centre of the body. This Chakra is the grounding Chakra. Here you are connected to the earth. If unaligned it can cause lack of energy and depression due to its imbalance. The base Chakra helps us to be active and centred. When you are working with this Chakra it is important to focus on the colour red when doing a healing. I find working with this Chakra helps with the feet, legs, lower back and spine.

The second Chakra is the sacral Chakra, which is about 2 inches above the base Chakra. The colour for this Chakra is orange. This Chakra involves the sexual organs and also deals with issues relating to sex and relationships. The Sacral controls our passions, our sexual needs, our lower sexual organs, our bladder, bowel and lower intestine. Working with this Chakra you will find problems with low sex drive, sexual abuse and an over active sex drive. People who have problems conceiving children, need Reiki healing in this area.

The third Chakra is the solar plexus Chakra. The colour for this Chakra is yellow. It is positioned near the bottom of the rib cage. This is the Chakra that stores energy, be it good or bad. We hold things within this Chakra and we store pain, fear and stress in this area. When working properly we store positive energy for growth and healing. To me this Chakra is like the heart, for if it is not working, shut down or blocked, disease can get in and slowly destroy us. The Solar controls our will, our issues from the past, our pain and fear as well as our ambition to succeed. It also controls our upper intestines, upper back and spine. These three Chakras represent our being grounded and belonging to the earth, they are our mental and physical Chakras. They are essential to our growth and survival for living in the material and physical world. When these become unbalanced or blocked, we have problems working, living and adjusting in todayís world. If you are someone who has problems coping day by day with life, love, work and health, then working on these Chakras can provide helpful healing in these areas.

The fourth Chakra is the heart Chakra and its colour is green. This Chakra is the feeling centre of our body, mind and soul. The position of the heart Chakra is on the heart area of the body. Here your emotions come into play. With this Chakra you feel happiness, sadness, pleasure and pain. It deals with the heart, lungs and surrounding organs, both back and front of the body. When it is blocked and not balanced you can become irrational, sad, depressed and unable to express yourself and your talents to the best. The Heart controls the heart itself, the chest, thymus, ribcage and arteries that pump the flow of blood into our system. It also controls our love for ourselves and others, our appreciation of beauty and our compassion. Working with this Chakra can help people to feel and express their emotions and help with relationships with loved ones, friends and acquaintances. People who have a problem being themselves will benefit when Reiki is done on this area.

The fifth Chakra is the throat Chakra. Its colour is blue and it is positioned at the throat. This Chakra deals with communication and voice eg singing, acting and talking to others. When blocked we would see someone who is afraid to voice their own opinions, or someone who overly vocal about their beliefs. The Throat controls our voice, lungs, mouth, teeth, thyroid, and glands. This Chakra opens us to speaking, communicating and expressing our artistic and creative desires. People who suffer sore throats and communication problems may need work done on this area.

The sixth Chakra is the third eye Chakra. Its colour is violet \ purple. It is positioned in the middle of the forehead. This Chakra deals with our senses, feeling, sight, sound and our psychic abilities. We also think and make decisions with this Chakra. However, most important is that this Chakra connects us with the spiritual and higher levels beyond our earthly plane. The Third eye controls our mind, our ears, our subconscious, our dream states as well as our memory and learning capacity. It also controls our openness to the psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, telepathy and aura sensing. Headaches, stress, lack of sleep and memory loss can occur when not functioning properly. Also mental problems and mental illnesses relate to this Chakra.

The seventh Chakra is the crown Chakra. Its colour is white\ magenta. It is positioned at the top of the head. This Chakra is our connection to the higher planes of the spiritual world. Dreams and visions, hopes and realisations take place with this Chakra. Beliefs and morals also come under this Chakra. This Chakra is important if you are truly dedicated to the goals in your life. When blocked or closed you can become racist and judgemental of people and religions. You may also have no artistic abilities and you may be too caught up in the material world. The Crown controls our eyes, the top of the brain and is the link to the other spiritual realms, our connections to our beliefs and contact to the spirit world. Here our dreams and goals take seed and through careful nurturing our dreams can become a reality. Working on this Chakra opens you up to the excitement of a wonderful and imaginary world. You can become artistic and creative, open and loving to all that surrounds you. You believe there is a higher purpose and you are not afraid to venture forth and discover that anything is possible. There are many other Chakras all over the body but the above seven Chakras are to me the main ones that can bring about healing on the physical body, the mind and the soul.

Always remember, that to be perfectly balanced you must have all the Chakras working.


We call Chakras "gateways to consciousness". Chakra means wheel of light and refers to the constant rotation of the Chakras. The spin direction alternates and its sequence are different from both sexes. The Chakras appear as wheel- like vortices of pure energy and are sometimes referred to as lotuses. They spin at great speed and in a deeply spiritual person they become spheres of radiant energy.

Base Chakra is also called the Root Chakra. Its direction points down to the earth. Its element is earth. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Mars, Saturn, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in an anti-clockwise, and in a male clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Cedar, Clove, Cypress, Marjoram and Myrrh. Associated Crystals - Agate, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby and Smoky quartz. Its symbol is represented by the 4 - petalled lotus. Its principle is physical entity.

The Sacral Chakra. This Chakraís direction is pointing forward. Its element is water. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in a clockwise and in a male anti-clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Petitgrain. Associated Crystals - Moonstone, Carnelian and Tourmaline. Its symbol is represented by the 6 - petalled lotus. Its principle is reproduction of being.

The Solar Chakra This Chakraís direction is pointing forward. Its element is fire. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo, Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in an anti-clockwise and in a male clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Chamomile, Lemon, Thyme and Ylang Ylang. Associated Crystals - Amber, Tigerís eye, Citrine, Yellow Topaz and Agate. Its symbol is represented by the 10 - petalled lotus. Its principle is Formation of being.

The Heart Chakra. This Chakraís direction is pointing forward. Its element is Air. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Leo, Libra, Sun, Venus and Saturn. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in a clockwise and in a male anti-clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Geranium, Bergamot, Rose, Clary and Sage. Associated Crystals - Emerald, Green Jade, Rose Quartz and Kunzite. Its symbol is represented by the 12 - petalled lotus. Its principle is loving beyond the self.

The Throat Chakra. This Chakraís direction is pointing forward. Its element is Ether {Atmosphere}. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, Mars, Venus and Uranus. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in an anti-clockwise and in a male clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Lavender, Sandalwood, Neroli and Sage. Associated Crystals - Aquamarine, Turquoise and Chalcedony. Its symbol is represented by the 16 - petalled lotus. Its principle is expression of being.

The Third Eye Chakra. This Chakraís direction is pointing forward. Itís governs all elements. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in a clockwise and in a male anti-clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Jasmine, Patchouli, Basil and Rosemary. Associated Crystals - Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Indigo, Sapphire and Opal. Its symbol is represented by the 96 - petalled lotus. Its principle is knowing of being.

The Crown Chakra. This Chakraís direction is pointing upward. It governs all elements. In the Zodiac and planets it is governed by Capricorn, Pisces, Neptune and Saturn. In massage for a woman it should be rotated in an anti-clockwise and in a male clockwise direction. Associated Essential oils - Lotus, Frankincense and Oak moss. Associated Crystals - Amethyst, Topaz, Alexandrite and Sapphire. Its symbol is represented by the 1000 - petalled lotus. Its principle is pure being.

Working with Chakras

We believe that there is a Chakra that exists in between the heart Chakra and the throat Chakra. This Chakra is a very powerful energy channel that links you to the earth and to the heavens. Uniting with this Chakra brings about great awareness to your emotional and spiritual planes.

You can experiment on this Chakra with Reiki when you are working on yourself and others - you will not cause any harm. We believe that when this Chakra is recognised within the person and is functioning properly, you will become open to the truth of your existence. It is like accessing the sacred records. This Chakra seems to bring belief and spiritual wisdom down from the heavens and connects us to the earthly plane. The higher mind meets the inner child. Learning to feel this Chakra and bringing it back to awareness is said to bring about healing and wisdom on all levels. We use the colours blue and green to encourage healing and growth with this Chakra.

We believe that our bodies have been spiritually tampered with to stop us from properly evolving. Some of our main Chakras have been shut down and removed from our bodies. They call this psychic attack. We are now recognising this, and as healers, we are starting to re-open and reveal these Chakras. Big changes take place and healing and awareness seems to result on all levels when we work on these centres. We stop being a food source for beings that feed off our fear, pain, greed and stress.

As a healer it is also important to recognise the value of the Chakras that are in the feet. These centres help to release blockages of negative energy that circulate the whole body and accumulate in the legs. Opening these Chakras helps release the energy through the feet and away from the person. These Chakras help to ground a person and help you feel more balanced. Being balanced and grounded to the earth protects you from spiritual attack.

When you work just above the body in the aura, rotate the Reiki energy in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction around the feet Chakras. Do not be afraid to pull out any negative energy from these centres. I believe these Chakras are vital to the proper functioning of the legs as the legs are needed to support the rest of the body. If someone is paralysed in the legs, or suffers from varicose veins, ulcers and joint problems, these Chakras are crucial in assisting with the healing of the legs and lower back. The same procedure follows with the Chakras that are in the knees, hands and the shoulders. You could find a major healing breakthrough with joint and muscle dis-eases when you recognise, and work with these Chakras.

Try and get into the habit of feeling the swirling or pulsating energy that comes from these centres. When you can sense the vibrations that come from these centres, you can work more effectively with the Reiki energy. Who knows, you may even discover more hidden Chakras. When you become open and willing to believe and feel the energy, you will become a truly powerful and wise healer.

Exercises to work on for aligning and balancing the Aura and Chakras

There are many wonderful ways you can heal and align the body with the use of Chakras, Auras and Reiki. The simplest and easiest way is with positive breathing and visualisation.

In the morning before getting out of bed, do slow and relaxed breathing and using your mind, visualise that you can see and feel your seven Chakras and your aura. Visualise it as a mass of pure and colourful energy surrounding your body. Place your hands on the following areas and activate your Reiki.

Visualise that you see energy coming from the earth and attaching itself to your legs like roots to a tree. Now feel the energy travelling up your legs and see the colour red filling your Base Chakra.

Change the colour to orange and see it filling up your Sacral Chakra, and again changing colour to yellow and filling up your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Moving onto the Heart Chakra, visualize the colour green filling your Heart Chakra, and again changing colour to blue and filling your Throat Chakra.

Moving and changing colour to purple and filling your Third Eye Chakra, and finally moving and changing colour too white and filling your Crown Chakra.

When the energy has reached your crown, visualise the white energy filling your aura , swirling and cleaning it of negative energy.

Wrap the energy around your body feeling it protect and clean it of all impurities. Feel your body and breathe, visualise that your body is centred and clean and that you are balanced and whole. Now take the energy and send it backwards into the body and down through the Chakras till it reaches your feet. Feel it go back into the earth.

Doing this Chakra balancing work will help to remove any blockages in the body.

This method helps clean and revitalises the Chakras and the aura. By doing it morning and night it will help you to stay balanced, healthy and happy.

When you come into contact with negative people you can open your Chakras and send out positive happy energy so that people respond positively to you. You can also close your Chakras off to outside influence by putting up a protective door, keeping them open to you but closed to outside influences.

A protective bubble can be put in place to protect you. These methods are safe and easy to apply to your everyday life. When combined with the force of Reiki, they can truly be rewarding and powerful in protecting, balancing and healing your whole body

For more meditations with Chakras please see my article at SpiritWeb:  "Inner Healing Meditation & Chakras"

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Inner healing

Working with the Aura

Around our body is an energy that has life. It is called the Aura. As we grow and evolve the aura grows with us. When using our psychic senses we are able to see and feel this energy. Some people can see colours coming from the aura. You may see redís and yellows and also grey and mists of clouds. Some psychics can use the seeing of colours in the aura to tell a person about sickness or emotional problems. You can also feel the aura when you place your hands above a personís body. It can feel like a sense of heaviness when you move your hands around them. It is as if it is trying to stop you from entering into itís field. You may also feel vibrations through your hands as you connect with the aura. There are around seven layers of the Aura. Each layer corresponds to each Chakra within a body.

We believe that the Chakras push energy outwards from our body and this is how the aura is created. Emotions can be detected through the auras. That is how people are able to read body language. Someone maybe smiling and putting on a pretence, when in actual fact they are feeling miserable. When you come into their auric field you may pick up on their pain because their aura tells the truth about how they are really feeling. When someone is sick, the part of the body that is ill gives off a vibration and colour that goes into the aura. It is the same too with emotional pain. The Chakra that controls the energy for that part of the body has become weakened and so it sends out messages to the aura. It also literally dumps the negative energy into the aura because it cannot store the energy within the body. That is how dis- ease gets into a body. Something has happened on an emotional or physical level and the body has reacted causing the Chakras to become out of alignment, so sickness sets in and when it becomes too congested it then pushes that sickness into the aura. When we come into contact with other peoples auras this can cause reactions to our own body. When someone is happy and feeling well they tend to radiate a lot of colour and vibration around them. This can make other people feel good in their presence. When someone is depressed and unmotivated we can feel drained by their presence or feel negatively towards them without understanding why. Also people who have a strong powerful personality can use their power through the aura on people who are easy going. They can control other people by taking away a an other persons personal power. You see that in schools with children and peer pressure. In fact any emotions that we are able to express can be released through our aura and onto others. You can make a person feel weak, threatened, angry and even ill. You can also make a person feel happy, excited, full of energy and loved with the energy that you radiate within your aura outwards towards others. Spiritual healers have been able to cleanse and heal the Chakras and the aura for centuries. They could do this because they were aware of them and understood their functions within a body. By you becoming aware of your own Chakras and aura you can also learn to heal and align them for yourself. You can learn to cleanse and remove negativity that has come from pain, sickness and from other people and align yourself so that you feel whole and balanced. This helps you to function at the highest levels you can in your life. When we look at doing inner healing work we must become aware of both the Chakras, their purpose and functions within the body and the aura and itís function in connection with the Chakras.

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Just for today let go of you worry and face the day bravely.

Just for today do your work honestly no matter whether you are a mother, or a factory worker or a businessman. Be proud of who you are and what you do.

Just for today give thanks for what life has already bestowed upon you no matter how small or how large.

Just for today have respect for those you love and for every living being and animal on our small planet. Give out kindness and kindness will be returned

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