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Reiki Second Degree

General Info

Second Degree Healing Hands On

Reiki Second Degree Practices

Absentee Healing 

Communicating with the sub-conscious in a healing 

Understanding the concept of sickness on a spiritual level 

Clearing Houses with the power of Reiki 2nd Degree 

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Reiki Second Degree

General Info

With Reiki Second Degree we are dealing with an advanced and wider area that is covered by Reiki life force energy. Symbols are employed with the energy of Reiki in second degree. These symbols are from the Sanskrit and are sacrosanct, meaning sacred. We ask that when you learn these symbols that you do not show anyone else. This is out of respect for Dr Usui and his teachings. The symbols on their own have no real power, they are just special symbols and words that are used to activate a certain type of healing within Reiki. Only when they are used with the special attunements can they be activated. These symbols cannot cause harm in any way and you are not asked to believe in them outside of your healing. That is your choice.

The first symbol we are learning is the Cho- Ku - Rei symbol. This is the first symbol we use when activating our Reiki Second Degree.

This symbol activates a large spiral of energy that we call a power boost. This helps to send the Reiki energy at greater distances and with more power. You have to use this symbol first before you can activate the other symbols. It is capable of sending healing energy out to other people in absent healings. It can also set up protection and heal situations as well as people. Choku - Rei is capable of going into the future as well as going back into the past. This is to help set up positive outcomes to any upcoming events and to relieve the pain caused by something gone wrong in your past. Choku - Rei activates your Reiki second degree. Please remember it is essential you use it before the other symbols. This symbol cannot be used to harm anyone, but it can be used to protect and heal.

Itís meaning in other forms of teachings used such as yoga are:

It embodies total control and power of oneís body mind and spirit but only towards the person using this symbol for honest use in healing.

When used on anyone or thing it gives them the power of strength and healing as well as protection for their own needs.

It is essential that you learn this symbol properly. I have enclosed a copy of the symbol, but I ask that when you have learnt the Choku - Rei symbol, you return it to me or burn it when it is no longer needed.

The way to pronounce the Choku - Rei symbol is as follows:CHOCK - ER - RAY

When drawing the symbol or saying it in your mind starting from the outside until you reach the middle, repeat the word Choku - Rei three times until the spiral is totally drawn. Push the symbol out to where you want it to go with you hand or visualise in your mind.

The next symbol we will look at is the symbol for mental healing. The name of this symbol is Sei He Ki.

I know mental sounds weird but what it means is working with someone through their inner self and their mind. With this symbol we are able to connect to them from the inside, to help them move through any negative thoughts and fears that they have built up inside of themselves.

This symbol works in healing phobias, anxiety, depression and any mental illnesses like schizophrenia etc.

You cannot take control of the patients mind but you act as a little voice that goes in and sends positive thoughts to them.

This helps them to feel good about themselves, and to move through their fears.

This symbol can be used to help people lose weight, give up smoking and help with increasing memory capacity. I like to use the Reiki ideals when doing a mental healing. If you have discussed the problem with the patient before the healing you can organise a special affirmation that they have picked out for you to use when doing the healing.

There are many books and cards available today that explain and offer positive affirmations that you can use with the mental healing. The position for mental healing is on the head as explained in class. Timing should be up to you personally, but I recommend around 30 minutes.

Remember to activate the Choku - Rei symbol first.

The name of this symbol, Sei He Ki is pronounced as follows: SAY- HAY- KEY

A reminder: This symbol cannot cause harm or give you control over another person.

When drawing the symbol in your mind or with your hand remember to repeat its name three times. There are three parts of this symbol. With the drawing of each part repeat the full name SEI HE KI until all the symbol is drawn.

The final symbol is the symbol for absent and distant healing. The name of this symbol is Hon-Sha-Za-Sho-Nen.

With this symbol we are able to send healings out to people who are far away or not available to attend a hands on healing.
You are also able to send healings to any events or situations that are going on in your life or to those close to you.

You can also heal any world crisis or disaster that is occurring today. If someone is being negative or cruel you can activate this symbol to calm them down and make them change their negative attitude.

This symbol cannot be used to hurt anyone, it only knows how to set up positive healing.

You are also able to call in the past with this symbol, which is valuable if you are a believer of past lives.
You are also able to heal past life issues the patient has with the use of this symbol.

The name of this symbol, Hon-Sha-Za-Sho-Nen, is pronounced as follows: "HON- SHAR-ZAY-SHOW-NEN"

When drawing this symbol you must repeat its name three times until the total symbol is drawn. There will be some of the symbol left to draw when you finish saying itís name three times, remain silent and allow the energy to flow while you are drawing the rest of the symbol with your hand or in your mind.

It is a very big symbol and will take awhile to learn, but do not be distressed it will come to you with practice.

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Second Degree Healing Hands On

The wisdom and healing behind Reiki Second Degree is all about making inner contact with a personís soul or spirit. When we activate the symbols of Second Degree, we are able to tap into the inner being.

Our purpose is to bring about healing from within. This power gives us the ability to heal any major trauma core issue from this life, and even their past-lives. For ourselves, as Reiki Second Degree healers, we are able to open our wisdom and the hidden qualities that are within us. We can heal our own lives, past and present.

There is nothing that you cannot do when you have the power of Second Degree channelled through your being. This power affords you with wisdom - and this wisdom gives you access to the spiritual planes and beyond.

There are many ways that you can use the Second Degree symbols for healing when you are working on a person or yourself with hands on.

A very powerful method of Second Degree past-life healing on a person is to go to their head and activate the power symbol, the mental symbol, the absentee symbol, then the power symbol again. When you have done this, ask that you make contact with their higher mind and ask that it assist you in healing any ongoing issues from their past-lives.

Close your own eyes, relax and allow the energy to flow through you and into your patient or yourself if you are doing a self healing.

Most of the time, many people feel a sense of heaviness enter their body. You, as the healer, will feel this sense of heaviness and you know that you have connected to their past- life trauma. Some see themselves entering a tunnel of light. Allow yourself to feel any emotions and allow your third eye to show you any visions that may come through. Ask that their higher mind remove the negative reactions that they are still carrying out in this life time. Request the higher mind to bring back all the positive qualities and wisdom that the person has attained in their life times. Sit for a while, still keeping the energy flowing, and then slowly bring you hands out into their aura above their crown Chakra. Activate the power symbol, the absentee symbol and then the power symbol again. Still in the aura above their crown, allow the Reiki energy to flow through their aura. See it clearing away the past - life trauma. Visualise that all their acquired positive knowledge is flowing through them, awakening them to their hidden self. When you sense this has been done, flick away any negative build up that may be present in their aura. When this is completed, ground them with the grounding symbol. Thank their higher mind and activate the power symbol to protect them from any healing crisis that they may experience. The results should be instantaneous. Your patient should sense a feeling of lightness of being. Next, go to the rest of the body and beam their Chakras just above their body in the aura. Check to see if there is any past-life memory that may be stored within their aura. If you sense that there is a build up, apply the symbols as you did to the head and flick out any negativity. Afterwards, cleanse and balance the Chakras and aura and then close them up.

Second Degree Healing Hands on

The next procedure is the Inner Child Healing. This method of healing focuses on a personís childhood issues and brings them to the surface to be faced and healed.

Starting at the head, activate the power symbol, the mental symbol, the absentee symbol and then the power symbol again.

Request that you make contact with their inner child and their higher mind. The inner child will help you to delve into their childhood and bring forth any emotional trauma to the surface. The higher mind will then help you to remove the issue in order to help the person to heal. When you feel that you have made contact, allow the energy to flow through you and into them.

Sit there for a while, open your intuition and allow their inner child to communicate with you. Talk to their inner child through your mind. You can encourage them with positive words or even positive feelings that you send through to them from your heart. No words are needed to be spoken out loud.

All this communication is through telepathy. Your thoughts and feelings pass through their body and on to their spiritual level.

You can encourage them to breathe through their pain and encourage them to let go of their fears and trauma. All this is communicated through each others minds.

Every so often while this is going on, you can activate the power symbol. You may also wish to activate the absentee symbol and help to go back into their past to heal the present situation. As time goes by, their pain will be removed and it will become like a distant memory. This helps them to move quickly through any issues that they may be holding onto. When you feel that you have helped them enough, gently ground them.

Next, move to the other Chakras and starting with the heart, activate the power symbol, the mental symbol, the absentee symbol, then the power symbol again. Ask that their inner child opens and releases so that the person can re-discover the joy that they have been missing in their lives.

Continue downwards through each Chakra until you reach their feet. Ground them and then close them off.

This healing procedure takes several sessions and sometimes they may need to talk to you about their feelings. Be compassionate and listen, but do not become involved in their pain. Whenever they feel out of control, always place them on the table and do this procedure until they have cleared through their issues.

Second Degree Healing Hands on

The next procedure is the spiritual healing method.

Our evolution and survival here on earth depends on our ability to grow and become aware of our true existence. When we make contact with our soul or our inner universe, we are able to become open to our outer levels of spirituality and learn how to evolve to a higher spiritual existence.

This healing procedure is for the purpose of opening a person up to their spirituality. It also opens them to their other senses such as clairvoyance, telepathy and intuition and allows them access to their personal soul records.

Many of us believe that we have been tampered with by other beings whose wish is that we do not become evolved. This type of healing clears away any spiritual blocks and repairs any DNA coding damage that may have been inflicted on us by other beings. This allows us to grow into the type of beings we are supposed to become. It clears the way for our future generations to help fix the damage that has already occurred.

Before you begin this type of healing, activate your power symbol, then your absentee symbol, then your power symbol again. Request that this healing will be a spiritual healing and ask that all blockages and damage be removed from yourself or your patient.

Starting at the feet, move along the body and beam the aura. Feel for any blockages, and if you find any, gently remove them by flicking them out of the aura. You can even gently blow away the negativity using your breath. When you have done this, go to their head and again activate the symbols and the request for a spiritual healing. Work on their head and occasionally move above their head and go into their aura above the third eye and crown Chakra.

When this is done, do a simple Chakra balancing on all their Chakras and then close them off.

Afterwards you may wish to tell them of your own personal experience of their healing. Also encourage them to talk about their experience with you.

This healing will affect their whole life. The changes will be positive and uplifting and they will feel the benefits of this healing for the rest of their lives.

These healings will open their senses, make them more aware of their environment and open their creativity. It will help them to communicate with their personal guides and they will also become open to the hidden knowledge and wisdom that is recorded inside them. This healing is also good for removing any negative spirits or energy that has clouded their soul and closed them down. They stop behaving negatively and become more loving and compassionate of themselves, their world and of the universal consciousness.

Second Degree Healing Hands on

The next procedure is the Grounding and Balancing method of healing. This procedure uses the power symbol and the grounding symbol to balance, ground and align all of their energy centres.

This method of healing is used when you need to work on a certain area that is sick and filled with negative blockages or energy. By aligning all the Chakras and balancing them, you can promote faster healing than any other procedure used in this book.

This method also allows you to work on the infected area for a longer period of time. You do not have to feel guilty about missing out on any other areas when you use this procedure. This procedure does not take long because you are using the power symbol to send greater amounts of energy into their body.

An example is when someone who comes to you with lower back problems. If you can concentrate on the back for more than thirty minutes, you can help heal the area more thoroughly. However, you need to align all the other areas and Chakras within the body so that the person does not become weakened in these areas or out of balance after the healing.

In addition, there may be other areas that are beginning to become blocked and need to be cleared out and healed as well. What do you do? Well, if you do the grounding and balancing procedure first, you can then go onto the area that needs the most amount of healing last, and work there happily knowing that you have covered all the other areas.

To do this procedure, return to the base Chakra and activate your power symbol, then your grounding symbol, then your power symbol again. Place your hands on their Chakra and for a minute or two, Reiki the area. If you feel the need, activate the power symbol over and over as many times as you like. This helps to bring more energy into their body. You can also do this procedure while working above the body in the aura as well.

Continue this procedure all the way up to their head. Remember also to do their feet Chakras and activate their thymus Chakra as well. This helps to remove any negative blockages through their feet and it also aligns their inner child and higher mind through the thymus Chakra.

When this is done, go to the area that needs the most healing energy and spend as much time there as you feel guided to. Once all this is done, do not forget to close them using the zipping up method.

All the methods that have been discussed here can also be done with absentee healing using a pillow as the personís body.

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Reiki Second Degree Practices

The Healing circle: This is a lovely method to use with your Reiki Second Degree when you are with a group of people whom all have Reiki Second Degree. If someone is very ill and needs an absentee healing you can form a circle, all holding hands and activate your Reiki Second Degree.

To use this method simply follow the following directions:

All focus on the person who requires the absentee. The person who is in charge of the healing group then states the following: I call in the thought form of (state their name) to accept this healing from the healing circle. Do you accept ?

Wait till you feel the energy then proceed with the following instructions. Holding on to each others hands, visualise the symbol.

Choku-Rei / Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen / Choku-Rei in your minds. Remembering to repeat the symbols name three times.

Then visualise all of you going to the person and while still holding hands with each other, feel your Reiki energy flowing through the person, healing and clearing them of any disharmony or illness.

Try and stay focused with the healing energy for at least 30 minutes. When you have finished call yourselves back and close off. Don't be afraid to talk about what each of you has experienced and seen while the healing was going on.

This method is also good for any negative situations going on in the world. You can use it to help in wars, pollution problems, fires, floods, serious accidents and even with kidnapping's and killings. To try and find a kidnapping victim you could ask the Reiki energy to locate the person and help the person to be brought back to safety. If the victim is dead you can ask that their killer be found and brought to justice.

Sending out healings into the future for yourself or for others.

This method is great if you haven't got enough time to do an absentee healing at the time asked of you.

To do this method simply do the symbols used for absentee healings but state the following: I would like to send out an absentee to the future on (state the date and time) for myself or (state their name). Then visualise a bubble or container of some kind filled with Reiki energy just above your head or the person you are setting up the healing for.

At the time you have asked for the healing to activate, the Reiki energy will flow. This method can also be used to heal the past. It helps let go of any influence a past hurt is causing you or to others, letting go of it forever.

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Absentee Healing

There are several ways you can do an absentee healing on a person. The first is with a pillow and a photo.

Make yourself comfortable, either sitting on the floor with the pillow next to you, or standing up with the pillow on a table or a bed. Place the photo on a stand or in your left hand. Make sure they are not wearing sunglasses. This is because you need to see their eyes.

Look at the photo of the person and state their name and say the following: I wish to call in the thought form of (state their name) and I ask if they accept this absentee healing. If you feel a rush or warmth coming from your hands you know they have accepted.

Activate your Reiki 2nd degree symbols for absentee healings as follows:

Choku-Rei / Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen / Choku-Rei

Tell the person you are placing their thought form in the pillow. The pillow now becomes their make-shift body. You can now treat the pillow as if it is a real body and you can commence a normal Reiki treatment on the pillow including a mental healing. When you are finished you close the pillow off and zip them up. You then tell their thought form they are released. Say as follows: I send your thought form back.

The second method of absentee healing is where you can visit the person. As long as you know the person or have seen a photo of them you are able to do this method. To do this procedure lay down and make yourself comfortable and follow these instructions: Say the following: I wish to visit (state their name) to give them an absentee healing. If you have their address state their address, though this is not necessary. Then activate the following symbols:

Choku-Rei / Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen / Choku-Rei

See yourself going to the person and visualise yourself giving them a full Reiki treatment. When you have finished, close them off and state: I wish to return to my body.

The Third Method of absentee is much simpler and you do not even have to know or have seen a photo of the person. You only have to have their name. You can place their thought form in an object, preferably a crystal and carry it around on your body. To do this, activate the Reiki absentee symbols like the other methods of absentee healings and state: I wish to give (state their name) an absentee healing, and I place their thought form in this crystal/ object. You can carry them around for as long as you need with this method. When you are finished close them off and send their thought form back as you have learnt in the other methods of absentee healing.

Communicating with the sub-conscious in a healing

When the person is lying down on a table grab a chair and place yourself at their head. Place your left hand over their left eye and raise your right hand just above their crown Chakra. With your right hand make the Choku - Rei symbol, then the Sei-he-Ki symbol, then the Choku - Rei symbol again.

(Please note if you are left handed switch these instructions around eg. right hand over the right eye, and left hand doing the symbols.)

If they are sitting in a chair, stand directly behind them and repeat the above directions. Repeat this procedure with the ears and the back of the neck.

If the person is holding in past pain you can do this procedure on the Chakra areas where the

problem is coming from. eg child hood issues are usually found in the heart and the solar Plexus Chakras. Sexual abuse is found usually in the sacral and the throat area.


To visit another person, place or planet for healing:

Form the Choku-Rei and the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen then the Choku-Rei symbol.

Then state where or whom you want to visit.

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If a person has problems or issues they cannot move through, activate a past life healing, by unlocking their cellular memory that stores their past life experiences. To do this give them a healing on a table. When they are relaxed and calm, go to the head and follow these directions:

Place your right hand on their third eye Chakra. Place your left hand on the top of their crown In your mind draw the Choku-Rei symbol and state: I wish to unlock a past life that is causing pain or illness to the person. Then draw the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen symbol then the Choku-Rei symbol. Wait until you feel the energy flowing through. Then draw the Sei-Hei-Ki symbol and ask in your mind that the problem be healed.

If you are open enough you may see or feel things from the persons past life. Do not be afraid to discuss it with the person after the healing eg. you may see that they may have drowned in a past life. By telling them about it you may discover that they have a fear of water and drowning, but they could never understand why. When you have finished draw the Choku-Rei symbol and ask to close up the past life that

you opened. You do not have to say anything out aloud. Speak to the person in your mind. They will hear you.

Second Degree Healing Hands on

Death can be a very controversial issue for a healer. Our aim is to heal people. However, we do much more than that. Reiki brings about awareness, forgiveness, healing, wisdom and personal power. Sometimes we cannot heal the physical body. There may be too much damage. The soul may be willing, but the body may have suffered too much trauma and cannot go on any more. We believe that death of the body is not the final stage to oneís growth. It is only a part of the soul's journey to enlightenment. Death scares us because it seems so final. For our loved ones, their grief is because they will never see us again in this life time. For ourselves, death is frightening because our pathway in life has changed and we must journey into new and unchartered waters not knowing where we will be going next in our universe.

I believe in reincarnation. I have personally experienced memories of my past -lives. I know in my heart that when I die, I will return. So my goal in this lifetime is to learn and experience all the joys and learn all that I can while I am in this body. I know that if I live a life full of love, compassion, caring and healing, my next life will be even richer than this life. When I am faced with a person who is looking at death, and the body can longer be restored, I know that my job is to help them make the most of their final days in this body. I help prepare their soul for their next life. We heal any negative issues and past traumas and help them find inner peace. We can also help them with pain relief if they are suffering and counsel them and their loved ones to help them through the final days. Most diseases that are fatal are caused from a lack of love in a personís life. They may be filled with a lot of self hatred to themselves and a build up of anger and grief towards others in their life. Sometimes we are able to help them find inner peace and learn to love themselves and others before death becomes final. If we can get to a person before it becomes too late, we are able to heal them.

In cases where it is to do with children especially babies and very young children who have had no early traumatic issues, we need to look at what they suffered in their mother's womb and in their past - lives. We also need to see if there was any exposure to contamination from all the poisons and toxins that are floating around in our world. We need to see if the parents were exposed to any of these while carrying the child. If this is the case, we have to bring in diet, and extra vitamins into the healing as well. If you are not qualified in this area, encourage your patients to see Natural Paths, Herbalists and Chinese Natural paths. These people work with the diet and vitamins and can help to build up your patients immune system. When working along side these people with your Reiki energy, you have an ultimate medicine that can create a cure on all levels.

With a womb issue, we need to work with the parents and whatever issues they had while their child was growing inside. With past - lives, we need to do a lot of past life healings, involving the absentee symbol and the mental symbol. With this area we focus on forgiveness for the past life that has been. We connect to their higher mind and inner child and heal the pain that these parts of the soul brought through in this lifetime.

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Understanding the concept of sickness on a spiritual level

When we learn about the concept of sickness on a Spiritual level - Womb level, we can then learn how to work with Reiki to help remove these issues.

When you do a healing with these issues, you need Reiki Second Degree and the use of the healing symbols to work with this level.

When a person comes to you for a healing because they have illness, you have to first treat the symptoms before you can remove the physical problem.

It is like when you get a splinter in your finger. Maybe you had become disorientated and were doing something with wood, not really concentrating. You hit your finger against the wood and that causes a splinter to become embedded into your finger. You walk around in a bit of a daze for a couple of days not really noticing that your finger was becoming infected. This was because you had so much on your mind. Then one day you start to get a fever and you finger swells up. You go to the Doctor and he notices that you have this sharp object in your finger that has caused the sickness. He removes the splinter, gives you some antibiotics and your finger heals.

It is the same with all types of sickness. There is always some reason why we become ill. Our jobs as Reiki Healersis to determine the cause of why the illness started in the first place. We are given the tools of being able to access these records.

With Reiki we are able to work with the energy that surrounds our body. This energy is emanating from our energy centres or Chakras as they are commonly called. These centres give us a warning, that there are problems within the body. You can also detect dis-ease before it actually manifest into sickness. This is the greatest way to do a healing. If you can remove the dis-ease before it manifests, you can stop sickness before it takes hold within the body.

When you come to understand these procedures, even with Reiki First Degree you can help heal emotional levels of sickness. You do not have to consciously know what you are feeling. Reiki will guide you on how to clean and help balance the areas that need the "so called splinter removed."

When you have done your advanced Reiki, you are taught how to become aware of these feelings and warnings, that come from the energy centres. However, it is Reiki First degree that really teaches you about the energy that you are working with.

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Clearing Houses with the power of Reiki 2nd Degree

Houses absorb energy the same as we do. They can store feelings and emotions within their rooms and walls. These emotions stay in the house until they are cleared.

Reiki is able to cleanse out the negative and evil energy and replace it with love.

If a house is haunted, with the power of Reiki you can remove the spirit with love.

When a house absorbs the negative energy it can cause disruption with the people who live there. You can suffer bad sleeping patterns and a sense of not wanting to be in the house for long periods of time. You may also find that you become restless. There may be a lot of arguments and upsets that take place because of the build up of energy in the house.

When you buy a house that had other generations in it, the memories of all the love, laughter, tears and anger are stored within the houseís walls. This creates an energy slime that needs to be cleared. If there have been seances in the house the house may be filled with spirits. If a death occurred within the house that spirit or their energy may still be present in the house.

House clearing with Reiki can clear away the old negative energy and restore the house back to a positive atmosphere.

How to begin

Set a protective healing on yourself with the Reiki 2 symbols before you set foot in the house. Call in your protective and healing guides to surround you as you enter the house or building. Take three white candles, some incense (preferably sandalwood) and a smudge stick. If you are involved with Shamanism, take your drum and rattle. If you read Tarot or Runes have them with you as well. Take some gentle loving music that you will leave there when you have gone.

When you enter the house I want you to light your candles, put the music on and light your incense. Set this up in the main room where everyone places their energy in. Holding one candle in your hand, walk around each room and open your psychic eye and read and feel the energy that is around. If you need help, use your Tarot, or Runes to give you further explanations.

Find the areas that have a lot of anger and sorrow. Make a note- these areas will need the most healing.

Find the areas that have good vibrations and lots of love. This is where you will tap into the good that the house has around it. You will be setting these areas up as strong energy walls that will support your healing.

When you have gone around and felt the energy, you will have an idea of what has gone on in the past and how this has affected the house in the present. Go back to main room and talk to the owners or occupiers of the house and explain what you have felt. You need to counsel them and their behaviour within the house and around the rooms that are the most negative. Teach them how they can help and assist with the healing of the house once you have left.

A few examples are:

There is to be no anger, arguments or violence where a room has been exposed to this energy in the past. They are to take their anger outside.

Placing white candles, incense, crystals, indoor plants, and playing soft healing music every day after the healing will help keep the negative energy away. When you burn a white candle this helps to burn away anything that is evil or negative in the room. The incense places a clean smell that invokes a clean room. The music soothes the tension, fear and anger that may accidentally come back into the room.

If you find that a spirit was present and it's line of entry was in a certain room, that room needs to have a healing shrine placed in it. The shrine will have a wooden bowl filled with clear quartz, rose, fluorite and amethyst crystals and a lovely inside plant. Light a white candle and burn some sandal wood each morning around the shrine. This helps to establish a loving and healing presence and makes the room stronger with positive vibrations that shuts off negative vibrations.

When you are ready to start the healing on the house, sit yourself down and activate your Reiki Second Degree symbols. Call in your Guides and white light yourself. Go to each room and with your white candle, sit down and place your hands out toward the whole room, palms facing upwards. Activate your Reiki and send the energy out for about 20-30 minutes.. Ask that there be no violent or negative reactions and that anything evil enter into the light with the love of the Reiki power. Activate more Reiki symbols and keep pumping love through until you feel it fill the whole room. If you need to go to a wall or an area and place more energy there, do so. When you are finished go to the other rooms and repeat the procedure. If there are no entities but only negative vibrations you will be able to stabilise the room much quicker, between 3-10 minutes. After you have finished, light your smudge stick and smoke each room to clear away the left over energy.

If you studying Shamanism, you can use your drum and smudge stick or even a Buddhist bell after to also raise the vibrations to a healing spiritual level and call in earth guides to protect the house. After you have done the healing follow up for a few weeks with absentee healings to keep an eye on the happenings within the house.

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A Look at Reiki through the eyes of one Reiki Master

By Leonie Faye

Reiki is a form of Spiritual energy that was rediscovered by a wonderful man named Dr Usui in the early nineteenth century. He was searching for healing that could work with humans on the physical level. However, what he did discover was a formula for healing both the body and the spirit. Reiki is both hands on healing and also absentee healing. Second Degree Reiki is able to send a healing out to the whole world on a Global level.

When Reiki is applied with dedication and commitment miracles can and do happen. When working with Reiki energy on a person you find that you can lower stress within their body. Stress is the major factor for illness in our society today. Stress and worry can cause the mind to break down which can cause illness to the body. With the hands on healing we are able to help a person lower their stress levels, which in turn helps them to control their level of worry, fear and stress and when we do that, a person is able to think straight and focus on positive outcomes in their lives. Have you notice that when you are at peace with your personal world illness does not invade you as much as when you are worried or stressed out? Reiki healing can provide that level of healing to improve your life. When someone is diagnose with a serious and life threatening illness there is a real fear and a sense of failure within themselves. You begin to feel like life has betrayed you in some way.

With Reiki we are able to help a person feel good about themselves, to help them combat the fear and worry. Reiki will relax them and open them up on both a physical and spiritual level. Reiki helps you to believe that your life is worthy. When your confidence is high and your levels of stress, worry and fear are regulated then you are able to fight the illness with more confidence. When some illnesses can not be healed because a disease has taken over and death is imminent Reiki can help.

Reiki can heal the soul and teach the person to accept death. This can make dying a less painful event. We believe the soul lives forever and Reiki can help the person come to terms with the dying process and even bring an inner sense of peace. At the point that the soul leaves the body at death Reiki can guide the soul to the light force and into the high levels which aides the rebirth process. The beauty of Reiki is that you do not have to do your Reiki to become healed. What you can do is have healings from a Reiki Healer who has dedicated their life to working with this energy. Reiki opened me up to my true gifts that I had buried inside. I love to write poetry to sing to dance and to heal others as well as my self. I had had serous illness problems with my stomach and through my Reiki I was able to heal myself to a level where I can know lead a happy and productive life.

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"Just for today let go of you worry and face the day bravely."

"Just for today do your work honestly no matter whether you are a mother, or a factory worker or a businessman. Be proud of who you are and what you do."

"Just for today give thanks for what life has already bestowed upon you no matter how small or how large."

"Just for today have respect for those you love and for every living being and animal on our small planet. Give out kindness and kindness will be returned"

(c) All writings copyright by Leonie Faye, Australia

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