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* Spiritual Healing *

One of my greatest present interests is the art of psychic and spiritual healing. My ideal is to be true to everyone including myself. To be true is even more important when using psychic powers.

my teachers:
After i have read several books and a little practise, everyone around me can teach  me something and to learn in daily life is as important for human beings as spiritual exercise. Just being open and attuning your soul to the highest will unfold your psychic and spiritual abilities.

True healing comes from deep "within" (that means "the spirit", the divine spark that is experienced as mere consciousness). that is the reason why it is recommended to healers to 'let it be done' instead of doing it, lest their ego get involved into the other person's karma. That is also the reason why it always starts inside out, and must be started at the first point of creation, The Creator. We can only provide the tools to make healing possible. These can of course make up to 99% of the success. The final healing of course can only be the Divine Fulfilment.

Tools of psychic healing

One of the most common tools these days is reiki, the big advantage is that it supports the idea of letting it be done, and this way opens the ego up to spiritual planes that are higher than what the person has experienced before. it is meditation in action. (meditation should also be recognized as having an active as well as a receptive aspect, each meditation should consist at least a little of both aspects).
There are as many ways to give spiritual healings as are people in the universe, a properly placed word at the right time can work wonders !

One of my favourite tools is Reiki, because it provides very pure, well defined channels, which seem to be supported by spiritual guides for mankind as a whole. A good book for the beginner is written by Diane Stein.

Also read Article "The Master of Medicine" (Gareth Knight)

Plants and Herbs

At this place I am going to post some of my experience with Herbal Healing.

So far I can provide a few links:

Leonie Faye on Herbs
Leonie Faye on Reiki
"Heather" on Flower Essences (a beautiful essay, yet to be formatted)

Millenium Plant:
Artemisia vulgaris

Some Special Topics:
- Depression (by Tom Johanson)
- Fear
-Low Self Esteem (list of general hints)
- On tantric techniques
Self Pity (by Marina Johnson/Auckland)

The essentials of healing

The Road to Integrity
Janet writes about the path to personal fulfilment - very good!!

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
Lots of very basic observations on what life really is about